How to Improve Your BigCommerce Store? Here are Some Tips


BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform that is packed with robust features and tools. If effectively used, these features and tools can help to grow an eCommerce store.  We are a BigCommerce development company, and understand the various areas where many stores need improvement. Our BigCommerce developers suggest that the following 5 aspects of your BigCommerce store can be improved to grow your online retail business.

1.Make It Easier to Find Products:

You need to streamline search on your BigCommerce store to make it easy for your customers to find the right products.  Here are a few things that can help:

    1. On-site search:  This is where your customers are interacting with your site.  They are putting in a query.  By tracking these searches, you will get to know which products your customers are interested in.  When you perform such examination and try to improve your search, you will see immediate benefits to your BigCommerce store.
    2. Identify Misspellings:  You can’t expect your customers to know the exact term all the time.  There are going to be mistakes.  You need to make sure they see appropriate search term correction.
    3. Google Analytics:  BigCommerce Expertssuggest that you should enable site search in Google analytics.  This will give you a breakdown on the various metrics of onsite search.  It will tell you about such things as:
      1. Things that people are searching for

      2. People that left the site after they attempted a search

      3. New trends or products that are worth exploring

      4. Most common search queries that should be on your navigation menu

    4. Keywords in Product Pages:  Finally, it is also important to add keywords to your product pages.  These are expressions that your customers use to represent your products.  Use of keywords will help you improve SEO for your website.  Moreover, it will also make it easier for customers to search for your products.

2.Revamp Your Navigation Menu:

You have to find different ways of improving your customers’ shopping experience.  For that you will need to gain insight in what products they are interested in.  There are a couple of things you can do to get the desired information and then revamp your navigation menu.

    1. Customer Use Data: You need to collect data on what navigation menus your customers use the most.  There are also tools that you can use to track where your customers are interacting with your website.  Tools like CrazyEgg and HotJar can be helpful.
    2. Design for Mobile: You need to consider how your navigation acts on mobile devices.  If there are too many navigation items, it can make it cumbersome for your mobile users to navigate your website.
    3. Keep it Simple: You need to design your navigation in a way that your customers find products and items where they expect them to be.  If you have useful links on your website, you should have them available in the footer.  These links include contact information & shipping/return policies.

3.Image Optimization:

Photography is critical to all eCommerce stores.  Images are being used extensively these days on product pages as well as marketing material.  It is a way of luring the customers as well as giving them more description of the product.  In that case, you need to make sure that your images are optimized and consistent.

    1. Maintain Consistency:  You need to make your images consistent in terms of content and dimension.  Using a white background with a consistent backdrop can help with the cause.  This can also help with your store’s brand.  When you are exporting your images, you need to make sure that they are consistently sized too.  You don’t want to provide odd-shaped product thumbnails.

    2. File Size Optimization:  You need to ensure that your file sizes are not excessive.  If you are using photos from cameras or phones, they tend to typically be much bigger than needed in the case of your BigCommerce store.  You need to reduce the image size by reducing the dimension of the images.  Your BigCommerce product photo should be 1028px Wide by 1028px High.

4.Product Page Improvement:

Product page is where you can really sell your products.  This is where you convince our customers to buy from you.  Now that this product is expected to have the bigger impact, it is expected to have the biggest room for improvement too.  You need to take a look at your product names.  Make sure that the product name is description enough for your customers to find the right product.  The name should accurately describe the product and the name should also match with hat the customers are searching for.

5.Optimize Shopping Policy:

One of the most important eCommerce factors is shopping cost and speed.

    1. Clear display of shipping policy & costs:  Shipping policy as well as the cost should be clearly displayed.  It should be ideally on the product page itself.  This will ensure that customers are not shocked and they aren’t abandoning the cart.
    2. You should also consider a free or flat-rate shipping policy to make it easier for your customers.

These changes will help you make your store effective and more customer-friendly.  

If you are looking for an expert BigCommerce developeror you need help with BigCommerce design, we can provide unmatched expertise in the field. Contact us.