BigCommerce Stencil Will Breathe New Life into an Online Storefront


With changes in technology, eCommerce sites must also ensure that the latest software’s and tools are upgraded to stay abreast with the competition. BigCommerce development is an ideal one for those looking to start an online venture and with its varied options in pricing, service and features there is something for all budgets.  Moreover, there are continuous innovations that help you, and your BigCommerce developers, stay ahead of the curve.  A case in point is the latest addition of the Stencil Framework to BigCommerce.  This new development promises to transform how BigCommerce development was done and how user friendly your online storefront could be.

BigCommerce’s Stencil is a theme engine that offers a chance for a BigCommerce developer to create beautiful eye catching storefronts for their sites. A BigCommerce developer can now offer clients a wide number of variations for each theme and the option of customising is also available without any coding.

Here are some of the reasons why you should switch to BigCommerce:


YAML formatting is available with this framework , this helps the site stay ahead of the competition


Stencil uses the Handlebar Theming Language and this allows your BigCommerce developer

the freedom and flexibility to incorporate changes as and when required.

Local Development

The functionality of an eCommerce site could have earlier been affected whenever changes needed to be made to the template. The framework that Stencil offers has a rapid local development feature which allows changes to the template without affecting it negatively in any way. An experienced BigCommerce Development company can achieve this with minimal requirement of coding.

Optimised Front End

JavaScript Event Hooks ensure that specific development options are available for the front end and can be worked on by an experienced BigCommerce Developer.

Browser Sync

This allows you to conduct testing and real time preview across all kinds of handheld and wireless devices as well as PC’s and Laptops.

Among the many benefits of Stencil is its ability to speed up the webpage by adding modern elements without affecting its functioning.   You will be surprised by the kind of speed that Stencil helps your page get, and that certainly helps you with search engine performance.  As an example; even if you decide to use default sample images that are available with the master theme with Stencil (cornerstone), you can still get your website to get a Google page speed of about 89 on desktops.  If you are conversant with Google page-speed standards, a speed of 89 is comfortably over the 85 mark that is required to qualify for ‘Excellent’ marking.

When it comes to theming and look of the website, the options available on BigCommerce’s theme store can be slightly limited.  However, you can always rely on PSDCenter.  It is one of the partners and has put in continuous work into ensuring consistent development as well as implementation of stencil themes.

What’s also interesting with Stencil is the fact that it allows you to have many different variations of a single theme.  So, you can have all these variations that you can use to target different audiences or use them for different purposes.  We live in the world of customization, and having customized websites for different target groups will go a long way.

All in all, Stencil is set to transform the way you did business.  Your online storefront can receive many great benefits by the use of this technology. Contact your BigCommerce developer to see if it is viable for you to switch to Stencil.