Instagram Has Launched Shoppable Posts for Bigcommerce Retailers

Instagram Has Launched

We are a Bigcommerce ecommerce development company, and know for a fact that various social media platforms are exploring the great opportunity that online retail provides.  By selling products on social media, online merchants get a larger audience to work with.  On the other hand, social media platforms get to create an additional revenue stream for their business.  One of the best examples of the same is Instagram’s shoppable posts program.  Businesses in USA that use Bigcommerce will now have access to the same.  This program can transform the way in which online businesses sold products and services on social media.  We are a team of hired Bigcommerce ecommerce developers and designers.  Being in the field, we believe that this new approach is going to be a big hit in the industry.

More about Instagram Shoppable Posts

Instagram doesn’t allow clickable links in post captions.  Therefore, such shoppable tags are quick and easy in helping you attract more people to your online store.  Before this option was launched, people had to rely on 3rd party services.  However, it is a much convenient option to do it all from the same platform.  Therefore, Instagram Shoppable posts carry significant importance to Bigcommerce merchants and the entire industry of Bigcommerce web design service and Bigcommerce ecommerce development service.  

Access to Analytics

We are currently living in a world of knowledge and data.  Such data is driving many business decisions.  Moreover, it is also important for online merchants.  Those Bigcommerce ecommerce development retailers that take advantage of Instagram’s shoppable posts will get analytics from this photo-sharing social media service.  Here are the things that businesses will be able to access:

  1. How many people viewed product information
  2. How many people clicked on the link through to the product page

These are both extremely important stats.  The first one talks about the efficacy of the platform and its reach.  If the platform is being used efficiently, you should be able to get a large reach for your products.  Moreover, this reach can also relate to how appealing your advertisement is.  Only if the post is appealing and interesting would people stop by and look.  On the other hand, the click-through rate will tell you if you are providing the right information with your products.  If someone has stopped by to look, you will hope that they will also click on the product link to gather more information.  If there is a situation where you are getting views but not click-throughs, you will need to question your content and whether you are targeting the right audience.

What is Instagram’s Benefit?

So, how would Instagram benefit with this new service?  There are 3 major benefits that Instagram will receive by the launch of this service:

  • Monetizing:  The first is the additional revenue stream that Instagram can add.  There is news that Instagram would not take a cut of the purchase amount.  Instead, Instagram has devised another strategy.  To be able to display such shoppable posts in those users’ feeds that are not followed by the business, these business accounts will need to pay a fixed amount.
  • More Advertisers:  Because of the uniqueness of this service, Instagram will get more advertisers.  The effects of the same are already visible.
  • More Time:  Finally, this is a subtle benefit to Instagram for launching the service.  Because of these engaging posts, users will find another reason to spend more time on Instagram. The social media platform will be able to get a larger share of the users’ time.

This was a basic overview of Instagram Shoppable posts.  If you need a hired dedicated Bigcommerce developer or an entire team, we can help you with affordable and high-quality service.  Contact us today via phone or email.