Your BigCommerce Developers Would Like You to Know These Things

Your BigCommerce Developers

Many eCommerce website owners feel the need to pick their developers’ brain.  We understand your desire and have compiled a list of 8 things that your BigCommerce development team expects you to know.  The knowledge of these will hold you in good stead to grow your business further.

Insights from Your BigCommerce Developers: Key Points You Should Know

1.Data over Logic:

There are times when you make a change request to your BigCommerce developer.  Is that proposed change a sure-shot key to your business growth?  In other words, your BigCommerce developer would like you to have a functional understanding of Google Analytics’ Metrics.  This will help you better comprehend your website; which products are generating the returns for you and which ones are a burden on the website.  We get clients talking to us about User Experience improvement and best practices for the same. However, data based decision making is the key as user experience is no general principle but a customized solution to meet your users’ needs.

2.Think of Content as an Asset:

Think of general business logic.  What is one of the best ways of growing your business?  It is to invest in assets that will pay off. The same applies to your online business too.  For your website, it is your content that needs to be invested in. This includes having compelling copy and enticing product photos.  These 2 can be the key to getting your customers’ buy-in. If you provide great content to your BigCommerce developers, they will turn that into a successful website.

3.Size Does Matter:

When it comes to images and product photos, most people think that bigger is better.  However, you need to realize that bigger images adversely affect your website speed and thus your search engine rankings.  This, however, is the Achilles’ Heal for most merchants. Our developers frequently receive large images. Another problem is clients putting text right on top of the image file.  This again hurts your SEO. You would instead be requested to provide your text to the developer who can place it as an image headline at a position where Google robots will read it and consider it positively.

4.Speed Affects Experience:

Did you know that most of your customers expect your website to load in 2 if not 1 second?  If your website takes any longer, your rate of abandonment increases. That is why our BigCommerce development team is extremely focused on page speed.  However, the story doesn’t end with the completion of the development work.  We want the clients to look at the bigger picture. Everything you will do to your site in the future will affect your page speed.  As an example, if you decide to install a Chatbot; that will reduce your page speed too. Therefore, it is highly advisable to work with a good development team that can help you reduce the effect of website amendments on its page speed.

5.Checkout Abandonment:

Have you had instances when customers have dropped out at the time of checkout?  There are many websites who see as much as 60% checkout abandonment. This brings us to the importance of optimizing your checkout page.  At DIT Interactive, we are very keen on making the checkout user friendly and have created a single page, easy-to-decipher checkout process to encourage the users to complete their transaction.

6.Knowledge About Your eCommerce Platform:

How long have you been with BigCommerce?  Many of our clients have been with their current eCommerce platforms for years, but know very little about it.  However, knowledge about the various native features and functionalities of your eCommerce platform is pertinent.  With proper knowledge, you will be able to draft your requirement better and that will ultimately benefit your business interests.

7.Mobile is the Future:

Change is the only constant, they say.  That is valid for your website as well. In today’s day and age, more than half of your search traffic is coming through mobile devices.  Despite this, many merchants still have a clumsy mobile experience. Not only does this mean that you lose out on your site’s user experience but your search ratings get hit too.  Some of the people we meet tell us that they optimized for mobile a few years ago. However, you need to remember that change is the only constant. You need to stay abreast with the new technology and changes that come about with it.

8.We are a Team:

For some reasons, clients tend to think developers are only interested in coding, but don’t think about making the website look good.  That is actually not the case. Think of us as your team. We want to generate superlative end results. However, reasonability is what we consider. If your graphics are compromising the user experiencing or your website’s page speed, we need to advise you to skip that.

If you need to know more about the development process or are looking for a highly experienced and adroit BigCommerce development company, you can contact us.