Best BigCommerce Themes for 2022: Don’t Miss to WOW Your Customers


The e-commerce business is growing more than ever. The coming years may see a massive leap in the e-commerce industry due to the ease of doing business at low investment. The use of e-commerce themes especially the best BigCommerce themes and frameworks by online businesses has grown in popularity. These ready-made solutions include a pre-set style and layout that can be altered to get BigCommerce customise theme and are installed on an e-commerce website to provide your company with a great brand experience and serve your customers in the best possible way. This online store is also mobile-friendly. Moreover, these best bigcommerce theme templates are budget friendly as they reduce the cost of hiring a professional developer. With several unique features like responsive online shopping, product page features, a shopping cart that updates itself, and a lovely contemporary, and tidy design, there is a wide variety to choose from. Not limited to this, according to your business, you can pick from fashion theme in BigCommerce, jewellery theme in BigCommerce or furniture theme in BigCommerce

Apart from the theme templates, there are also theme frameworks that are a collection of attributes and capabilities designed to facilitate the development process. Users can develop a child theme using the theme structure. Most companies are enhancing their online presence by building online e-commerce stores to serve their clients. And, BigCommerce as one of the powerful alternatives to Shopify, provides comparable features and pricing.

Most Premium BigCommerce stencil theme for your online store

The top 10 Best BigCommerce themes for 2022 are:

1. The Cornerstone Theme

BigCommerce’s most popular theme, Cornerstone, is one that many new merchants begin using. Three variants of the theme are available: Light, Bold, and Warm. This free theme has been optimized for catalogs, mobile, tablet, and desktop use, as well as for promotions and discounts.  There are a lot of experimental options and the biggest advantage is that it is free. And, the greatest benefit is that it is the ultimate deal for a wide range of businesses and brands. Whether you are looking for the best Jewellery theme in BigCommerce or the top furniture theme in BigCommerce, it perfectly suits all.

2. The Brooklynk Theme

An ideal fashion theme in BigCommerce to fit your fashion-based website. Brooklynk has developed a stylish BigCommerce theme to suit all of your fashion store’s requirements. With a professional outlook, this theme makes use of full-width slideshow banners and the trendiest blocks right on the homepage since it understands the value of making a good first impression. With a stencil structure, amazing responsive design, and the ability to switch between grid and list choices, Brooklynk is one of the top fashion theme in Bigcommerce and has a lot to offer the modern store owner. Social media like Instagram can also be connected with it.

BigCommerce fashion themes for your store

3. The Beautica Theme

The Beautica theme is ideal for fashion or beauty establishments because of its simple, contemporary appearance. With an advanced menu, Instagram module, lookbook option, and other premium features, this is the best fashion theme in Bigcommerce for business owners. It is a highly chic theme with a product label section, drop-down login bars, and a product picture swap function for people who wish to operate a higher-quality website. Both brand sliders and banners are available for experimentation.

4. The Sneak Theme

It is ideal for footwear, sports goods, or apparel website layout. Sneak makes use of a superb responsive design and stencil architecture to keep things straightforward. You have an infinite number of color possibilities to select from, allowing you to truly stand out with your brand. Furthermore, there is a tonne of tools available to assist you in having the desired effect. Sneak theme is also be recalled as one of the top jewellery theme in BigCommerce for small and medium-scale jewellery store owners. 

BigCommerce jewellery theme for your Business

5. The Foundry Warm Theme

It allows you to create your dream store. The minimalist, grid-based design of Foundry is the epitome of adaptability. It is quick to set up and makes it simple to display your goods and brand. Foundry is adorable because of its adaptability. The grid-based style is simple to use and can be customized to display your products in a way that complements your brand. Additional features include rapid add-to-cart, customized checkout, and extensive search filtering. It is also considered the best furniture theme in bigcommerce due to its matchless features and functionalities. 

6. The BeoShop Theme

It offers a lot of critical features like a homepage slider, product carousels, social media widgets, and a wish list to name a few. There are numerous theme options and pre-made settings available to help you get going right away. A business whether related to furniture, fashion or jewellary can upgrade to a premium theme anytime. One of the best bigcommerce themes available in the market and it is easy to use. For any business, it is easy to handle this BigCommerce customise theme design and development to bring out the best online store in the so-called digital market. 

Best BigCommerce furniture theme for online business. 

 7. The Paralbag Theme

Finding the best BigCommerce theme is difficult on its own, but putting the theme to use is entirely different hard work. This obstacle is removed by Paralbag’s user-friendly interface. To create an eye-catchy appearance and feel for your online store, a single click is needed. Therefore, it is easy to create your bigcommerce customise theme with easy design and development. Moreover, there are various shop and category layouts available for organizing your products. Therefore, it is the store-oriented BigCommerce customise theme easier with design and development process according to your store requirements. 

8. The Shop Town Theme

BigCommerce’s adaptable ShopTown theme has a modern appearance. The theme is easy to customize and includes features like a vertical menu, magnifier, quick view option, product grids, and more. The theme is fully responsive and SEO-optimized. It may be used for any kind of online store and is fully customizable. Your products stand out because of the additional image slider and zoom magnifier. Premium membership offers access to a tonne of amazing features, including an amazingly responsive layout and a quick view option for products. So, whether you are looking for the best jewellery theme in BigCommerce or the top fashion theme in Bigcommerce, this works amazing meeting all your expectations. 

9. The Modez Theme

Modez uses a stencil framework and offers a variety of methods to arrange and display products. Blocks for new products, best-selling products, and popular products can be created as it is the easiest theme to use for an e-commerce store. Users can select what works best for their BigCommerce site with it. It works with most kinds of online stores including furniture and fashion.

 10. The Minimal Theme

Minimal is a superb option if you are eager to build a top-notch website with a fantastic BigCommerce stencil. There are numerous methods to modify your website, and you get video lesson support also. One of the prominent features of it is that it displays the most recent news from your online store. Testimonials also assist in giving the buyer confidence, which eventually increases sales.

In a Nutshell

Consumers have also become well aware of their choices in this digital world. They may abandon a website if they find its layout unattractive. Brands need to grab customers’ attention immediately rather than try to counteract the realities of a busy consumer’s lifestyle. BigCommerce offers a wide range of themes from free to premium. All their themes have a polished appearance and a tonne of extra options that assist you in creating a strong store. The free themes will provide the necessary foundational elements and customizability possibilities to build an appealing online e-commerce store. Also, the premium themes have added advantages. As the B2C market is developing fast, the need for online e-commerce websites is growing multifold. The e-business comes with a lot of profitable opportunities but it is not an easy job to retain customers.

The platform has an advantage over its rivals due to its flexibility. BigCommerce also gives you the ability to change your site’s HTML and CSS without many technical capabilities being required.

You can develop an e-business store at your fingertips using a variety of responsive, expert, and attractive themes and templates provided by it. An incorrect template might ruin your chance to wow clients, so choosing the perfect one provides you with a much better chance of converting.