Bigcommerce – The Ideal Ecommerce Solution that Trumps its Competition


BigCommerce has steadily increased its reputation as one of the best ecommerce platforms. It is secure, easy to use, and includes all the features required for a fantastic e-store. It also features advanced marketing tools and outstanding templates that can elevate the look and effectiveness of the store, although it is advisable to consult BigCommerce experts or a veteran BigCommerce development company for implementation.

Know why BigCommerce is the ideal ecommerce solution that is better than other ecommerce platforms:

Extremely Easy to Use and Implement: 

BigCommerce is easy enough to set up, and this is one of its most defining characteristic. You can spend ample time to get things right, but you can get your store up and running quickly with the look that you need for your offerings.You can add a number of updates without having to code, with several landing page options and templates already available. You can create your store right from the control panel and interact with easily. BigCommerce also includes a number of marketing and conversion features that can be integrated with your portal.

Migrate your Existing Site Easily to BigCommerce: 

BigCommerce facilitates store owners with the option to migrate their existing store to BigCommerce seamlessly. More than 20,000 stores have migrated to their service successfully. Irrespective of the existing platform, a BigCommerce certified developer can migrate your ecommerce business without any hassles. BigCommerce also enables import and export of products and pricing data easily from any platform. You can start the migration process right after you sign up. If you hit up snags, you can bank on BigCommerce experts or a veteran BigCommerce Development Company to provide you the necessary support for implementation.

Payment Features Manifold: 

Ecommerce platforms thrive on the payment section itself since the primary intention of establishing an e-store is to facilitate purchases and boost sales. BigCommerce boasts of an incredible line of payment features that are aligned with several features – more than 40 pre-integrated ones and serviceable in 100 countries. The platform supports Amazon Pay, Chase Integrated Payments, eWay Rapid, NetBilling, PayPal, QuickBooks Payments, and many more. BigCommerce development also involves addition of mobile wallet features that makes it easy for customers to pay right from their smartphone.

Handy Conversion Features Within: 

BigCommerce provides a plethora of handy conversion features that ensure some visitors get converted into buyers. The platform offers the abandoned cart saver feature that sends those shoppers emails that convince them to go through the purchase. The platform also includes a feature to incentivize buyers with discounts who are hesitant to go through the purchases. One can even add customized filters for making buyer searches easier. A competent BigCommerce development company can help you with the same.

Secure Platform and PCI Compliant: 

Hosted platforms usually have better quality and security features. BigCommerce also delivers on robust security and Level 1 PCI compliance that offers stringent protection from DDOS attacks along with security on multiple layers inclusive of perimeter and server-specific firewalls, intrusion detection software, human monitoring and more. BigCommerce developers make best possible use of these features to ensure that store owners have the required peace of mind!

Magnificent Product Management and Analytics: 

BigCommerce offers a seamless interface for product management with its attributes that help specify product details including inventory tracking and pricing. Customers can create their user and store-owners can personalize options for user groups.

The platform also sports an outstanding analytics tool that tracks business activity in more ways than one. The options to sell gift vouchers, create cart-level discounts, and many others helps in developing custom marketing campaigns. The marketing efforts can be assessed and changed based on results, especially based on store’s conversion rates and performance.

Useful Tools to Streamline Operations along with SEO: 

Aside from all multiple features and a brilliant support group, BigCommerce helps with multiple tools and functions for managing a streamlined business. It sports an open API architecture, thus aiding developers to create useful functions for 20 categories. You do not even have to depend on third-party applications.

Additionally, marketers will find the platform search-engine friendly. Implementing SEO adhering to best practices is easy for companies, although BigCommerce developers can make a store more competitive. Additionally a BigCommerce development company can help you benefit more with smart SEO configurations. The platform provides SSL certificate for the stores and other tools to improve search engine rankings. Some features include Rich Snippet and Google AMP.

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