Top Shopify development company For Your Online Store in the USA

If you’ve been looking for top-notch Shopify development companies but have yet to succeed, we’ve covered you with valuable company information. Shopify has witnessed a surge in popularity, emerging as one of the premier eCommerce platforms in recent years.

Navigating the increasing demand for Shopify development services can be challenging. A thriving community of skilled Shopify developers in USA has established their businesses. Many enterprises opt for Shopify for its user-friendly interface, diverse capabilities, and cost-effectiveness.

Premier Shopify Development Companies in the USA

This curated list comprises Shopify web development services in USA, each enjoying widespread popularity. Through thorough evaluations of their history, portfolios, quality feedback, and various Shopify-related criteria, we present you with the finest selection of Shopify Development Companies tailored to your needs.

1. DIT Interactive

Prioritizing transparency, we place ourselves at the forefront without aiming for subjectivity. For more information about DIT Interactive’s Shopify services, contact us directly.

We are eager to initiate a conversation about crafting your optimal Shopify store.

Whether your business has outgrown its existing platform or is considering a move to one of Shopify’s higher-tier plans, we are poised to assist you on your re-platforming journey.

Our seasoned team is dedicated to ensuring your site transition is executed seamlessly, with minimal downtime and negligible impact on your current SEO.

What to anticipate from our team throughout the re-platforming procedure is as follows:

  1. Safe transfer of data
  2. A SEO audit
  3. Customizing a website with apps and connectors
  4. Using internationalization to increase sales worldwide
  5. Optimization of conversion rates
  6. Support on launch day
  7. Sustained post-launch assistance and expansion marketing tactics
  8. Dedicated customer service agents and staff (project manager, tech lead, and account manager

Our company, DIT Interactive, is an international digital growth firm that cares deeply about our long-term clients’ long-term success. Businesses have benefited from our assistance in improving and expanding their web presence since 2010.

Brands that are serious about reaching their full potential and delivering an exceptional digital experience to their customers are the ones we partner with.

2. Sherpas Design

Since 2014, their team of experts has offered a comprehensive range of shopify website development services, encompassing Shopify theme design, app development, migration, integrations, and store redesign. As Partners and Certified Shopify Experts, they extend their services to businesses of all sizes, whether large or small.

Sherpas Design consistently upholds its commitment to delivering productive results. Their unwavering dedication to exceptional quality sets them apart, with no compromises tolerated.

3. Magenest

Magenest is among the best shopify website development company in the United States. We are experts at offering eCommerce companies top-notch solutions that boost client satisfaction and sales growth, increasing their success rate.

We can provide an extensive Suite of Services since we have a skilled and competent workforce. It is additionally customized to each client’s unique needs. Comprehensive after-sales support, local payment options, integrated and installed applications, and bespoke design and development are all included in this.

4. Elsner Technologies

Providing Shopify website design and development services for online stores, Elsner Technologies is a leading Shopify development agency. Their Shopify development team first gains an understanding of your unique business needs before creating a website that helps you increase traffic revenue and offers your consumers an exceptional online experience.

Specifically designed to sell your products like hot pancakes, they provide Shopify customization services. Creating an online store that is aesthetically pleasing and tailored to your business requirements is the aim of their Shopify development services.

They can handle everything, from developing an eCommerce website strategy to managing large-scale growth. They can assist you with your Shopify development needs and produce excellent results that will benefit your company.

5. Bytes Technolab

Bytes Technolab, established in 2011 as a modest IT company, has evolved into a premier software solutions provider, earning top ratings and establishing a robust presence in the US and Canada. Focused on web, mobile, and cloud development, Bytes Technolab harnesses the power of cutting-edge frameworks and tools.

Globally acknowledged as a standout Shopify development company in USA, Bytes Technolab enhances the online shopping experience by adeptly addressing common eCommerce challenges.

The skilled team at Bytes Technolab brings extensive experience to the table, having successfully developed sophisticated Shopify-based online shops for a diverse range of startups and small to medium enterprises.

6. Bilberry

As a Shopify website development company in USA, Bilberry approaches challenges as true partners rather than mere ticket handlers for their clients.

With an independent, communicative, and team-oriented group of Shopify developers, strategists, and designers who genuinely enjoy their work, Bilberry deliberately focuses on flexibility, openness, and a human-centric approach by intentionally keeping their team small and organizational structure flat.

Bilberry actively engages as a comprehensive product team with ambitious startups, large charitable organizations, and Fortune 500 companies, functioning as a turnkey solution. Simultaneously, they develop distinctive online and mobile applications that fuel their commitment to innovation and expansion.

7. eSEOspace

Operating from San Diego, California, eSEOspace emerged as a comprehensive marketing and Shopify development company in the USA, offering diverse services. Their full-service portfolio includes design, branding, startup acceleration, web development, public relations (PR), social media marketing (SMM), search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), lead funnels, press coverage, data and analytics, and more.

At eSEOspace, a top-tier marketing consultant collaborates with clients to formulate unique and original marketing strategies.

This involves a deep understanding of the client’s company mission and vision, identification and classification within the market industry, knowledge of consumers, market reach, analysis of competitors, and consideration of potential investors or future business partners.

8. Sheron

Founded in 2010, Sheron has positioned itself as a dedicated provider of Shopify, Magento, and eCommerce solutions catering to a global clientele. With a team exceeding 30 employees, each committed to giving their utmost effort in delivering productive projects, Sheron extends its services to mid-size and large businesses.

Demonstrating a genuine concern for its clients, Sheron delivers quality solutions and empathizes with the challenges of managing a business in the contemporary era. The company offers a comprehensive suite of software development services, including data migration, integrations, custom app development, and script development.

9. Cadence Labs

Their company aims to provide clients with the most comprehensive e-commerce consulting service. We have made it our mission since our inception in 2014 to establish genuine, long-lasting relationships with our clientele.

From “small projects” to the complete rebuild of a huge business platform, the organization handles it all for companies of all kinds. Its developers are well-versed in your business logic, meticulous analysts, and pay great attention to detail. The result will be an exceptional offering that outshines its rivals.


Significant thought and investigation are needed to identify the best Shopify development USA partner who can offer the high-quality services you demand. You should know more about which Shopify development business in the USA best meets your requirements now that you’ve spent time and effort investigating some of the best ones. Select a group of people with broad skill sets and a track record of specialized work related to the nature of your project.

Our staff at DIT Interactive is always here to help if you need more advice on choosing a reputable

Shopify Development Agency or help creating your online store. Our expertise lies in assisting companies in identifying their requirements for online products. We also offer comprehensive on-site installation services for Shopify-related plugins and applications. Thus, please get in touch with us at any time!

21 Benefits of Choosing Shopify for Your eCommerce Business

Lately, most businesses have turned towards online platforms due to changing customer behavior and the new generation’s demand for ease of shopping at the comfort of home. This scenario has encouraged sellers to showcase their products in online stores compared to offline stores. Therefore, it is necessary to develop eCommerce stores that can help to sell your products and promote your brand. And, among many eCommerce development frameworks, Shopify comes out to be one of the best.

Additionally, it seems to be the preferable option for sellers looking for efficiency and quality with feature-rich functionality and simplicity.

One of the most intriguing and extraordinary eCommerce store development platforms – Shopify, brings with it a complete solution for crafting a new age web store. Therefore, when it comes to selling products and services online, there is a minimal amount of task from configuration to installation and running of the store with the help of Shopify. It is easier to implement an advanced Shopify homepage that is mobile responsive according to your business requirement. Practically, this eCommerce platform helps to reduce your development cost and increase your business revenue. 

So, why not explore the benefits of Shopify website development and check out how it helps improve your online business.

A quick run through the top 21 benefits of opting Shopify for store development.

Explore the leading WordPress development companies in the USA, known for crafting dynamic and user-friendly websites. With their expertise, elevate your online presence and engage your audience effectively.

1. Easy to Use

Shopify platform is easy to use and easy to install without any hassles. Leveraging this eCommerce platform, Shopify developers help you build your store according to your business.

2. User-friendly Platform

With its numerous simple to use and easy to understand, this e-commerce is a highly user-friendly platform. Even a non-techy businessman can run through the functionalities.

3. Advanced Technology

Shopify developed with next gen technologies, this e-commerce platform has all the advanced features and cutting edge integrations, and a stack of new technology functionalities to take your business ahead of the competition. 

4. Mobile Responsive

Embedded with so-called unique mobile-friendly features, this PHP framework allows Shopify designers to create mobile responsive designs helping businesses to reach their mobile customers. 

5. Massive Themes

Holding a stack of more than a thousand themes to pick from, Shopify web designers can develop online stores quickly according to varied business needs.

6. Customized Design Templates

With Shopify customized design templates, nothing is impossible as small to big businesses can create their stores, integrating all their custom fields. Shopify website designers can help to customize Shopify design templates based on your changing business needs.

7. Shopping Cart Integration

No other service has this easy to use shopping cart integration. Shopify, with its third party shopping integrations, enable Shopify developers to install the cart in your store quite easily and quickly.

8. Payment Gateway

Not just excellent shopping cart integration, Shopify offers a superb checkout experience to your customers as it has its own payment gateway. Shopify payment gateway offers seamless checkout processes and also supports different payment options. 

9. Trusted Shopify Development Service

This platform helps build an online store without any hassles of finding costly web servers or expensive development costs. High-end Shopify development services are affordable and quick to access.

10. Advanced Applications

With more than 2000 applications built by expert Shopify website developers, Shopify is an innovative platform for easy to create online web stores. It is also easy to hire Shopify developers for your online store development. 

11. Easy Web-Hosting 

Unlike other store development platforms, Shopify has no issues when it comes to hosting over the internet. Moreover, there are no troubles like slow website speed or web stores going down. 

12. Product Management

Whether you have a massive collection of products or just a few categories to offer your customers, Shopify brings an excellent product management system that is easy to manage and delegate. 

13. SEO-Friendly

As the hour of the requirement for every website is SEO-friendly, Shopify is not unknown from this phenomenon. With its extraordinary SEO-friendly features and functionalities, this eCommerce platform provides an upper hand for businesses with regards to SEO.

14. Security

Tight security matters for every online store, and Shopify store development has this instilled very well. From protecting transactions to customers personal details, Shopify provides layered security protection to all its stores.

15. Reachable Support

With its massive community of Shopify developers and Shopify website development companies, it becomes easier for businesses and organizations to seek support for their online Shopify web store development. 

16. Abandoned Cart 

An excellent built-in feature that Shopify supports – Abandoned Cart. This incredible feature helps recover abandoned carts and enables businesses to work out on their sales funnel to minimize the dropouts. 

17. ChatBots

Shopify brings advanced features with time. With its easy to install Live Chats, businesses have taken advantage to chat with their potential customers in real-time without any hassles of waiting longer. Moreover, Shopify development company offers high end live chat integration support for that excellent customer support. 

18. Customized HTML & CSS

With its fully accessible HTML and CSS, Shopify offers excellent customized features. Hire Shopify developers to help you create highly customized web applications and grow your sales.  

19. Round the Clock Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, Shopify is on the top. Also, Shopify development company offers 24/7 customer support to clear out any hassles or hurdles store owners or customers may be facing. 

20. Marketing Coupons

Whether you want to add coupon or discount codes, Shopify offers this unique functionality. Hire Shopify development agency to add coupons or discounts on your web store, which helps to benefit your Shopify store. 

21. Shopify App Store

Surprisingly, Shopify brings its app store that is rich in functionalities to offer to your shop. From adding reviews, customer wishlists, loyalty programmes, in-depth analytics to packing slips to print labels, this eCommerce framework offers a plethora of options. Moreover, you can even integrate shipping programs, accounting software and social media platforms as well as all marketing apps to boost your business. Note that you can expand your wishlist. And, no wonder, the proficient Shopify website development company supports diligently to help your business to flourish exponentially.

Closing Note:

With this plethora of features and benefits, now you get to know the importance of Shopify. For any business, Shopify development brings in huge advantages stacking up from a secure shopping experience to easy to implement shopping cart and simple to use inventory management. Well, all these help run your business smoothly without any hassles gaining in more customers and scaling up the sales. Also, with Shopify Development Company at your support, you can seek help any time for that unwavering store management. 

Most Important Checklist Not To Miss Before Your Shopify Store Launch in 2021

After all the hard work and sweat, finally, you are launching your shopify store. No doubt, it’s exciting and overwhelming at the same time. But, before taking a step ahead a lot many questions may be bothering – whether all is good with your store or not, or what else to be taken care of or whether you are missing anything or not.

Well, when in doubt, take the guidance from the best shopify company in india for a successful launch. Furthermore, go through the checklist here that you shouldn’t miss when it comes to your shopify store.

Collect Customer Feedback

It is crucial to ask your customers for feedback. Before you are up and selling products, you need to know whether your customers are happy with your product once they receive them. Or whether they have faced any complications or hurdles while going through the shopping process in your shopify store or not. Their feedback will always be helpful and aid in improving your web store’s performance.

Work on Abandoned Carts 

Online market research shows that 68.92% is the rate of abandonment carts that usually shoppers leave on the store. And, some of the major reasons for the same are sticker shock, usually the shipping cost or other hidden cost that normally does not show up until the checkout page. The other ones are they might find better prices while comparing or there comes technical problems, complex navigation or the site takes too long to load. Try to address the causes of abandoned carts and see how it will reduce the abandonment cart rate on your site. Also, you can imply the best skills of shopify designer india for improving the checkout page for grabbing your customer’s attention.

Work on Landing Pages

When it comes to landing pages, they are quite distinct from your product pages. Landing pages are the destinations for shoppers who come from email newsletter, facebook ads, twitter campaigns or insta stories or any other paid, targeted traffic. They are especially designed to highlight the specific product sale or promotion. Therefore, the only aim of the landing page is to make a sale.

But, what all forget is that they do not make a customized unique landing page for each new campaign. Get the best Shopify developer India to build an outstanding landing page amplifying the promotions. And, this creates an opportunity to grab and be better than your competitor.

Checkout Process and Payment Gateways

Dealing with your abandoned cart, and before all your traffic goes away empty handed, it is crucial that you see that all your potential customers complete the purchase. Usually, the trivial errors in the checkout page or the complication to fill out the form makes it critical for the shoppers to complete the process. So, check here what to take care of.

  • A shopper can easily edit the order
  • The discount code is applied
  • No hidden charges to pop up at the end 
  • Provide as many payment gateways as possible
  • Give an option of order status tracking
  • Contact page should be easily accessible
  • Send immediate email notification for order confirmation
  • Clearly state the shipping policy for international transactions

Before launching the checkout page, test that everything is working in the checkout process and the payment gateways are also working efficiently. Moreover, it is better to hire shopify partner India for the hassle-free and smooth checkout page development that ensures the customers complete the checkout process without facing any complications.

Do Not Miss Standard Static Pages Like

Homepage, Contact Us Page, Privacy Policy, About Us and FAQs

Contact us

Contact us page is mandatory for any shopify store. Including your email address, phone details, office address and every other mode of contact needs to be added on this page.

About Us page

Usually, online store owners are oblivious to the importance of the About Us page. Although it is ignored, it is the most important page on your web store. Tell about your aim, your journey, passion, achievements and vision, and let the users be impressed with your integrity and the milestones you have set.


The first page of your web store, is arguably the most important page of your site. It is often the foremost page that users land on, if not then the second place they visit. An attractive and informative homepage builds an overall look and feel of your website. Don’t forget to have a clear cut navigation starting here to browse through your store.

Privacy Policy 

Many people may miss this, but for every online shopify store, it is a must and essential. Any illegal store will not have a privacy policy, so check out in advance and get your store’s privacy policy created with the help of the lawyer or a professional from Shopify Development service to help with the list of items in privacy policy. 


Without FAQs, it would be quite tedious for your customers to find the answers for their most common queries. Therefore, in FAQs section answer their most frequent questions in advance without giving chance for complications. This page drastically reduces the turn-around time.

Audit Content and Add the Information

Do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to content. Check for all broken links, missing content, typo errors, grammar mistakes and anything that leads to poor image. Also make sure to follow the same manual style throughout your website, maintaining the tonality and being consistent with the writing style throughout the site.

Include Sales channel

Tap your potential customers through various channels. With the customer base growing too fast, it is important that you explore the numerous channels to sell your products. Find the best channel that will work for your business and then add the imperative sales channel to your store. Here are a few sales channels that you can add to your shopify store. Get the support from shopify agency in india to implement the best of these networks to improve the overall sales.

Facebook Shop, eBay, Instagram, Amazon, Messenger, Pinterest, Google Shopping and Buy Buttons as well as checkout links.

Now that you have the checklist to launch your shopify store, move to the next level. On the path of building your online webstore get the assistance of the top shopify partner company in india and get the best results.

Curbside Pickup – A right option for local retailers

Shopify is a well known name in the eCommerce arena offering a complete set of tools for building a full-fledged online store. Whether you want to sell on web, mobile or social media, it helps you do all. With an array of website building tools and technicalities, Shopify helps you craft a professional and complete eCommerce store without the arduous task of coding.

Practically, you can even Hire Shopify Development Services India for getting your shopify store development or simply try to build it by following these steps.

Build Your Shopify Store Like a Pro

Embark on your Shopify journey with confidence by following these 10 essential steps to build a professional online store.

Step 1: Sign Up With The Shopify Store

Go to website and get started. Firstly, choose the FREE TRIAL. Sign up with your email address and create a password following by choosing the name for your store.

Step 2: Start with the Getting Started Wizard

Answering the short questionnaire in shopify, you will be able to set up the defaults for your store. Provide the answers in the form like whether you have been selling offline, the size of your business, and which industry you belong to. And, on the next page fill in your address. Or get the help of a Shopify developer to help you into this.

Step 3: Select the Theme

The shopify platform offers a variety of themes to choose from. You can pick one and set for your store according to your business goal and customer requirements. An experienced Shopify Designer can help you to select one of the best themes or create a customized one for your store.

Step 4: Add Products

This is the most important aspect of your shopify store development. Add all the products that you are looking forward to bringing in sales. Also consider taking help from shopify service that can help you add the product images for proper display of your product collection.

Further, organize products according to product type, vendor, collection, and sub-categorize for easy and quick management.

Add all the required information like product description, product title, prices and proper display. Adding products to your shopify store proficiently is crucial as it helps customers to decide whether to buy from your store or not.

Step 5: Personalize Store Theme Settings

According to your products and the industry or market you are addressing, you can personalize your store. For customizing, at the bottom left of the page, you can check Theme settings and edit the theme. You can set options like whether you want to add social media buttons or not, or choose from the colors, typography and borders making it unique for your customers.

Step 6: Edit Home Page Sections

Go through the Home Page section and think how you want your store’s home page to look like. Home Page is the face and the entry spot of your store. So, it is quite paramount that you take meticulous steps to make it more appealing. For any doubts, you can even talk to shopify experts in India who can help you with this.

Step 7: More Page to Add

Depending on your business requirements, you can add more pages on the site. Go to the Online Store and click on Choose pages. Here you can easily add on more pages to your store and simultaneously edit them as you have personalized your home page. Or get the assistance from an experienced shopify developer India who can help integrate all the required additional pages for your online store.

Step 8: Fix Delivery Options

By choosing the Shipping and Delivery options, add the shipping/delivery processes to your store making it available at the checkout page. Whether you are looking to set domestic, international, local and pickup rates to free shipping (if you want), you can choose from the package what you want your delivery system to be.

Step 9: Get a Domain Name or Buy It

With your website available with the URL :, you are ready to go. But, for the more professional site, it is always better to get your own domain name. Go to Domains, and you will see a list of domain names for a few to pick up. Good thing, whether looking to buy from somewhere else, you can buy a domain through Shopify platform, or transfer a domain you own at other registrars here, or get your current domain registrar to redirect your domain to Shopify. If you find this a little complicated get the latest service from Indian Shopify developers to deal with this and get you the right solution.

Step 10: Launch Your Own Shopify Store

The final but not last step to follow. Your store is live and available online. But as it is password protected you need to buy a Shopify Plan. because without that nobody will be able to see the complete store except the home page. So, go with it or you can even hire a shopify partner company India to support you with all the nitty gritty of shopify store development and purchase.


After your store is ready, it is time to sit back and be ready to count on your store to bring in sales. Nevertheless, don’t forget to refurbish your store with the changing demands and trending things seeking support from professional shopify store designer and developer. For any store assistance, look no further than Shopify company India that can provide you the best services.

Shopify Plus 2020 – New Features Bringing More Business Opportunities

Shopify as everyone knows is a big giant in the eCommerce platform. Started as a small platform with a community of enthusiastic developers, it has emerged and evolved through the years bringing in a lot of surprises while astounding its merchandise community. Offering a colossal range of features with in-depth functionalities and overwhelming extensions to enthralling templates for the world of eCommerce, definitely, Shopify has a lot to give us – an exhilarating experience. And still more to pour out of its magic box, bringing unique features in a Shopify Plus merchant, it has opened up a huge possibility for ecommerce businesses during these unprecedented times the world is passing through.

So, let us here unveil the three incredible features of Shopify Plus that will bring in the new opportunities in these difficult periods for all including shopify plus agencies as well as the merchants.

#! Feature

Shopify Flow – Everything on a Single Platform 

Minimizing a lot of manual work, Shopify Plus is all set to bring in Shopify Flow in the new era of automation. It helps to minimize the efforts in managing the processes and assembling the data. This incredible feature of Shopify Plus is potent enough to manage a huge pile of data of your work in the form of readily served Flowcharts, automating all your daily processes. Admin Panel in Shopify Plus allows easy access to activate the Flow option, which helps you to take control of all tasks.

There are various customizable templates designed in Shopify Flow to meet different business needs. According to your business needs, a shopify web designer can customize these templates. Additionally, making the task easier, there are numerous pre-defined templates under the following categories:

  • Inventory and Merchandising
  • Customers
  • Buyer Experience
  • Orders
  • Promotions
  • Risk
  • Loyalty


No doubt, the new feature of Shopify Plus helps the clients to have complete control over all their tasks just at a single platform. Thus, now the businesses and the management can completely focus on the more challenging tasks and problems at hand.

#!! Feature

Shop Pay – Unique Approach Buy Now and Pay Later

Recent survey has shown that the brands that offer installment payment for orders have seen

  • 30.16% increase in checkout conversion rates
  • 58.09% rise in average order value

Already renamed as Shop Pay, the Shopify Pay has not only updated the name but also upgraded financing options for the buyers.

Shop now and pay later concept being catching up like the fire, Shop Pay in Shopify Plus allows merchants to offer their customers to pay in installments. This exclusive feature relieves the stress of paying full amounts of the order at once. Your customers will be happy to have this option thus reducing the ratio of abandonment rates.

Moreover, Shopify takes all the Shopify Pay installments at the centralized platform which helps you keep a log of sales performance. The good news is this feature is going to be launched by the end of this year. Once available, with the help of an experienced shopify web developer, you can instill this feature in your store.

#!!! Feature

Shopify Plus Feature – Custom Checkout

Shopify Plus, going one step ahead of Shopify, breaks boundaries by offering custom checkouts. It’s not possible for shopify stores to offer custom checkouts. Therefore, Shopify Plus agencies that support Shopify Plus APIs fulfill the needs. Moreover, you can always rely on a Shopify certified designer, in future, to integrate custom checkout options to your estore.

The enterprise version of Shopify Plus helps partners and clients to come up with their custom checkout options for customers. The innovative updates for checkouts will improve customer experience of your store providing

  • Online tipping
  • Cross border duties
  • Post box or local pickup and delivery settings

As these features are still in developing phase, these will soon be available to Shopify Plus partners in the coming months.

To offer hassle free local pickup and delivery services to shopify plus stores, the leading ecommerce platform is expanding the Shopify Fulfilment Network across the US.

The specialty of SFN (Shopify Fulfilment Network) is that it provides a smart inventory allocation to Shopify Plus store owners who are looking to expand or evolve fulfillment strategies throughout their network.

This is classified as

  • Inventory Intelligence: This feature in Shopify suggests inventory for storage.
  • Brand Control: Unique in its own way, this provides branded packaging and unboxing experience
  • Same-day fulfillment: Brands will be capable of offering same-day delivery for selected orders.

It is easy for Shopify Plus community or a shopify website designer to install and set up the Shopify Fulfillment app for your store. Whereas the Third-party Logistics usually require extensive integrations and frequent maintenance, this feature makes it quite easier. Hence, Shopify Fulfillment app takes the load for you with seamless and quick integration to your store.

In conclusion with the Shopify New Features,

To smoothen up the way, Shopify is continuously evolving and revolutionizing the way digital commerce is done. Shopify Plus undoubtedly works according to a dedicated Launch manager who helps you all the time and at every step for launching and managing an online store. Not limited to this, for your store’s successful running and hassle free maintenance, it is important to get support from a shopify web developer or a shopify development company who very well understands your business and store requirements along with the changing and unprecedented new normal standards.

Headless eCommerce With Gatsby: Most Trending Approach for Customized Estores

Earlier, shopping was both fun and a tricky task. But, with generations changing and technologies evolving, a huge revolution has taken place in the commerce arena. People have picked up shopping in the virtual market. And, looking at its growing popularity and booming opportunities, retailers and businesses big or small are leaning more towards the digital platform for growing their businesses.

It is not a surprise to see how eCommerce platform is evolving and updating to meet the needs of these e-retailers. Contrarily, online store owners are digging down and expecting to find the most advanced technology to leverage the best of eStore languages and tools to create more customized stores for their growth prospects.

And lately, Headless eCommerce being the talk of the town and gaining momentum, more businesses, not just limited to brands, are turning towards it. The rising popularity has brought in a great shaft in the working of online eCommerce stores.

Furthermore, why the shift is towards headless commerce is the most important thing to discover.

What is Headless Commerce?

Different from the traditional one, headless commerce CMS is one step ahead and a way different from its own uniqueness. With all the potent tools and functionalities, headless commerce empowers you to design and develop the frontend of your website seamlessly on any platform. The uniqueness is that it provides an API that enables frontend and backend to work as separate entities while connecting through it. Conclusively, it provides matchless freedom for customization without having to rebuild the backend of your store entirely.

Benefits of Headless Ecommerce Approach

The data structure, Data, and Backends – All Portable

With NO dependence on huge, restricting infrastructures, data storage and backends are all portable. This very feature provides the freedom to grow with your frontend and stay competitive without being locked into those so-called turnkey solutions.

Next Level Customization and Freedom for eCommerce developers

Whether it is matching brand or creating unique and enticing templates, headless commerce provides freedom for all. If you’re looking to add that one special feature on your store, or want to make it look way different, then you can count on this as it helps to build that thoughtful UX to help your store stand out in this digital market.

Improved Multi-Platform Shopping Experience

This unusual headless cms leverages the best of all technologies to enable you to pick up the right frontend for every platform or device – whether it is desktop, mobile apps, web or IoT.

Increased Speed

Slow speed has a greater impact on conversion ratio. And, if we look around, headless commerce comes as a savior playing an incredible role into this. It not only helps to boost the speed but also improves the conversion rates. The pages developed on headless estore platform lands faster than the pages developed on other platforms.

Advanced A/B Testing

No eCommerce store can be successful without trial and error experimentations. Embedded with a variety of frontend and backend combinations, headless commerce provides quick and feasible A/B testing which can help you create a website that entices your customers meeting their demands.

With a lot many features in headless commerce, it is always profitable to develop estore on this platform. Though there are numerous Shopify themes for store development, they have their own drawbacks when it comes to customization. Additionally, when it comes to speed and user experience, a more appropriate solution helps to meet business goals. And, GatsbyJS turns out to be the most perfect solution.

Why Gatsby for Headless Commerce?

Experienced Shopify web designer already tried and tested varied eCommerce platforms, and have elaborated on how development with Gatsby is a way ahead compared to other languages. And, the reason is that it helps in creating faster, cheaper and more secure websites and apps. Furthermore, the most promising part is it helps in building robust frontend and enables us to build a creative and strategic development experience for Gen Z  Shopify web developer.

In a Nutshell,

Headless eCommerce with its growing popularity is trending in the eCommerce industry as more and more brands are looking for more customizable technologies. And, the major reason is that it significantly boosts the store performance and sales due to more customization opportunities. And, with Gatsby, it is way easier as it brings along with it a lot many tools and features to set your estore on the next level meeting the futuristic demands.

And if you are still not satisfied and wondering how this can help your estore to scale higher with increased sales ratio, then a trustworthy Shopify development company like us is your reliable partner. Experienced in all the Shopify development aspects, we help you deliver the most robust and scalable estore functionalities that can meet not only the present growing demands but can also surpass future expectations.

Or you can hire Shopify certified developers for delivering personalized store experiences for your end-users.
Contact us today or email us:

6 Prime Features Introduced by Shopify that Matter in 2020

Latest Shopify Features that Add a New Dimension to your Ecommerce Business

Shopify Unite, the annual conference introduced new features that are set to roll out in 2020. Shopify is changing international commerce with the help of insights garnered from working with e-commerce stalwarts all over the world. Any Shopify development company will be keen to implement and benefit from the new features.

Here are the new features that can aid in online sales including the introduction of local currency support, new payment measures, and dynamic checkouts.

1. Multi-currency and Multilingual approach:

The eCommerce industry worldwide is worth $30 trillion, which is why Shopify is now focused on making it easy for merchants to sell their goods globally. Shopify Payments hence has now introduced multi-currency in its arsenal.

The multi-currency beta feature enables brands to sell in their respective local currencies and ensures a great shopping experience for customers worldwide. The Shopify platform always displayed multiple currencies but always reverted to GBP during checkout. Now customers can pay in local currency and benefit from Shopify’s customer-friendly storefronts and checkout options.

The inbuilt geo-location functionality helps storefronts to manage foreign exchange rates efficiently thus lowering abandon-cart rates drastically. Shopify Payments currently hosts currencies like AUD, EUR, JPY, USD, CAD, NZD, SGD, and GBP.

In addition to the multi-currency feature, Shopify has now introduced a translated and localized dashboard for all partners and merchants who are not well versed in the English language for e-commerce transactions. With the native language support, and language change option in Shopify, one can change the language on Partner Dashboard to German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese.

2. Improvements In Merchant Experience:

With major improvements in merchant experience, Shopify partners can now leverage features for merchants in more ways than ones. You can switch between stores now with access to dropdown options. Merchants can now enjoy a wonderful and seamless experience between all storefronts. Staff members of all these storefronts can switch to a different store in a jiffy without having to logout from a single store.

The Shopify Plus checkout has also received an upgrade with several visual and functional enhancements that add sheen to the checkout process. Merchants can now utilize the custom checkout process efficiently.

Also, merchants can control accessibility within their eCommerce store with the update for new app and channel permissions based on the role assigned to your right staff members.

3. Better in-person selling:

Ecommerce might have an edge over physical selling but the human factor is still critical to sales.

4. Shopify has recently introduced a host of in-selling features that will help you forge meaningful customer interactions:

  • Shopify Tap & Chip Reader: Contactless reader to receive payments from any device, synced with the store consistently.
  • Tipping: This functionality allows customers to reward employees for their stellar services.
  • Returns & Exchanges: Offer prompt exchanges and refunds to customers, eliminating hassle from returns.

Shopify web developers can leverage these features in promoting brands offline with focus reduced on transactions and more on customer needs.

5. Connectors for Shopify Flow:

Shopify Flow is a handy automation platform that all Shopify Plus merchants have access to, for prompt automation of their daily operations. And the recent update incorporates connectors to the feature.

These connectors establish a link with business tools and the Shopify store for manual task automation without the need for coding.

The connectors facilitate workflows that include a combination of events and actions. One can initiate automated actions to send discount codes or automated emails to win-back clients.  By automating routine tasks, one can expect a personalized experience. Shopify is looking to integrate multiple apps with the platform, so it’s likely more connectors will be rolling out later in 2019.

6. Dynamic checkout:

Shopify expedites the payment process by adding dynamic checkout buttons to product pages. The checkout flow is accelerated for shoppers who can access checkout directly. The feature gives customers the option to skip the multi-step checkout process and allows shoppers to buy products without leaving the exact page. Dynamic checkout buttons can help capture additional sales from people quickly. Although front-end Shopify web designers and developers have incorporated dynamic checkouts in many sites, Shopify is now leveraging the functionality to automatically show customers their checkout options and boosts conversion rates too.


Shopify web designers can benefit drastically from the updates. The platform is hinting at the possibility of multi-store architecture release late in the year. There are various teams of Shopify website designers and Shopify web developers, and even Shopify certified developers who can work collectively to build the perfect website that looks outstanding on different screen resolutions.

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Retain Your Shopify Customers by Building Emotional Relations

Many businesses are admitting that retaining new customers is becoming prohibitively expensive.  In this environment, business players have realized the value of customer retention. According to a recent study by Kleiner Perkins, more than 25% of the respondents suggested that it was important for them to spend and optimize ads to maintain and increase customer lifetime value.  What does this mean for you as a Shopify store owner? It means that you have to look for ways of creating engaging relations that evoke positive emotional responses from the customers. Without a physical store, you might be inclined to continue focusing on transactional relations. However, you can ask your Shopify web developers to create experiences that make your relations with customers more emotional.

If you are still asking yourself why you need to build emotional relations with your customers, we can give you the example of Apple.  You would know about the long lines that queue up outside stores whenever a new Apple product is launched. That is because of the incredible emotional relation that Apple shares with its customers.  With the help of your Shopify web designers, you can perhaps create a similar level of emotional connect with your customers.  

3 Ways of Building Emotional Relations with your Customers

Here are ways in which you can establish an emotional relationship with your customers.

1.Define a Clear Brand Story:

Till now, you might have believed that story telling was an art that was confined to novelists.  However, that is something you and your Shopify website designers need to do as well.  There was a research conducted where authors Joshua Glen and Rob Walker attached stories to regular thrift store items.  The research found that such items sold more often and customers were even willing to pay more for the same. How can you or your Shopify certified designer tell a story without even having a physical store?  That is where the art of using the right photos, videos, and copy comes in.  In fact, the site design and the colors can say a story too. They talk about the personality of your brand and say a story.  You should be absolutely honest and transparent in your brand story because that is what customers like. Eventually, people work with people they like.  In the brand story, you should include things like:

  • Your brand’s purpose
  • Your passion for the product/service you offer
  • How you reached your current position

2. Build Trust and Loyalty:

The next step is building trust among your customers.  When they trust you and enjoy the experience of working with you, they will be more loyal to you.  With more loyalty will come more business and introductions of friends and family. There are a few things you can do:

  • Use language that connects with your customers
  • When customers have something to say, listen to them emphatically.  If your customers have left you a comment online, be responsive and human.
  • Focus on always delivering what you have promised them.

3. Personalized Experience:

Right through the customer journey, you should provide a personalized experience.  That is what the customers love. You should have information of who and where they are, what their experience is like, and what they are looking for.  Being on the online platform, this becomes possible for you to achieve.

Try these tips to build an emotional relationship with your customers.  If you have any other tip in mind, please share those with us in the comments section.  

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Here are Some of the Exciting New Features that Shopify is Offering

If you want to set-up an online business, Shopify is one of the best platforms to consider.  At DIT Interactive, we work with various platforms and we have certified shopify web designers and shopify web developers team for our customers. By this virtue, we understand that Shopify is a robust system, and that reflects in the fact that it powers over 500,000 online stores. Merchants and shopify website designers alike love the ease of use, array of features, and customization options available with this platform. However, there are various new features & functionalities that shopify has added lately.  By making use of these great features, you will be able to further enhance your online presence and increase your chances of garnering higher sales revenue.

Here’s a quick wrap-up of some of these new features:

New Developer Tools:

A total of four new APIs have been created for developers. These include APIs for marketing events, reporting, resource feedback, and draft orders. This will help merchants gather insights into marketing efforts. They will be able to know which products/services are selling and which ones aren’t moving. This way, merchants will be able to make informed product decisions.

Multi Location Inventory:

One of the biggest pains for merchants is the management of inventory across multiple locations. Shopify is expected to launch its multi-location inventory system this year.  This would mean that merchants can have a single Shopify account, and be able to manage inventory from different locations. It will be a complete changeover of the existing inventory management system.  Bulk order fulfilling will be much simpler now.

Custom Storefronts:

Shopify can be seamlessly integrated into any platform for selling your products or services online. This could include in-game mobile purchases, listing your products on websites, desktop aps, mobile apps, etc. A new storefront API has been developed which will help developers assist online merchants in creating a Shopify custom design and buying experience that is standard across different sales avenues.

Multiple Sales Channels:

Shopify is already actively engaged with multiple sales channels. You can sell your products across such platforms as Facebook, Pinterest, and Wanelo. However, 3 more platforms have recently been appended to the system. These include Kik, Buzzfeed, and Wish. These 3 platforms will bring new audiences to your products and services, and help you grow your business.

Improved Discounts:

The new API for price-rules makes it easier to build as well as manage discounts. With the help of this new API, more sophisticated discount rules can be created. Plus, there are 2 new price rules that can be used – Discount Code Creation and Free Shipping.

New Theme Settings:

The theme editor interface has been updated to make it more customization and functional. Shopify developers can add their own HTMl code without worrying about the breach of the templated theme’s UI. Moreover, images can be directly uploaded and alt text can be edited. Finally, there are over 150 complimentary fonts that can be implemented.

Shopify Polaris:

This Ecommerce platform has come up with a complete revamp of its admin interface’s appeal for mobile as well as desktop. Moreover, the UX language has also been updated into a new design system called Polaris. The beauty of this new system is that it is feature-rich.  Moreover, not only can it be used internally; it can also be used externally to create user interfaces for applications that assimilate with Shopify API.

New Chip & Swipe Reader:

The beauty of Shopify is that it encourages selling of products and services from anywhere. The launch of its new chip & swipe reader is a case in point. Payments can now be accepted on smart phones and tablets. It is going to take personal selling to the next level.

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Easy Process of Handling Shopify Spam Bot Registration

We are a Shopify development company.By that virtue, we are in touch with many Shopify users.  One problem that these users generally run into is spam bot registration.  That’s why we decided to write this blog to tell you more about spam bot registration and how to manage such registrations.  It is a simple process and this general process can work equally well with other eCommerce platforms too.


There are many customers in your email list.  That is perfect because you can send them regular emails and newsletters.  That is an effective way of staying in touch and improving brand recall.  However, information of some of the people in your list may look odd.  As an example, some people might have real emails but their first and last names are number strings.  What does that mean?  That means that these registrations were made by bots with stolen email addresses.  So, what does this mean?  Your Shopify web designers may have done a great job stitching together an appealing store front, but your marketing isn’t driving enough traffic.  That is because your email list is polluted and emails are being sent to people who haven’t subscribed.


There are many ways in which this phenomenon hurts your business.

  • Your email campaigns’ open rates and click-through rates decline.  That skews your data.
  • There are high chances that the recipient could mark you as spam.  Remember they didn’t actually register on your list!  That makes your emails default to the spam folder.  That will also raise flags with other email providers.
  • If your very first interaction with a user is spammy, you lose your opportunity of dealing with them in the future.
  • If you are using merge tags in your email, your email will start like ‘Hi 5513413242.’
  • Your list size will grow, which would mean that you will pay more money to your email providers.  However, there are fake subscriptions pushing your cost up.


This is how trained Shopify web developers will resolve the situation.  It is simple enough for you to do it yourself.  Here’s what you need to do:

1. Identify the Bot Subscribers:

So, the first step in the process is for you to identify which of your subscribers are bot subscribers.  

  1. If you haven’t connected your Shopify store to an email provider:In this case, you will have to be first logged into your account.  From there, you need to visit the ‘Customers’ tab.  When you see your list of customers, sort them by name and see if there are a bunch of entries that stand out.  You will perhaps see a trend.  In one of our customers’ case, all these bot registrations started with 55.
  2. If your store is connected to an email provider: In this case, you will be logged into your email provider’s account.  Now, you need to go to the synced list and sort it by name.  Try to look for anything that stands out.  What you are looking for is strings of numbers in the first and last name box.  In many cases, you will see a common denominator.

2. Automate Bot Scrub Flow:

Now is the time for you to automatically scrub out bot registrations.  However, you want to first give yourself a chance to convert these real emails into real registration in your list.  In this case, we are going to use Mailchimp as the email provider.  However, you can essentially do the same with other providers as well.  The goal of this step is to establish an automation flow.  This is meant to remove any bot-like subscriptions from your list.  Moreover, you also want to try to convert your bot subscriptions into real ones.

  1. The first step in the process is to create an Automation Flow.  You can name it anything, say Bot Removal.  Edit the Action to delete from list.  You need to also amend the Trigger to make sure that you check the option of Import.
  2. Once this is done, you need to amend the ‘Segment.’  This it in order to look for all list entries that have a bot pattern.  If you remember, my customer was looking for first names that started with 55.
  3. Now, you design an activation email for these subscribers.  Your hope is to convert as many of them into real subscribers.  In the email, you should tell them upfront that they registered with you but their information looks off.  Give them a call to action to create a real account.  Also inform that that this email will remove them from the list.

This is it.  All your bot subscribers will now be removed.  Once this is done, you should check back with your Shopify list every month or two.

We hope this article was helpful.Tell us what you think in the comments box. If you need Shopify website designers or are looking for a professional full-service Shopify development company; you can contact us.