BigCommerce Stencil Will Breathe New Life into an Online Storefront

With changes in technology, eCommerce sites must also ensure that the latest software’s and tools are upgraded to stay abreast with the competition. BigCommerce development is an ideal one for those looking to start an online venture and with its varied options in pricing, service and features there is something for all budgets.  Moreover, there are continuous innovations that help you, and your BigCommerce developers, stay ahead of the curve.  A case in point is the latest addition of the Stencil Framework to BigCommerce.  This new development promises to transform how BigCommerce development was done and how user friendly your online storefront could be.

BigCommerce’s Stencil is a theme engine that offers a chance for a BigCommerce developer to create beautiful eye catching storefronts for their sites. A BigCommerce developer can now offer clients a wide number of variations for each theme and the option of customising is also available without any coding.

Here are some of the reasons why you should switch to BigCommerce:


YAML formatting is available with this framework , this helps the site stay ahead of the competition


Stencil uses the Handlebar Theming Language and this allows your BigCommerce developer

the freedom and flexibility to incorporate changes as and when required.

Local Development

The functionality of an eCommerce site could have earlier been affected whenever changes needed to be made to the template. The framework that Stencil offers has a rapid local development feature which allows changes to the template without affecting it negatively in any way. An experienced BigCommerce Development company can achieve this with minimal requirement of coding.

Optimised Front End

JavaScript Event Hooks ensure that specific development options are available for the front end and can be worked on by an experienced BigCommerce Developer.

Browser Sync

This allows you to conduct testing and real time preview across all kinds of handheld and wireless devices as well as PC’s and Laptops.

Among the many benefits of Stencil is its ability to speed up the webpage by adding modern elements without affecting its functioning.   You will be surprised by the kind of speed that Stencil helps your page get, and that certainly helps you with search engine performance.  As an example; even if you decide to use default sample images that are available with the master theme with Stencil (cornerstone), you can still get your website to get a Google page speed of about 89 on desktops.  If you are conversant with Google page-speed standards, a speed of 89 is comfortably over the 85 mark that is required to qualify for ‘Excellent’ marking.

When it comes to theming and look of the website, the options available on BigCommerce’s theme store can be slightly limited.  However, you can always rely on PSDCenter.  It is one of the partners and has put in continuous work into ensuring consistent development as well as implementation of stencil themes.

What’s also interesting with Stencil is the fact that it allows you to have many different variations of a single theme.  So, you can have all these variations that you can use to target different audiences or use them for different purposes.  We live in the world of customization, and having customized websites for different target groups will go a long way.

All in all, Stencil is set to transform the way you did business.  Your online storefront can receive many great benefits by the use of this technology. Contact your BigCommerce developer to see if it is viable for you to switch to Stencil.

Start Your Own eCommerce store using BigCommerce Themes

The present era is of eCommerce. Starting from the governments, investors to technology, everyone is showing heartily interest in offering the needful assist towards the start-up concept, which won’t be wrong to have taken birth from the concepts of eCommerce. As mentioned above, technology is too endearing in contemporary times to enrich the concept (eCommerce).

Days are gone when you had to depend on extraneously upon the web designer/developer for your store design. With perfectly furnished themes being made available, starting an e-commerce store can be initiated the moment you wished.

Start Your Own eCommerce Store Using BigCommerce Themes

Embark on your e-commerce journey effortlessly with BigCommerce themes. These professionally designed templates offer a user-friendly platform to create a visually stunning online store that reflects your brand identity. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned entrepreneur, BigCommerce themes provide the perfect foundation to showcase your products and engage customers effectively.

No matter which store you wish to open :

Going with the Premium BigCommerce themes can be absolutely enchanting, irrespective of the kind of eCommerce store you wish to start with. These Premium BigCommerce templates come with a whole range of specifications, starting from the options of picking or selecting from an eclectic range of products to the control panels designed in one of the most user-friendly fashion. That’s not the whole story, though; you don’t even need to worry about the aspects of incorporating electronic payment options, currency converters, incorporating native social media buttons or marketing tools, etc. It is here to note that these BigCommerce themes are designed absolutely in an SEO optimized fashion.

Operate your way :

Once you have decided about the kind of eCommerce store you are going to open, or about the niche of your store, it’s just all about picking a custom BigCommerce template that fits well with your brand or niche. The advantage of going with a BigCommerce templates is that here you can have the option of any sort of addition or deletion as per your wishes. These are fully furnished in true sense, being accomplished regarding search engine aspects. Incredibly is to see the way despite being feature-rich, the themes compromising in no way about the user-experience aspects.

No frets of hosting :

Hectic issues associated with hosting are no less than nightmares for any business operating over the web. A matter of interesting fact here is to mention that the contemporary themes don’t even allow you to have any fret regarding the hosting issues. These are natively optimized for a swifter loading. Most of these coming with multi-level menu along banner logo, user-friendly dashboard/back-end, customisable home page layouts and product promotions, etc., leave no stones unturned for a compliant eCommerce business operation.

Flooded features :

In a competitive scenario, any eCommerce store would love to have a design that could offer a better comparative dig for the products. You don’t need to visit any developer/designer frequently on this aspect, upon going with the fully furnished eCommerce themes; those are naively available with the option of previewing product comparisons through headers itself. Apart from this, the specs like optimized search bars, extra sale banner, business listing options, newsletter, responsive slider for your brand, etc. Moreover, these even fix any of the existing or newly found bugs without any demand.

A perfect example to refer :

Once you have decided about the kind of eCommerce store you are going to open, or about the niche of your store, it’s just all about picking a custom BigCommerce template that fits well with your brand or niche. The advantage of going with a BigCommerce templates is that here you can have the option of any sort of addition or deletion as per your wishes. These are fully furnished in true sense, being accomplished regarding search engine aspects. Incredibly is to see the way despite being feature-rich, the themes compromising in no way about the user-experience aspects.

Why BigCommerce Experts Advise you to switch to Stencil?

Have you heard about Stencil? If you are on BigCommerce, there are high chances that you have. In case you haven’t, it is BigCommerce’s new approach to front-end and theme development. At DIT Interactive,our Experts team work extensively with BigCommerce and have already tried our hands at Stencil. We have been blown away by it. 

Why BigCommerce Experts Advise You to Switch to Stencil

BigCommerce experts strongly recommend migrating to Stencil for enhanced performance, flexibility, and scalability. With its modern architecture, Stencil empowers businesses with faster page loading times, improved customization capabilities, and seamless integration of advanced features, ensuring a competitive edge in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

1. Flexibility :

BigCommerce designers and developers always strive for flexibility. By doing away with ‘Global Variable,’ Stencil offers just that. Global Variable used to be a block of code in an email or product page that couldn’t be altered. How frustrating is that? Stencil, instead, uses handlebar templating language. It gives you the freedom and the flexibility to manipulate the code any time.

2. Time Saving :

Time is Money. How many times have you heard that? As a BigCommerce development company, we constantly run into customers who desire speed. Stencil lends speed to BigCommerce developers and designers by letting them make changes to the dummy site using current data. A preview of that can also be shared with the client, and all of this happens without impacting the live site. If the client needs custom design for their Bigcommerce website, this method can help save time. Moreover, Stencil also supports local development which is another way of conserving time.

3. Webpage Speed :

Site speed is extremely crucial to success. Despite a great store design, your BigCommerce site might falter if it takes too long to load. Our experience suggests that delays in site can lead to a massive decrease in conversion rate. Would you ever want your conversion rate to fall? Not really, right? Stencil makes use of modern standards in order to speed up your web page. If you use Stencil’s default sample images and its master theme, you can derive a Google Page Score of 89 on Desktop. That is incredible!

4. Multi – Device Performance :

Clients, these days, are especially concerned about their site’s performance on different devices. Our BigCommerce design and development process involves the creation of a synchronized site performance across all devices. Stencil helps you view your changes in real time on all devices. In other words; when you make changes, they will reflect simultaneously on mobile, desktop, and phone. How does this help? Previously, you could make a change to your desktop site and unknowingly upset your site’s phone version. It could be the other way around too. Stencil eliminates those inefficiencies.

5. Efficiency :

Stencil uses YAML Formatting – a modern Javascript language that helps make your site efficient. Let us take an example. If you previously wanted to load 10 items from a catalog collection, the entire catalog will be loaded and you will need to hide what wasn’t necessary. As you can guess, that process was laced with inefficiencies. In Stencil, though, you can show just the desired portion of your catalog grid without slowing down the page.These are some of the many reasons that make Stencil appealing to any BigCommerce developer and BigCommerce designer.

Fashion Boutique – Premium BigCommerce theme by Dit Interactive

What is BigCommerce ?

Big Commerce, often referred to as BigCommerce, is a SaaS based hosted ecommerce software provider. With this, you can start an online store in no time. If you are selling a product or service, BigCommerce will be able to help you everything you need in-order to sell online. BigCommerce offers tons features like multiple product options, easy to use control panel, Level 1 PCI compliant hosting, various payment methods, drop shipping and fulfillment, SEO friendly store, built-in marketing and social media tools, dynamic currency converter and hundreds of BigCommerce templates. BigCommerce is rated #1 ecommerce system, according to

Once you setup your BigCommerce store you’ll need a great BigCommerce theme that suits your brand identity. You can either have it custom designed with the help of any BigCommerce designer or choose from thousands of BigCommerce themes available on theme store.The theme you choose for your ecommerce store is incredibly important. A great theme will help drive more visitors and more sales.

Meet Fashion Boutique, a full-featured one of the premium bigcommerce templates built with SEO and user experience in mind. It’s easy to set up and is designed to help your products stand out, providing seamless brand experience to shoppers. This custom BigCommerce template It’s a fully responsive and comes with subtle animations to give it a more high-tech & luxury feeling. Fashion boutique is one of the best BigCommerce themes available today.


  • Fully responsive premium BigCommerce theme, so your store works across desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Optimized for faster loading
  • Sticky main menu for better user experience
  • Three level Mega Menu with the banner image, easily manageable form back end
  • Easily customisable carousel on homepage
  • Ready to use 2 custom panel on home page for product promotion
  • Preview cart contents viewable right in the header
  • Product comparison: Preview added products for comparison in header
  • Prominent search box helps visitors find products easily
  • Additional sale banner on each page
  • Featured products responsive slider on homepage
  • Add to wish list button available on each product in the homepage and category pages.
  • Responsive brand slider for specific brand
  • 3 Level sidebar menu on category pages
  • Brands Tag Cloud on category page
  • Styled Bigcommerce blog included
  • Persistent newsletter signup form in the footer
  • Custom social media icon set.
  • Uses CSS3
  • Persistent Advanced Search options on the search results page.
  • User guide documentation helps you out to easily install and use the theme.

BigCommerce Theme Documentation

Please refer to the theme documentation.

BigCommerce theme Support

Fixing BRAND NEW bugs: We appreciate when you find a BRAND NEW bug. Our objective is to create the best BigCommerce themes available and a big part of that is eliminating bugs. Any bug that you find that has not been previously identified will be fixed directly on your site at no cost as a thank you for taking the time to identify the bug for us. If the bug has already been identified you can either hire us to fix it on your site, or wait for the theme updates that will include bug fixes.

Support for recommended settings:
When BigCommerce installs a brand new theme to your store, it only puts the required files for the theme. In addition to the files, you also need to change certain settings in BigCommerce to make the theme look like theme. These settings are outlined in theme features, however if you need any help or have questions/concerns in regards to these settings, you may contact our support.

Support does NOT include

  • How to edit theme files (includes CSS, JS, and BigCommerce snippets/theme files)
  • Fix EXISTING bugs
  • Theme Customization
  • Integrating 3rd party add-ons
  • Setting up the theme on your store.

4 BigCommerce optimisation techniques that helps sell more

Bigcommerce is the most popular comprehensive type of SaaS or Software as a service that helps the online retailers to exploit well-functioning and management of their online ecommerce business. Advanced features, like- multi-channel retailing, inventory control and automated email marketing are the special capabilities of Bigcommerce.With the new marketing approach, Bigcommerce launches modern applications with the help of which merchants can now list their inventory on top social media sites, such as- Facebook.

Optimization of the Bigcommerce

However, according to BigCommerce experts, most of the online business owners don’t have enough resources as well as time to stay updated regarding the subject of optimization associated with their online stores. If you want more and more online visibility for your store when it comes to social media sites, top search engines, email services and many others, optimization of the Bigcommerce store is the most excellent option.

Be Up-to-Date Through Bigcommerce Brilliant Platform Solution

Bigcommerce is the brilliant platform solution that can streamline all the processes to keep your online store up-to-date throughout advanced features, in-depth knowledge about articles, video series, and technical support and community forum.

To stay up-to-date regarding the essential functionalities, many popular e-commerce brands are using robust monitoring techniques that help them to grow traffic as well as sales. Plus BigCommerce provides tons of videos on their website as BigCommerce University which you should try and explore. And last but not least, you can see what other BigCommerce websites are doing.

Some of the Bigcommerce website optimisation techniques

1. Product Filtering Features of Bailey Nelson

It is a top company that deals with luxury eyewear, and it is famous for the reasonably priced glasses on the market. With the help of robust product filtering technique, the company has achieved to put its ten famous boutiques on spotlight all over Australia and the UK.

Product filtering feature helps visitor go to their desire products in shortest possible time and hence improves user experience.

Customizing experience is what the customers wish for when they visit the e-commerce site of Bailey Nelson, which is allowed to the Bigcommerce store of the company by product filters. This directly has a positive effect on the sales rate, and it also stimulates the interests of the consumers by website optimization that leads to greater conversion rate.

2. Illustrations of Visual Storytelling Taken From 3×1

This apparel brand focuses on the needs of men’s jeans along with the women’s jeans. Anyone can perceive the wonderful styles of visuals present on the e-commerce website of the company.

3×1 always believes in uploading higher quality images so that customers can experience quality display that offers flexible functionalities to the Bigcommerce platform of the company. You can see that it also has a feature that includes product highlighting from diverse angles with the help of multiple high-quality images.

3. Search Engine Optimization of Veppo

TheBigCommerce designer of the famous company Veppo is known for their contemporary approaches to robust quality search engine optimization. With this approach, the business owners of this electronic cigarettes and vaporizers company have the power of altering SEO related meta-data on the website pages. The Meta description, URL and title tag of the company are fully optimized that are fully fitting with the criteria of search engines.

4. Ballettonet’s Email Marketing Strategic Development

This company focuses on ballet shoes selling and for this; it uses superior quality of e-mail marketing so that it can reach the major customer base that needs the product very much. Integration of some special marketing platforms, like- MailChimp, iContact, Interspire E-mail marketer and Constant Contact is the specialty of the platform of Bigcommerce.

By methodically understanding all these points of optimization of the Bigcommerce store, you can develop a fully functioning and effective online e-commerce website of your own. In addition to this, the website fulfilling all these aspects will take the sales rate as well as revenue to sky high.


We can help. We’re expert BigCommerce developers, certified BigCommerce development companyand can help you achieve your goals.Contact us today.