Tips for Store Design of Ecommerce Store on BigCommerce


An E-commerce store has to be very attractive and at the same time easily navigable for any layman also. A customer may turn back if they get stuck while shopping. Either the product information with images is not good or it is not easy to add or remove things from the cart or payment options are not convenient. Even the logistics and delivery matters. Where the entire experience is virtual, it has to be backed with credible technology.

In a market like India, It should be easily accessible on all types of tech-based devices.

Visual appearance gives a boost to the e-commerce market appeal and reaches the end users and easy navigation helps in the conversion of viewers into customers. The traffic could be of people who are looking for a specific product but mostly it is impulsive buying that is triggered due to the attractive features of the e-commerce site. The same product may be on display on other sites but customers tend to purchase from the marketplace which attracts the most and which is optimized most on all platforms making it the most available and convenient store for all.

For all the requirements of the vendor, Bigcommerce store development is the best platform to create an e-commerce shopping marketplace.

Whether you are a vendor or a tech supplier, our tips will help you build an attractive marketplace for the end users.

Layout and keywords

The very first feature which attracts a visitor is a clean and clear layout with an appropriate display of products and information, which is not cluttered. 

Also, people look for specific things on the google search bar, so having specific keywords on the leading page is very helpful as the traffic is directed towards your window and with the specific word the consumer is able to relate immediately. BigCommerce store design is very good and it optimises traffic towards your website.

Menu placing

Menu display helps a visitor to locate their preferred product. So the display of the menu is very important. Be its placement or the fonts used for it. It is easily visible on the front page or needs to be dropped down or dragged up.  It plays an important role. It should be designed in a way that the visitor can easily find their product or unintentionally be located in the premium products, where the vendor wants them to go. It should be an easy search for the visitor.

Search bar

Search bars should be at a prominent place and have enough space for the visitor to write and search for their preference. Many times the search bar is not integrated well and does not function well. Hence customers find difficulty in using it and it does not serve its purpose properly. Hire a BigCommerce development company to design and be assured of not facing such problems.

Clear images

Images play the most important part in an e-commerce business. Customers scroll instead of reading. They may read only when they are buying something but most people make purchase decisions just on the basis of what they are seeing.

Mobile enabled app for the window

Your eCommerce should be accessible and usable on any device. Even on mobile phones as on average customers use mobile phones and keep scrolling through different e-commerce sites. Not only this it is a handy device. It’s easy to use. Today with the running life people find it easy to keep ordering online even day-to-day things. Once they get addicted to any particular app or website due to the ease of functionality, they prefer it only. 

Your e-commerce should be available on mobile phones with a mobile app, which may have all the features of a website or they are redirected to the website if required.

Single page check out

The checkout option should not be tedious or long. Do not confuse the customer to get registered before making a purchase. Let them check out as guests. This will increase conversions. In absence of this ease of purchase usually, customers leave the filled cart also. 

BigCommerce has a built-in single-page checkout that can boost your conversion rate.

Shop as guest

End customer loves to surf different apps and websites. And when something catches their attention, they may love to make a purchase but most of them may not like to put up their information due to lack of time or trust issues. Hence your platform should be user-friendly and allow the shopper to make purchases according to their convenience as a guest. Then the possibility of conversion is high as the visitor gets to experience the market quickly and impulsive buy is boosted with an easy process.


FAQs or frequently asked questions are very helpful for the customers. There are often common questions of the customers regarding the product, return back policies, payment methods etc. So it’s always helpful to have a clear list of FAQs written in simple language which everyone can read and understand.

Reviews on products

Product reviews both in the comment section and with the stars, customers do look for before making purchases as at times there are several lookalike products and it becomes difficult for the customer to decide. In such a situation product review is very helpful. In fact, many customers make their purchase decision on the basis of the product review given.  So placing review sections both to go through and upload like  the ease of writing down or giving stars by the end customers regarding the product or the service is a must for customer satisfaction and also customers feel connected when they see their reviews on the given space.

Cart features

Cart, features are an interesting and important feature of an e-commerce market as it allows customers to dump down all things selected. Advanced features in a cart like automatic calculation of all charges help the customer. Features like an add-on, remove or save for future helps a customer to put all selected items in the cart and exit according to the pocket and money available at that time. It makes a customer happy as searching for the preferred item always is difficult for the customer. Hence, the cart should have a feature of storing the entire information of the product selected by the customer. BigCommerce shopping cart development enables the designer to embed all the features of the cart.


Shipping or logistics of the product is also a very important aspect and feature of e-commerce as once the product is chosen, the customer feels impatient to receive it. Prompt service helps in retaining customers as well. A feature of giving the expected date of delivery or the delivery time according to the choice of the customer, with the help of just entering the Pincode is an interesting and attractive feature.


Last but not least branding is the most important aspect of an e-commerce marketplace to keep the customers hooked up on your app as they can feel elated and satisfied with associating themselves as a customer with your app. It increases their sense of reliability. 

So it’s important to maintain a consistency of product display, availability, prompt service of delivery, easy return policies, easy payment methods or gateway, easy navigation etc. All together creating you as a brand. 

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