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6 ODD Facts that Prove Why BigCommerce Is Best for Online Store Development

June 7, 2021

New to online business? Want to build an ecommerce website? Looking for the best platforms? Well, well, well too many questions to answer. And still confused which is the best option to choose from when it comes to ecommerce website development. Let’s clear the fog. 

Among the many ecommerce platforms, BigCommerce website development is the best option due to its various benefits. With that massive collection of tools and plugins, themes and a gamut of features and functionalities, BigCommerce design adds value to your webstore. Moreover, from enhancing the customer experience to easing the purchasing and checkout processes, BigCommerce aids in increasing the sales with low investment cost. 

Unlike other platforms, BigCommerce provides unique and reliable functionalities for online store development. So, let’s dig a little deeper to unveil the more benefits about BigCommerce Development. 

Customized Features

From personalized themes, templates to shopping carts and wishlists, BigCommerce has everything to offer you to customize your online store as per your business requirements. Surprisingly, BigCommerce developers also help you customize HTML/CSS of templates based on your design needs. And, this is the reason why BigCommerce designers and developers prefer this platform more compared to other ecommerce development platforms. 

Customer-Friendly Check Out Process

Wondering which ecommerce platform service helps in increasing your sales. Then there comes BigCommerce Development Service that helps to do the same. Offering streamlined and easy to checkout processes, BigCommerce provides your customers excellent experience. Moreover, Bigcommerce web designers are eloquent in refurbishing your store in such a way that they help you bring back the lost customers and enhance the conversion ratio. 

Enchanting BigCommerce Themes & Layouts

For any online store development, enticing and engaging UX and UI responsive design is a core element to bring in more customers. BigCommerce stores have a huge collection of themes and interesting website templates that help not only to engage your visitors but also expand your customer base. Additionally, as required by your business needs, a dexterous BigCommerce designer can revamp your store design enhancing user interaction and experience. 

Strong Security Protection

As the technology advances, so do the cyber threats as the cyber criminals look for more ways to dig in. Therefore, it is also a safer side to protect your online business store from those online business threats. A BigCommerce Online Store has all the security tools that help protect your business from all the threats. BigCommerce has a multi-layer security protection and implies tight security services to assure the secure business environment for both online businesses and their customers. 

More Payment Gateway Options

With its plethora of features, BigCommerce also brings with it an array of payment gateway options. You can definitely pick from any mode of payment that Bigcommerce web developers can help you integrate into your online web store. Different payment options also help your customers for easy purchasing and making payments during the checkout. Moreover, as shoppers are at ease with digital wallets, your BigCommerce website development helps you get everything smoothly working for your eCommerce store. 

SEO Friendly Web Development Services

When you need to reach your customers, by ranking high on search engines pages, it is crucial to optimize your store. And SEO plays a part in this. SEO helps you to reach your customers quite easily. And luckily BigCommerce has in-built features and tools that supports BigCommerce developers to craft seo-friendly ecommerce stores. Along with it, seo-friendly content and optimization strategies help to improve the ranking and subsequently it helps in enhancing the page ranks as well as increasing customers on your online store. 

In the End, Everything From BigCommerce
BigCommerce has everything to offer when it comes to developing an online store. This PHP platform brings the ease to develop your ecommerce store without any hassles. No doubt, BigCommerce development services aids to add themes, integrate various payment gateways, design customized templates according to your business requirements and seamlessly embed tools that can support in running your online store without any hurdles. Then why look for other ecommerce platforms, when you can get everything from BigCommerce platform along with excellent support from BigCommerce development company.

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Bigcommerce Multi-Currency Changes – a Big Gain for Developers & Shoppers

March 3, 2020

Looking to reach out to potential customers in various countries, but unable to do so just because of a limitation of currency conversion or multi-currency feature. DUH…and this has bogged down your sales. Breaking that glass ceiling, BigCommerce has recently unveiled a new multi-currency feature on its BigCommerce platform.

Previously, it wasn’t easier for merchants to reach out to new markets and allow customers to buy, checkout and pay in their local currency. However, now with the latest introduction of the multi-currency features, Bigcommerce designers and developers have the upper edge to revitalize the store with the latest update and provide wider growth prospects for their clients. With new features and updates pouring in, BigCommerce developer needs to be always on their toes to get and grab those latest developments. Coming up to the multicurrency, here is the detailed guide that can help you as a developer to customize the online stores according to the client’s requirements and learn how these changes can affect your development process.

Unleashing the Power of New Multi-Currency Feature in BigCommerce

Past with numerous developments, BigCommerce is up again with a special exceptional currency feature available on the Bigcommerce platform – i.e. Multi-Currency functionality.

Before the advent of multi-currency on BigCommerce, shopping from international online retail stores used to be a little tricky. Though shoppers could see the prices in their local currency, they were charged ultimately in the store’s default currency. Eventually, the shopper had to pay additional charges for their credit card company as the currency was converted from the store’s default currency to their local currency. This meant that the shopper has to pay fees making products more expensive resulting in a sloppy shopping experience.

However, the scenario has been changed with the introduction of multi-currency. Now, you can add multiple transactional currencies, allowing customers to choose their preference and the shoppers know exactly how much they will pay. Making the overall shopping experience hassle-free from browsing products, adding to cart, checking out to paying in another currency.

Expanding their businesses, usually looking for cross-border opportunities to upscale their sales, this new feature allows stores to seamlessly enter into the new market as it accepts payments in multiple currencies.

Understanding Multi-Currency in the Present Scenario

Shortly introduced in the BigCommerce platform, multi-currency is open for stores to integrate into their systems by moving to ‘Settings’ then selecting ‘Currencies’ in the ‘Control Panel’ and then follow the instructions to opt-in. Just in a few clicks, your store will be ready to accept payments in multiple currencies. Additionally, BigCommerce designers can enhance and customize the store according to the client’s business needs.

Although it is not possible to have all the features at the initial stage, many can be implemented to instill the trust factor in the shoppers.

Current Limitations for BigCommerce Development Services

  • It’s Limited to Stencil only
  • Lacking legacy checkout, it only has an optimized one-page checkout.
  • Stripe credit card only available for shoppers who want to pay in local currency
  • Can create Promotional coupons with no need for legacy coupon codes
  • Multiple currencies cannot be installed into store credit
  • In multiple currencies, one cannot set Customer group discounts

Tax and Pricing – Crucial Things BigCommerce Developers Need to Learn

How to set up tax with multiple currencies?

Tax is a separate entity to multi-currency. How you keep up with multi-currency has nothing to do with how you set up tax. It completely depends on the countries where you are selling. For example, in South Africa, you can easily set up tax manually in BC. However, the same scenario will be different for the countries having complicated tax such as the U.S, where you need to take the assistance of an additional app such as Avalara to automate the tax.

Price Lists available in Enterprise Plans, are easy to create using any currency set up in a store. With transactional and display currencies available, both can be installed in Price Lists. However, a price record has to be designed and developed by Bigcommerce designer as individual price records are not copied from one currency to another.

It is easier for stores that use ERP to store product prices. Moreover, using Price Lists API, you can bring in multi-currency information to BigCommerce. This API helps to integrate product prices in multiple currencies to Price Lists.

How the BigCommerce Experts Test This App?

It is easier for eCommerce developers to test this app in any given environment using any sandbox or development store that has been built as a partner program. And, the good news is that this feature is available on all BigCommerce plans.

Testing becomes quicker when you set up a supported payment provider for your store. Once it is connected, you can easily test a payment provider to create test orders with different transactional currencies. Similarly, you can even use the BigCommerce payment gateway for testing.

Some apps may be affected when updated to multi-currency, including the ones that draw currency content from the Orders API. Especially these are the ones that provide abandoned cart saver emails where prices are displayed according to the shopper’s preferred currency.

Exceptional Support

BigCommerce Development Company, with their panel of experienced eCommerce developers, are always on the verge to help out whenever clients/customers are seeking for any updates or additional services. BigCommerce experts at DIT with their exceptional niche over varied eCommerce development services are always happy to assist with any of your eCommerce store or BigCommerce designing, development or customization requirements. Get the hack for your online store upscaling the sales only with the leading eCommerce Development Company DIT.

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Bigcommerce – The Ideal Ecommerce Solution that Trumps its Competition

May 14, 2019

BigCommerce has steadily increased its reputation as one of the best ecommerce platforms. It is secure, easy to use, and includes all the features required for a fantastic e-store. It also features advanced marketing tools and outstanding templates that can elevate the look and effectiveness of the store, although it is advisable to consult BigCommerce experts or a veteran BigCommerce development company for implementation.

Know why BigCommerce is the ideal ecommerce solution that is better than other ecommerce platforms:

Extremely Easy to Use and Implement: BigCommerce is easy enough to set up, and this is one of its most defining characteristic. You can spend ample time to get things right, but you can get your store up and running quickly with the look that you need for your offerings.You can add a number of updates without having to code, with several landing page options and templates already available. You can create your store right from the control panel and interact with easily. BigCommerce also includes a number of marketing and conversion features that can be integrated with your portal.

Migrate your Existing Site Easily to BigCommerce: BigCommerce facilitates store owners with the option to migrate their existing store to BigCommerce seamlessly. More than 20,000 stores have migrated to their service successfully. Irrespective of the existing platform, a BigCommerce certified developer can migrate your ecommerce business without any hassles. BigCommerce also enables import and export of products and pricing data easily from any platform. You can start the migration process right after you sign up. If you hit up snags, you can bank on BigCommerce experts or a veteran BigCommerce Development Company to provide you the necessary support for implementation.

Payment Features Manifold: Ecommerce platforms thrive on the payment section itself since the primary intention of establishing an e-store is to facilitate purchases and boost sales. BigCommerce boasts of an incredible line of payment features that are aligned with several features – more than 40 pre-integrated ones and serviceable in 100 countries. The platform supports Amazon Pay, Chase Integrated Payments, eWay Rapid, NetBilling, PayPal, QuickBooks Payments, and many more. BigCommerce development also involves addition of mobile wallet features that makes it easy for customers to pay right from their smartphone.

Handy Conversion Features Within: BigCommerce provides a plethora of handy conversion features that ensure some visitors get converted into buyers. The platform offers the abandoned cart saver feature that sends those shoppers emails that convince them to go through the purchase. The platform also includes a feature to incentivize buyers with discounts who are hesitant to go through the purchases. One can even add customized filters for making buyer searches easier. A competent BigCommerce development company can help you with the same.

Secure Platform and PCI Compliant: Hosted platforms usually have better quality and security features. BigCommerce also delivers on robust security and Level 1 PCI compliance that offers stringent protection from DDOS attacks along with security on multiple layers inclusive of perimeter and server-specific firewalls, intrusion detection software, human monitoring and more. BigCommerce developers make best possible use of these features to ensure that store owners have the required peace of mind!

Magnificent Product Management and Analytics: BigCommerce offers a seamless interface for product management with its attributes that help specify product details including inventory tracking and pricing. Customers can create their user and store-owners can personalize options for user groups.

The platform also sports an outstanding analytics tool that tracks business activity in more ways than one. The options to sell gift vouchers, create cart-level discounts, and many others helps in developing custom marketing campaigns. The marketing efforts can be assessed and changed based on results, especially based on store’s conversion rates and performance.

Useful Tools to Streamline Operations along with SEO: Aside from all multiple features and a brilliant support group, BigCommerce helps with multiple tools and functions for managing a streamlined business. It sports an open API architecture, thus aiding developers to create useful functions for 20 categories. You do not even have to depend on third-party applications.

Additionally, marketers will find the platform search-engine friendly. Implementing SEO adhering to best practices is easy for companies, although BigCommerce developers can make a store more competitive. Additionally a BigCommerce development company can help you benefit more with smart SEO configurations. The platform provides SSL certificate for the stores and other tools to improve search engine rankings. Some features include Rich Snippet and Google AMP.

If you are looking for an expert BigCommerce developer or you need help with BigCommerce design, we can provide unmatched expertise in the field. Contact us.

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Your BigCommerce Developers Would Like You to Know These Things

May 3, 2018

Many eCommerce website owners feel the need to pick their developers’ brain.  We understand your desire and have compiled a list of 8 things that your BigCommerce development team expects you to know.  The knowledge of these will hold you in good stead to grow your business further.

  1. Data over Logic:  There are times when you make a change request to your BigCommerce developer.  Is that proposed change a sure-shot key to your business growth?  In other words, your BigCommerce developer would like you to have a functional understanding of Google Analytics’ Metrics.  This will help you better comprehend your website; which products are generating the returns for you and which ones are a burden on the website.  We get clients talking to us about User Experience improvement and best practices for the same. However, data based decision making is the key as user experience is no general principle but a customized solution to meet your users’ needs.
  2. Think of Content as an Asset:  Think of general business logic.  What is one of the best ways of growing your business?  It is to invest in assets that will pay off. The same applies to your online business too.  For your website, it is your content that needs to be invested in. This includes having compelling copy and enticing product photos.  These 2 can be the key to getting your customers’ buy-in. If you provide great content to your BigCommerce developers, they will turn that into a successful website.
  3. Size Does Matter: When it comes to images and product photos, most people think that bigger is better.  However, you need to realize that bigger images adversely affect your website speed and thus your search engine rankings.  This, however, is the Achilles’ Heal for most merchants. Our developers frequently receive large images. Another problem is clients putting text right on top of the image file.  This again hurts your SEO. You would instead be requested to provide your text to the developer who can place it as an image headline at a position where Google robots will read it and consider it positively.
  4. Speed Affects Experience:  Did you know that most of your customers expect your website to load in 2 if not 1 second?  If your website takes any longer, your rate of abandonment increases. That is why our BigCommerce development team is extremely focused on page speed.  However, the story doesn’t end with the completion of the development work.  We want the clients to look at the bigger picture. Everything you will do to your site in the future will affect your page speed.  As an example, if you decide to install a Chatbot; that will reduce your page speed too. Therefore, it is highly advisable to work with a good development team that can help you reduce the effect of website amendments on its page speed.
  5. Checkout Abandonment: Have you had instances when customers have dropped out at the time of checkout?  There are many websites who see as much as 60% checkout abandonment. This brings us to the importance of optimizing your checkout page.  At DIT Interactive, we are very keen on making the checkout user friendly and have created a single page, easy-to-decipher checkout process to encourage the users to complete their transaction.
  6. Knowledge About Your eCommerce Platform: How long have you been with BigCommerce?  Many of our clients have been with their current eCommerce platforms for years, but know very little about it.  However, knowledge about the various native features and functionalities of your eCommerce platform is pertinent.  With proper knowledge, you will be able to draft your requirement better and that will ultimately benefit your business interests.
  7. Mobile is the Future: Change is the only constant, they say.  That is valid for your website as well. In today’s day and age, more than half of your search traffic is coming through mobile devices.  Despite this, many merchants still have a clumsy mobile experience. Not only does this mean that you lose out on your site’s user experience but your search ratings get hit too.  Some of the people we meet tell us that they optimized for mobile a few years ago. However, you need to remember that change is the only constant. You need to stay abreast with the new technology and changes that come about with it.
  8. We are a Team: For some reasons, clients tend to think developers are only interested in coding, but don’t think about making the website look good.  That is actually not the case. Think of us as your team. We want to generate superlative end results. However, reasonability is what we consider. If your graphics are compromising the user experiencing or your website’s page speed, we need to advise you to skip that.

If you need to know more about the development process or are looking for a highly experienced and adroit BigCommerce development company, you can contact us.

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Instagram Has Launched Shoppable Posts for Bigcommerce Retailers

January 30, 2018

We are a Bigcommerce development company, and know for a fact that various social media platforms are exploring the great opportunity that online retail provides.  By selling products on social media, online merchants get a larger audience to work with.  On the other hand, social media platforms get to create an additional revenue stream for their business.  One of the best examples of the same is Instagram’s shoppable posts program.  Businesses in USA that use Bigcommerce will now have access to the same.  This program can transform the way in which online businesses sold products and services on social media.  We are a team of Bigcommerce developers and designers.  Being in the field, we believe that this new approach is going to be a big hit in the industry.

More about Instagram Shoppable Posts

Instagram doesn’t allow clickable links in post captions.  Therefore, such shoppable tags are quick and easy in helping you attract more people to your online store.  Before this option was launched, people had to rely on 3rd party services.  However, it is a much convenient option to do it all from the same platform.  Therefore, Instagram Shoppable posts carry significant importance to Bigcommerce merchants and the entire industry of Bigcommerce design and Bigcommerce development.  

Access to Analytics

We are currently living in the world of knowledge and data.  Such data is driving many business decisions.  Moreover, it is also important for online merchants.  Those Bigcommerce retailers that take advantage of Instagram’s shoppable posts will get analytics from this photo-sharing social media service.  Here are the things that businesses will be able to access:

  1. How many people viewed product information
  2. How many people clicked on the link through to the product page

These are both extremely important stats.  The first one talks about the efficacy of the platform and its reach.  If the platform is being used efficiently, you should be able to get a large reach for your products.  Moreover, this reach can also relate to how appealing your advertisement is.  Only if the post is appealing and interesting would people stop by and look.  On the other hand, the click-through rate will tell you if you are providing the right information with your products.  If someone has stopped by to look, you will hope that they will also click on the product link to gather more information.  If there is a situation where you are getting views but not click throughs, you will need to question your content and whether you are targeting the right audience.

What is Instagram’s Benefit?

So, how would Instagram benefit with this new service?  There are 3 major benefits that Instagram will receive by the launch of this service:

  • Monetizing:  The first is the additional revenue stream that Instagram can add.  There is news that Instagram would not take a cut of the purchase amount.  Instead, Instagram has devised another strategy.  To be able to display such shoppable posts in those users’ feeds that are not followed by the business, these business accounts will need to pay a fixed amount.
  • More Advertisers:  Because of the uniqueness of this service, Instagram will get more advertisers.  The effects of the same are already visible.
  • More Time:  Finally, this is a subtle benefit to Instagram for launching the service.  Because of these engaging posts, users will find another reason to spend more time on Instagram. The social media platform will be able to get a larger share of the users’ time.

This was a basic overview of Instagram Shoppable posts.  If you need a Bigcommerce developer or an entire team, we can help you with affordable and high-quality service.  Contact us today via phone or email.

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How to Improve Your BigCommerce Store? Here are Some Tips

September 29, 2017

BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform that is packed with robust features and tools.  If effectively used, these features and tools can help to grow an eCommerce store.  We are a BigCommerce development company, and understand the various areas where many stores need improvement. Our BigCommerce developers suggest that the following 5 aspects of your BigCommerce store can be improved to grow your online retail business.

  1. Make It Easier to Find Products:  You need to streamline search on your BigCommerce store to make it easy for your customers to find the right products.  Here are a few things that can help:
    1. On-site search:  This is where your customers are interacting with your site.  They are putting in a query.  By tracking these searches, you will get to know which products your customers are interested in.  When you perform such examination and try to improve your search, you will see immediate benefits to your BigCommerce store.
    2. Identify Misspellings:  You can’t expect your customers to know the exact term all the time.  There are going to be mistakes.  You need to make sure they see appropriate search term correction.
    3. Google Analytics:  BigCommerce Experts suggest that you should enable site search in Google analytics.  This will give you a breakdown on the various metrics of onsite search.  It will tell you about such things as:
      1. Things that people are searching for
      2. People that left the site after they attempted a search
      3. New trends or products that are worth exploring
      4. Most common search queries that should be on your navigation menu
    4. Keywords in Product Pages:  Finally, it is also important to add keywords to your product pages.  These are expressions that your customers use to represent your products.  Use of keywords will help you improve SEO for your website.  Moreover, it will also make it easier for customers to search for your products.
  2. Revamp Your Navigation Menu: You have to find different ways of improving your customers’ shopping experience.  For that you will need to gain insight in what products they are interested in.  There are a couple of things you can do to get the desired information and then revamp your navigation menu.
    1. Customer Use Data: You need to collect data on what navigation menus your customers use the most.  There are also tools that you can use to track where your customers are interacting with your website.  Tools like CrazyEgg and HotJar can be helpful.
    2. Design for Mobile: You need to consider how your navigation acts on mobile devices.  If there are too many navigation items, it can make it cumbersome for your mobile users to navigate your website.
    3. Keep it Simple: You need to design your navigation in a way that your customers find products and items where they expect them to be.  If you have useful links on your website, you should have them available in the footer.  These links include contact information & shipping/return policies.
  3. Image Optimization:  Photography is critical to all eCommerce stores.  Images are being used extensively these days on product pages as well as marketing material.  It is a way of luring the customers as well as giving them more description of the product.  In that case, you need to make sure that your images are optimized and consistent.
    1. Maintain Consistency:  You need to make your images consistent in terms of content and dimension.  Using a white background with a consistent backdrop can help with the cause.  This can also help with your store’s brand.  When you are exporting your images, you need to make sure that they are consistently sized too.  You don’t want to provide odd-shaped product thumbnails.
    2. File Size Optimization:  You need to ensure that your file sizes are not excessive.  If you are using photos from cameras or phones, they tend to typically be much bigger than needed in the case of your BigCommerce store.  You need to reduce the image size by reducing the dimension of the images.  Your BigCommerce product photo should be 1028px Wide by 1028px High.
  4. Product Page Improvement:  Product page is where you can really sell your products.  This is where you convince our customers to buy from you.  Now that this product is expected to have the bigger impact, it is expected to have the biggest room for improvement too.  You need to take a look at your product names.  Make sure that the product name is description enough for your customers to find the right product.  The name should accurately describe the product and the name should also match with hat the customers are searching for.
  5. Optimize Shopping Policy:  One of the most important eCommerce factors is shopping cost and speed.
    1. Clear display of shipping policy & costs:  Shipping policy as well as the cost should be clearly displayed.  It should be ideally on the product page itself.  This will ensure that customers are not shocked and they aren’t abandoning the cart.
    2. You should also consider a free or flat-rate shipping policy to make it easier for your customers.

These changes will help you make your store effective and more customer-friendly.  

If you are looking for an expert BigCommerce developer or you need help with BigCommerce design, we can provide unmatched expertise in the field. Contact us.

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BigCommerce vs. Prestashop : Which Platform Is Better?

July 18, 2017

Being a BigCommerce development company, we understand that there are numerous shopping cart platforms for you to choose from.  In fact, we work with quite a few eCommerce platforms ourselves.  However, not all of them are of the same quality.  All platforms offer different features and options.  The one platform that works for you depends upon your requirement and the strengths/weaknesses of the various platforms.  Out of the hundreds of platforms available, most of them offer just basic functionalities.  There are only a few that go the extra mile to provide you with a complete solution.  BigCommerce experts believe that BigCommerce and Prestashop are two of the best eCommerce platforms around today.  That’s why we have put together some information on the two platforms and created a comparison to see which one is better for your needs.

BigCommerce:  We do a lot of BigCommerce design and development.  By that virtue, we understand this platform really well.  It is currently one of the best hosted solutions around.  One of the reasons for that is that this platform offers all the convention features that a shopping cart should have.  This includes security, support, and the right environment for the server.  However, there are various other features and functionalities that make BigCommerce development more effective.  Here’s a list of those features and functionalities:

  • 99% server up-time
  • Daily Back-ups
  • Content Delivery Network: This feature can be used for building the BigCommerce store.
  • Support:  Now, this is something that really differentiates BigCommerce from some of the other stores.  The support that is on offer is absolutely unparalleled.  There is a qualified team of experts that can help you handle any problems that you run into.  Moreover, there is a huge base of knowledge that is available on the web.
  • Article Access:  If you are stuck with a problem, you can access over 500 articles to solve the various issues that BigCommerce developers can run into.
  • Security:  This platform’s PCI compliant.  This means that your customers’ data is absolutely secure.  In today’s times of ransomware and other malware, this is a great advantage to have.
  • Hosted Solution:  Finally, BigCommerce is a hosted solution (as we mentioned earlier).  The admin panel is extremely simple to use as well as intuitive.  This makes the process of store development very simple.  There is absolutely no programming that you are required to know.


Talking about Prestashop, this has become among the top open-source solutions.  It is gaining in popularity, and here are some of the unique features that it presents to its users:

  • MVC Pattern:  Prestashop meets the object paradigm and MVC pattern.  This is great for technical users as they will get extremely simple to individualize and very clean code.  If you have enough programming language, you can mold the platform to your liking.
  • Intuitive Back-End: This makes a great amount of difference to the entire system.  The back-end can be easily managed and there is no need to possess any technical skill.  You can add categories, products, and images without a hassle.
  • CMS: So, this is not just an Ecommerce platform.  Prestashop comes with in-built CMS capabilities.  You can append more content pages to increase traffic and also become more appealing to the search engines.


Now, let’s draw a comparison between the two platforms:

  1. Store Management: Both these platforms are pretty strong when it comes to features for store management.  Be it managing inventory, orders, or products; or having significant number of payment and shopping options, multiple currencies, and languages; both these platforms excel in that regard. BigCommerce experts will point at an advantage that BigCommerce offers, and that’s the fact that it lets you sell on Facebook.  With Prestashop, you will have to have a paid module for the same.
  2. Marketing and SEO: Marketing is super simple and effective with both these platforms.  Having discount systems, coupon codes, wish lists, gift certificates, and more are easy with these two platforms.  They are both SEO friendly too.  BigCommerce offers an option of abandoned cart saver.  That is not the case with Prestashop.  Moreover, BigCommerce is a little easier to configure as well as use.
  3. Business Analytics: Both these tools have powerful built-in analytics.  They fully integrate with Google analytics.  When it comes to marketplace, though, Prestashop has the advantage because of its much bigger marketplace.

Therefore, both these platforms have their own advantages and drawbacks.  BigCommerce works better for those online merchants who want to focus on business without worrying about the technical part.  Merchants with some technical knowledge, however, can do a lot with Prestashop.

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Set Up Customer Groups for BigCommerce

May 31, 2017

As an experienced BigCommerce development company, we run into various customers who want to have an online store for the first time.  Their intent at all times is to ensure their store’s user interface is good.  Moreover, they want to make sure that their products are presented properly on the site.  However, what can be missed is the target marketing part of it.  In other words, BigCommerce designers will be made to focus on graphics and user interface and your BigCommerce developer will emphasize on ensuring that the code is bug-free.  However, you need expertise and guidance in target marketing too.  That’s where qualified BigCommerce experts come into the picture.


BigCommerce, and other Ecommerce frameworks, let you set up customer groups.  This is the process through which you organize your customer base into isolated groups.  By doing so, you can adopt different strategies for different customer groups.  As an example, you can apply discounts or offer rewards to patrons or direct customers towards certain product categories.  Moreover, you can also allow or restrict access to some portions of the website.  If you are on the BigCommerce framework, here are some of the things you can do:

  • Differentiate between regular retail customers and wholesalers.
  • Set up status of tax exemption for some customers.
  • Offer discounts to certain customer groups.


You are encouraged to talk to your BigCommerce development team about customer groups.  However, you need to be convinced about the benefits of the same before doing so.  These groups have the ability to serve your customers according to their specific needs.  Here are some of the other benefits of the process:

  • Identify the most and the least profitable customers of yours.
  • Provide special discounts to some customer groups.
  • Adjust your marketing efforts towards customers with the highest profitability.
  • Improve your customer service.
  • Stay on top of the latest shopping as well as purchase trends.
  • Gain an edge over your competition.
  • Segment customers on the basis of their location, lifestyle, behavior, and other factors.


Setting up customer groups is a reasonably simple process.  Here are the steps involved in setting up customer groups for your BigCommerce store:

  1. Go to Customers > Customer groups
  2. On this page, click on the option ‘Create a Customer Group’
  3. Now you need to punch in a name for the group under the ‘Group Name’ field
  4. The next step is to identify and decide the access that various customers will have:
    1. Here you can restrict a particular group’s access.  You decide what a particular group can access and what it can’t.
    2. There is also an option to move all your new customers to this group.  You need to either check or uncheck this option.
  5. Once you have completed these steps, you are good to go ahead and save your changes.

This process will create the parent category.  If you need to create child categories under this, you need to click on the + symbol.


One of the important features of customer groups is that you can apply specific discounts to specific customer groups.  This customer group can have discount on a particular category, specific products, or even the entire website.  What you need to note is that coupons are separate.  Hence, if a customer has coupon; they will be able to get coupon discount on top of the category discount.


You will need to create a Guest customer group for all those customers who are not logged into your website.  You can set up Guest customer group after Customer Groups have been configured for your website:

  1. Go to Customers > Customer Groups
  2. Select a group from the dropdown menu that says Customer Group for Guests


You can delete a customer group that you do not need.  You need to go to the Customers menu, and check the box that is next to the customer group you want to delete.  Now you click on the Trash icon and hit Okay to confirm.


If you need help with creating customer groups, or you need BigCommerce experts to help you make your eCommerce venture successful; we can provide the designed service.  Our BigCommerce design and development team has the expertise and the acumen to deliver unparalleled results.

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Start Your Own eCommerce store using BigCommerce Themes

July 28, 2016

The present era is of eCommerce. Starting from the governments, investors to technology, everyone is showing heartily interest in offering the needful assist towards the start-up concept, which won’t be wrong to have taken birth from the concepts of eCommerce. As mentioned above, technology is too endearing in contemporary times to enrich the concept (eCommerce).

Days are gone when you had to depend on extraneously upon the web designer/developer for your store design. With perfectly furnished themes being made available, starting an e-commerce store can be initiated the moment you wished.

No matter which store you wish to open :

Going with the Premium BigCommerce themes can be absolutely enchanting, irrespective of the kind of eCommerce store you wish to start with. These Premium BigCommerce templates come with a whole range of specifications, starting from the options of picking or selecting from an eclectic range of products to the control panels designed in one of the most user-friendly fashion. That’s not the whole story, though; you don’t even need to worry about the aspects of incorporating electronic payment options, currency converters, incorporating native social media buttons or marketing tools, etc. It is here to note that these BigCommerce themes are designed absolutely in an SEO optimized fashion.

Operate your way :

Once you have decided about the kind of eCommerce store you are going to open, or about the niche of your store, it’s just all about picking a custom BigCommerce template that fits well with your brand or niche. The advantage of going with a BigCommerce templates is that here you can have the option of any sort of addition or deletion as per your wishes. These are fully furnished in true sense, being accomplished regarding search engine aspects. Incredibly is to see the way despite being feature-rich, the themes compromising in no way about the user-experience aspects.

No frets of hosting :

Hectic issues associated with hosting are no less than nightmares for any business operating over the web. A matter of interesting fact here is to mention that the contemporary themes don’t even allow you to have any fret regarding the hosting issues. These are natively optimized for a swifter loading. Most of these coming with multi-level menu along banner logo, user-friendly dashboard/back-end, customisable home page layouts and product promotions, etc., leave no stones unturned for a compliant eCommerce business operation.

Flooded features :

In a competitive scenario, any eCommerce store would love to have a design that could offer a better comparative dig for the products. You don’t need to visit any developer/designer frequently on this aspect, upon going with the fully furnished eCommerce themes; those are naively available with the option of previewing product comparisons through headers itself. Apart from this, the specs like optimized search bars, extra sale banner, business listing options, newsletter, responsive slider for your brand, etc. Moreover, these even fix any of the existing or newly found bugs without any demand.

A perfect example to refer :

Once you have decided about the kind of eCommerce store you are going to open, or about the niche of your store, it’s just all about picking a custom BigCommerce template that fits well with your brand or niche. The advantage of going with a BigCommerce templates is that here you can have the option of any sort of addition or deletion as per your wishes. These are fully furnished in true sense, being accomplished regarding search engine aspects. Incredibly is to see the way despite being feature-rich, the themes compromising in no way about the user-experience aspects.

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Why BigCommerce Experts Advise you to switch to Stencil?

June 6, 2016

Have you heard about Stencil? If you are on BigCommerce, there are high chances that you have. In case you haven’t, it is BigCommerce’s new approach to front-end and theme development. At DIT Interactive,our Experts team work extensively with BigCommerce and have already tried our hands at Stencil. We have been blown away by it. Here are some reasons why

1. Flexibility :

BigCommerce designers and developers always strive for flexibility. By doing away with ‘Global Variable,’ Stencil offers just that. Global Variable used to be a block of code in an email or product page that couldn’t be altered. How frustrating is that? Stencil, instead, uses handlebar templating language. It gives you the freedom and the flexibility to manipulate the code any time.

2. Time Saving :

Time is Money. How many times have you heard that? As a BigCommerce development company, we constantly run into customers who desire speed. Stencil lends speed to BigCommerce developers and designers by letting them make changes to the dummy site using current data. A preview of that can also be shared with the client, and all of this happens without impacting the live site. If the client needs custom design for their Bigcommerce website, this method can help save time. Moreover, Stencil also supports local development which is another way of conserving time.

3. Webpage Speed :

Site speed is extremely crucial to success. Despite a great store design, your BigCommerce site might falter if it takes too long to load. Our experience suggests that delays in site can lead to a massive decrease in conversion rate. Would you ever want your conversion rate to fall? Not really, right? Stencil makes use of modern standards in order to speed up your web page. If you use Stencil’s default sample images and its master theme, you can derive a Google Page Score of 89 on Desktop. That is incredible!

4. Multi – Device Performance :

Clients, these days, are especially concerned about their site’s performance on different devices. Our BigCommerce design and development process involves the creation of a synchronized site performance across all devices. Stencil helps you view your changes in real time on all devices. In other words; when you make changes, they will reflect simultaneously on mobile, desktop, and phone. How does this help? Previously, you could make a change to your desktop site and unknowingly upset your site’s phone version. It could be the other way around too. Stencil eliminates those inefficiencies.

5. Efficiency :

Stencil uses YAML Formatting – a modern Javascript language that helps make your site efficient. Let us take an example. If you previously wanted to load 10 items from a catalog collection, the entire catalog will be loaded and you will need to hide what wasn’t necessary. As you can guess, that process was laced with inefficiencies. In Stencil, though, you can show just the desired portion of your catalog grid without slowing down the page.These are some of the many reasons that make Stencil appealing to any BigCommerce developer and BigCommerce designer.