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Bigcommerce – The Ideal Ecommerce Solution that Trumps its Competition

May 14, 2019

BigCommerce has steadily increased its reputation as one of the best ecommerce platforms. It is secure, easy to use, and includes all the features required for a fantastic e-store. It also features advanced marketing tools and outstanding templates that can elevate the look and effectiveness of the store, although it is advisable to consult BigCommerce experts or a veteran BigCommerce development company for implementation.

Know why BigCommerce is the ideal ecommerce solution that is better than other ecommerce platforms:

Extremely Easy to Use and Implement: BigCommerce is easy enough to set up, and this is one of its most defining characteristic. You can spend ample time to get things right, but you can get your store up and running quickly with the look that you need for your offerings.You can add a number of updates without having to code, with several landing page options and templates already available. You can create your store right from the control panel and interact with easily. BigCommerce also includes a number of marketing and conversion features that can be integrated with your portal.

Migrate your Existing Site Easily to BigCommerce: BigCommerce facilitates store owners with the option to migrate their existing store to BigCommerce seamlessly. More than 20,000 stores have migrated to their service successfully. Irrespective of the existing platform, a BigCommerce certified developer can migrate your ecommerce business without any hassles. BigCommerce also enables import and export of products and pricing data easily from any platform. You can start the migration process right after you sign up. If you hit up snags, you can bank on BigCommerce experts or a veteran BigCommerce Development Company to provide you the necessary support for implementation.

Payment Features Manifold: Ecommerce platforms thrive on the payment section itself since the primary intention of establishing an e-store is to facilitate purchases and boost sales. BigCommerce boasts of an incredible line of payment features that are aligned with several features – more than 40 pre-integrated ones and serviceable in 100 countries. The platform supports Amazon Pay, Chase Integrated Payments, eWay Rapid, NetBilling, PayPal, QuickBooks Payments, and many more. BigCommerce development also involves addition of mobile wallet features that makes it easy for customers to pay right from their smartphone.

Handy Conversion Features Within: BigCommerce provides a plethora of handy conversion features that ensure some visitors get converted into buyers. The platform offers the abandoned cart saver feature that sends those shoppers emails that convince them to go through the purchase. The platform also includes a feature to incentivize buyers with discounts who are hesitant to go through the purchases. One can even add customized filters for making buyer searches easier. A competent BigCommerce development company can help you with the same.

Secure Platform and PCI Compliant: Hosted platforms usually have better quality and security features. BigCommerce also delivers on robust security and Level 1 PCI compliance that offers stringent protection from DDOS attacks along with security on multiple layers inclusive of perimeter and server-specific firewalls, intrusion detection software, human monitoring and more. BigCommerce developers make best possible use of these features to ensure that store owners have the required peace of mind!

Magnificent Product Management and Analytics: BigCommerce offers a seamless interface for product management with its attributes that help specify product details including inventory tracking and pricing. Customers can create their user and store-owners can personalize options for user groups.

The platform also sports an outstanding analytics tool that tracks business activity in more ways than one. The options to sell gift vouchers, create cart-level discounts, and many others helps in developing custom marketing campaigns. The marketing efforts can be assessed and changed based on results, especially based on store’s conversion rates and performance.

Useful Tools to Streamline Operations along with SEO: Aside from all multiple features and a brilliant support group, BigCommerce helps with multiple tools and functions for managing a streamlined business. It sports an open API architecture, thus aiding developers to create useful functions for 20 categories. You do not even have to depend on third-party applications.

Additionally, marketers will find the platform search-engine friendly. Implementing SEO adhering to best practices is easy for companies, although BigCommerce developers can make a store more competitive. Additionally a BigCommerce development company can help you benefit more with smart SEO configurations. The platform provides SSL certificate for the stores and other tools to improve search engine rankings. Some features include Rich Snippet and Google AMP.

If you are looking for an expert BigCommerce developer or you need help with BigCommerce design, we can provide unmatched expertise in the field. Contact us.

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How to Improve Your BigCommerce Store? Here are Some Tips

September 29, 2017

BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform that is packed with robust features and tools.  If effectively used, these features and tools can help to grow an eCommerce store.  We are a BigCommerce development company, and understand the various areas where many stores need improvement. Our BigCommerce developers suggest that the following 5 aspects of your BigCommerce store can be improved to grow your online retail business.

  1. Make It Easier to Find Products:  You need to streamline search on your BigCommerce store to make it easy for your customers to find the right products.  Here are a few things that can help:
    1. On-site search:  This is where your customers are interacting with your site.  They are putting in a query.  By tracking these searches, you will get to know which products your customers are interested in.  When you perform such examination and try to improve your search, you will see immediate benefits to your BigCommerce store.
    2. Identify Misspellings:  You can’t expect your customers to know the exact term all the time.  There are going to be mistakes.  You need to make sure they see appropriate search term correction.
    3. Google Analytics:  BigCommerce Experts suggest that you should enable site search in Google analytics.  This will give you a breakdown on the various metrics of onsite search.  It will tell you about such things as:
      1. Things that people are searching for
      2. People that left the site after they attempted a search
      3. New trends or products that are worth exploring
      4. Most common search queries that should be on your navigation menu
    4. Keywords in Product Pages:  Finally, it is also important to add keywords to your product pages.  These are expressions that your customers use to represent your products.  Use of keywords will help you improve SEO for your website.  Moreover, it will also make it easier for customers to search for your products.
  2. Revamp Your Navigation Menu: You have to find different ways of improving your customers’ shopping experience.  For that you will need to gain insight in what products they are interested in.  There are a couple of things you can do to get the desired information and then revamp your navigation menu.
    1. Customer Use Data: You need to collect data on what navigation menus your customers use the most.  There are also tools that you can use to track where your customers are interacting with your website.  Tools like CrazyEgg and HotJar can be helpful.
    2. Design for Mobile: You need to consider how your navigation acts on mobile devices.  If there are too many navigation items, it can make it cumbersome for your mobile users to navigate your website.
    3. Keep it Simple: You need to design your navigation in a way that your customers find products and items where they expect them to be.  If you have useful links on your website, you should have them available in the footer.  These links include contact information & shipping/return policies.
  3. Image Optimization:  Photography is critical to all eCommerce stores.  Images are being used extensively these days on product pages as well as marketing material.  It is a way of luring the customers as well as giving them more description of the product.  In that case, you need to make sure that your images are optimized and consistent.
    1. Maintain Consistency:  You need to make your images consistent in terms of content and dimension.  Using a white background with a consistent backdrop can help with the cause.  This can also help with your store’s brand.  When you are exporting your images, you need to make sure that they are consistently sized too.  You don’t want to provide odd-shaped product thumbnails.
    2. File Size Optimization:  You need to ensure that your file sizes are not excessive.  If you are using photos from cameras or phones, they tend to typically be much bigger than needed in the case of your BigCommerce store.  You need to reduce the image size by reducing the dimension of the images.  Your BigCommerce product photo should be 1028px Wide by 1028px High.
  4. Product Page Improvement:  Product page is where you can really sell your products.  This is where you convince our customers to buy from you.  Now that this product is expected to have the bigger impact, it is expected to have the biggest room for improvement too.  You need to take a look at your product names.  Make sure that the product name is description enough for your customers to find the right product.  The name should accurately describe the product and the name should also match with hat the customers are searching for.
  5. Optimize Shopping Policy:  One of the most important eCommerce factors is shopping cost and speed.
    1. Clear display of shipping policy & costs:  Shipping policy as well as the cost should be clearly displayed.  It should be ideally on the product page itself.  This will ensure that customers are not shocked and they aren’t abandoning the cart.
    2. You should also consider a free or flat-rate shipping policy to make it easier for your customers.

These changes will help you make your store effective and more customer-friendly.  

If you are looking for an expert BigCommerce developer or you need help with BigCommerce design, we can provide unmatched expertise in the field. Contact us.

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BigCommerce vs. Prestashop : Which Platform Is Better?

July 18, 2017

Being a BigCommerce development company, we understand that there are numerous shopping cart platforms for you to choose from.  In fact, we work with quite a few eCommerce platforms ourselves.  However, not all of them are of the same quality.  All platforms offer different features and options.  The one platform that works for you depends upon your requirement and the strengths/weaknesses of the various platforms.  Out of the hundreds of platforms available, most of them offer just basic functionalities.  There are only a few that go the extra mile to provide you with a complete solution.  BigCommerce experts believe that BigCommerce and Prestashop are two of the best eCommerce platforms around today.  That’s why we have put together some information on the two platforms and created a comparison to see which one is better for your needs.

BigCommerce:  We do a lot of BigCommerce design and development.  By that virtue, we understand this platform really well.  It is currently one of the best hosted solutions around.  One of the reasons for that is that this platform offers all the convention features that a shopping cart should have.  This includes security, support, and the right environment for the server.  However, there are various other features and functionalities that make BigCommerce development more effective.  Here’s a list of those features and functionalities:

  • 99% server up-time
  • Daily Back-ups
  • Content Delivery Network: This feature can be used for building the BigCommerce store.
  • Support:  Now, this is something that really differentiates BigCommerce from some of the other stores.  The support that is on offer is absolutely unparalleled.  There is a qualified team of experts that can help you handle any problems that you run into.  Moreover, there is a huge base of knowledge that is available on the web.
  • Article Access:  If you are stuck with a problem, you can access over 500 articles to solve the various issues that BigCommerce developers can run into.
  • Security:  This platform’s PCI compliant.  This means that your customers’ data is absolutely secure.  In today’s times of ransomware and other malware, this is a great advantage to have.
  • Hosted Solution:  Finally, BigCommerce is a hosted solution (as we mentioned earlier).  The admin panel is extremely simple to use as well as intuitive.  This makes the process of store development very simple.  There is absolutely no programming that you are required to know.


Talking about Prestashop, this has become among the top open-source solutions.  It is gaining in popularity, and here are some of the unique features that it presents to its users:

  • MVC Pattern:  Prestashop meets the object paradigm and MVC pattern.  This is great for technical users as they will get extremely simple to individualize and very clean code.  If you have enough programming language, you can mold the platform to your liking.
  • Intuitive Back-End: This makes a great amount of difference to the entire system.  The back-end can be easily managed and there is no need to possess any technical skill.  You can add categories, products, and images without a hassle.
  • CMS: So, this is not just an Ecommerce platform.  Prestashop comes with in-built CMS capabilities.  You can append more content pages to increase traffic and also become more appealing to the search engines.


Now, let’s draw a comparison between the two platforms:

  1. Store Management: Both these platforms are pretty strong when it comes to features for store management.  Be it managing inventory, orders, or products; or having significant number of payment and shopping options, multiple currencies, and languages; both these platforms excel in that regard. BigCommerce experts will point at an advantage that BigCommerce offers, and that’s the fact that it lets you sell on Facebook.  With Prestashop, you will have to have a paid module for the same.
  2. Marketing and SEO: Marketing is super simple and effective with both these platforms.  Having discount systems, coupon codes, wish lists, gift certificates, and more are easy with these two platforms.  They are both SEO friendly too.  BigCommerce offers an option of abandoned cart saver.  That is not the case with Prestashop.  Moreover, BigCommerce is a little easier to configure as well as use.
  3. Business Analytics: Both these tools have powerful built-in analytics.  They fully integrate with Google analytics.  When it comes to marketplace, though, Prestashop has the advantage because of its much bigger marketplace.

Therefore, both these platforms have their own advantages and drawbacks.  BigCommerce works better for those online merchants who want to focus on business without worrying about the technical part.  Merchants with some technical knowledge, however, can do a lot with Prestashop.

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BigCommerce Stencil Will Breathe New Life into an Online Storefront

April 24, 2017

With changes in technology, eCommerce sites must also ensure that the latest software’s and tools are upgraded to stay abreast with the competition. BigCommerce development is an ideal one for those looking to start an online venture and with its varied options in pricing, service and features there is something for all budgets.  Moreover, there are continuous innovations that help you, and your BigCommerce developers, stay ahead of the curve.  A case in point is the latest addition of the Stencil Framework to BigCommerce.  This new development promises to transform how BigCommerce development was done and how user friendly your online storefront could be.

BigCommerce’s Stencil is a theme engine that offers a chance for a BigCommerce developer to create beautiful eye catching storefronts for their sites. A BigCommerce developer can now offer clients a wide number of variations for each theme and the option of customising is also available without any coding. Here are some of the reasons why you should switch to BigCommerce:

  • Efficiency – YAML formatting is available with this framework , this helps the site stay ahead of the competition
  • Flexibility – Stencil uses the Handlebar Theming Language and this allows your BigCommerce developer
    the freedom and flexibility to incorporate changes as and when required.
  • Local Development – The functionality of an eCommerce site could have earlier been affected whenever changes needed to be made to the template. The framework that Stencil offers has a rapid local development feature which allows changes to the template without affecting it negatively in any way. An experienced BigCommerce Development company can achieve this with minimal requirement of coding.
  • Optimised Front End – JavaScript Event Hooks ensure that specific development options are available for the front end and can be worked on by an experienced BigCommerce Developer.
  • Browser Sync – This allows you to conduct testing and real time preview across all kinds of handheld and wireless devices as well as PC’s and Laptops.

Among the many benefits of Stencil is its ability to speed up the webpage by adding modern elements without affecting its functioning.   You will be surprised by the kind of speed that Stencil helps your page get, and that certainly helps you with search engine performance.  As an example; even if you decide to use default sample images that are available with the master theme with Stencil (cornerstone), you can still get your website to get a Google page speed of about 89 on desktops.  If you are conversant with Google page-speed standards, a speed of 89 is comfortably over the 85 mark that is required to qualify for ‘Excellent’ marking.

When it comes to theming and look of the website, the options available on BigCommerce’s theme store can be slightly limited.  However, you can always rely on PSDCenter.  It is one of the partners and has put in continuous work into ensuring consistent development as well as implementation of stencil themes.

What’s also interesting with Stencil is the fact that it allows you to have many different variations of a single theme.  So, you can have all these variations that you can use to target different audiences or use them for different purposes.  We live in the world of customization, and having customized websites for different target groups will go a long way.

All in all, Stencil is set to transform the way you did business.  Your online storefront can receive many great benefits by the use of this technology. Contact your BigCommerce developer to see if it is viable for you to switch to Stencil.