Shopify’s Chip & Swipe Reader is Versatile & Affordable

When you talk to Shopify web designers, they will talk volumes about the quality of design options that are available.  These designs, and the platform itself, are beautiful, secure, and simple.  However, as a Shopify development company, we get amazed at what all the company does.  There are numerous other things that the company has been doing too.  We are talking about Shopify’s 1st in-house designed hardware.  This is the Chip & Swipe reader, which is now shipping in the United States of America (USA).

This hardware was unveiled in the month of April in 2017, and pre-orders for the same were being delivered in July.  At this point, this reader is now shopping to all U.S. Shopify merchants.


Given that you are with Shopify, we can safely assume that you are an online merchant.  On the other hand, there are talks about retail being dead.  Of course, you see that there are so many big department stores that are closing.  However, we believe that retail is not really dead.  The way of conducting retail business has changed.  In-person selling is still thriving, although in the form of experiential retail, specialty boutiques, multichannel strategies, etc.  Therefore, those old shopping adages don’t work anymore.  New research needs to be done and new ideas need to be adopted.  If that is done properly, you will still be able to succeed in a retail set-up.

Shopify’s Chip & Swipe reader has been designed to keep the future of retail in mind.  Not only is it versatile, it is highly affordable too.  It is so sleek and easy to carry that it can be used in-store or during festivals or even at markets and pop-up kiosks.


We mentioned earlier that we are a Shopify development company. We have qualified Shopify web developers & designers in our team. So, if we are going gaga over a piece of hardware; it better be good. From what we have seen and read, we think that there are great prospects on offer. Shopify has always been a platform that has tried to promote entrepreneurship through different means. It has strived to provide a consistent experience across channels. Therefore, not only can you make use of this platform online; this new hardware will enrich your experience with in-person retail as well. Those store owners, who are new to Shopify POS, get this absolutely free.  Everyone else (eg. If you want to upgrade from your previous piece of hardware) get it for $29. That’s a great piece for an amazing piece of hardware.

Here are some of the interesting features of this Chip & Swipe system:

  • Size: This hardware is pocket sized and absolutely wireless. That gives you the flexibility to sell from anywhere.
  • Long Battery Life: When you are in retail; you know that you don’t work from 9 to 5. Your hours can vary, and hence your devices’ battery life should support the same.
  • Security:  The hardware makes use of industry leading encryption system to support its EMV chip technology.
  • Integration:  You are selling online and offline. Therefore, Shopify integrates the information to let you have a snapshot of how your entire business is working.

All of this makes us believe that this new hardware is going to be a winner, and is going to win over customers around the globe.

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Shopify Lets you sync your Store with Amazon for Improved Product Visibility

Was the last holiday season not as good as you expected it to be?  Are you left with unsold inventory?  This should not give you sleepless nights anymore.  Shopify has got just the perfect news for you.  The storefront platform now allows you to integrate your store with Amazon.  If you are selling products in US Dollars then you now have the ability to sell your products on the world’s largest marketplace.  What does this mean for your store?  It means that your brand will have better visibility and you will be able to increase the size of your loyal customers.  This is perfect news for existing Shopify retailers, potential retailers, and Shopify web developers


If you have ever contacted a Shopify Development Company, you will know much the experts love this platform.  That is because of the multitude of opportunities that it provides to you. However, this addition to its offerings is unprecedented.  Here’s how you can integrate your products with Amazon.  It is extremely simple.  All you need to do is sync your product information in the Amazon sales channel and your Amazon listing is now ready.  Here are the basic steps involved the process:

  • Log into Shopify
  • Click the + sign under Sales Channels to select Amazon
  • Follow the simple on-screen prompts to complete the process.

If you are confused still, you can contact your Shopify Development Companyor visit the Shopify App Store that has more details about how this can be done.


So, what are the benefits of connecting your storefront with Amazon?  Here are some of the benefits that this new feature will offer to you:


As mentioned earlier, you can sync your product information with Amazon.  This means that you save the time of manually entering product information in the Amazon store.  You can engage your Shopify web designersto do it or even do it yourself.

One Stop Shop:

Having products listed on different websites can be a challenge in terms of management.  However, that’s not the case with this Amazon feature from Shopify.  You can manage your entire product catalog (including the products that are listed on your store, website, Amazon, and other locations) from just one location.  This brings you extreme convenience and business efficiency.

Easy to Sync:

As you read in the process section above, it is absolutely simple to create the sync.


It is one thing to manage your product listing, but it is completely another to keep a track of it.  What’s wonderful about this feature is that Shopify reports will include your product performance from different sales sources.  You will know your revenue, top performing products, as well as shipping costs.

Individualized Treatment:

You can create offers for Amazon, right from Shopify.  Moreover, you have the ability to set different prices as well as reserve inventory for Amazon sales.

Inventory Sync:

Shopify syncs your inventory with all different sales sources that are connected.  This means that you are not selling your last unit of a SKU to 2 different buyers.

Easy Order Fulfillment:

Finally, you can fulfill your Amazon orders right from Shopify.


If you have a Shopify store already, it is time for you to make the most of this great new feature.  On the other hand, if you are planning to have a new store, it is time you connected with the right Shopify website designers and developers to help you promote your products to the large online marketplace.

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Do you want to sell on WordPress? Shopify Now Lets you do that

You were always waiting for the right time to start selling on WordPress, didn’t you? The wait is now over. Shopify is now giving you the ability to simply add eCommerce to your WordPress website.  This lets you get all the features and security that come with a Shopify website. There was never a better time to connect with Shopify web developersto get your online storefront up and running.

There are 2 new features that Shopify is offering to you, most of which is absolutely free. The first feature is the themes and second one is the free WordPress plugin. By using one or both of these features you will be able to convert your website page or your blog posts into eCommerce without leaving WordPress. Like always, you will still be managing your pages as well as posts in WordPress. Shopify, on the other hand, will do the hard stuff like managing payments, ensuring security, inventory, shipping, fulfilling, checkout, taxes, etc.  


So, the first feature of the available offering is the Themes.  If you were to ask your trusted shopify web designers about these themes, we are confident that they will love them.  This is because they have been made to help you sell more online.  There are 3 themes available, and they are all unique.  They have been designed elegantly and let your Shopify website designers customize the various features in there.  Following is a brief introduction to the 3 themes.  You can find more information about them on Shopify website:

  • Hype by Themezilla:  This theme is free to download for a limited period of time.  It is portfolio style, and has been designed to let you showcase your products in a beautiful manner.
  • Simple by Themify:  Here’s another free to download theme, but it will be free for a limited time only.  As the name suggests, the theme presents information in a simple manner.  However, it is modern and elegant at the same time.
  • Pulse by Ultralix:  This is a premium WordPress Theme, and download fee may apply.  The design of a theme has buy buttons, and it is suitable for websites that want to sell a single product.


The second option with this feature is the plugin.  As mentioned earlier, the plugin is completely free.  The plugin lets you make any WordPress page or even a blog post shoppable in a matter of a few clicks.  That’s the beauty of this plugin.  If you are already a Shopify user, all you need is to download the plugin.  If you are not, you may need to connect with a Shopify Development Companyto help you have a Shopify presence.

If you already have a Shopify account, here are the easy steps that you need to follow:

  1. Install the plugin
  2. Now, you can simply drop products with Buy button into any WordPress page, blog post, or even a sidebar
  3. In addition to that, there is a pop-out shopping cart which allows customers to purchase multiple products at once.


So, what are the next steps in the process?  You need to ensure that you have a Shopify account.  Once you have that, you can connect with your Shopify web designers to decide the right theme and customize the same.  Once all of that is done, you will be able to improve your brand presence and brand loyalty by reaching out to a large number of people.

If you are looking for a reliable and professional Shopify development company; look no further.  We can offer international standards in Shopify design and development at highly affordable prices.

How Shopify Can Change the Way Your e-Business Is Run?

The first thing anyone with aspirations for an online business must do is to place one’s trust in a reputed e-commerce platform. While there are many options available for all kinds of content management, one needs a platform that offers a simple set up, full hosting and other practical features. Among the popular options is Shopify and with 5 plans to choose from, an eCommerce entrepreneur will be able to find one that strikes a balance between their budget and their requirements. Shopify is a web application that is dynamic and allows its clients to create a robust web store where anything from brands, products or services can be sold or marketed. Plans that start from as low as $9/month up to the Shopify Plus plan which is priced according to the features added on it. Additionally, there is a free app for Product reviews and its main features offer elegant as well as beautiful designs. Even those just starting out on an eCommerce venture can choose the Shopify Lite at $9/month which allows

  • Sales on Facebook
  • For someone with an existing site the buy now button can be easily integrated
  • Have fewer products initially to sell and
  • To support offline sales.

This is the reason why Shopify is becoming increasingly popular among Shopify web designers and developers.  Many Shopify web developers see this platform as a way of adding more value to their client’s projects.

Within Your Budget:

If you are concerned about your budget, Shopify offers a healthy discount of a 10% off on annual payment of fees and 20% off if the client buys a plan upfront for 2 years. Unlike other web applications that have a limit on the sales that can vary from plan to plan, Shopify has no such restriction and this is a major factor that makes Shopify so popular among the others.

Top-notch designs for your store:

Shopify also has more free themes compared to the others in the same industry and the designs as well the themes have a distinct edge over the competition. There is also the option to buy templates and a client can customise a template freely. This is possible using HTML/CSS or from the content management systems. Shopify users have found that the existing templates created by Shopify website designers can be customised easily by changing typeface and colours to create something that looks professionally done.

Easy Category & Product Set-up:

Setting up categories using Shopify is also easier than the others as the option to create categories depends on the criteria provided by the client. This is a very useful option especially for those with products that count into the thousands and the site owner as well as the shoppers will be able to use this for inventory and for searches. Upload all your product data using a CSV file and this can even be done for users migrating from platforms like EBay and Magneto.

Payment Gateway Integration:

Even with payment gateways Shopify offers its clients more than 70 options to choose from so a customer can pay from a gateway that he already has set up on his phone or laptop.

Excellent Blogging Platform:

You can create blogs easily with Shopify and this is so important to direct useful and potential customer traffic to one’s site. Categorising as well as tagging posts is easy with Shopify. If you already have an existing blog then importing posts is possible with Shopify’s Bloggerfeed App. The higher range app allows clients to send auto emails to browsers with abandoned carts. This has been useful to create a contact with clients and has also been known to recover the sale.

Remote Store Management:

There is an app that E-commerce owners can use to manage their online store remotely with Shopify. Shopify also offers around 1500 apps which offer a wide range of functionality for their clients to choose from. Even the Point of Sale hardware like barcode scanners, receipt printers, card readers etc are all easily available from the Shopify website itself.

The benefits of using Shopify are many and some of the most important ones were listed out. Talk to an expert from any reputed Shopify development company today to learn more about how this can simplify your eCommerce venture.

Shopify Experts Have Brought to You A Great Way of Building Your Online Store

What is an online store supposed to do? This question might sound extremely basic and non-contextual. However, it is more important than you thought. Yes; your online store is supposed to sell products to customers. It has to present all the products to customers and get sales from them. However, that isn’t the only objective of the store. Your store would not sell enough if it didn’t present your brand message clearly. A shabby looking store might fail, irrespective of the quality of the products that are on offer. Your store is like a salesperson in a bricks and mortar store. It needs to be polished and have all the skills to complete a sale. It has to have a call to action and give the customers enough reason to buy from you. Shopify Experts have understood the requirement, and have now presented a new way of building an online store.

Shopify has come up with sectional themes that can help you or your Shopify web designers create unique stores in absolutely no time. These are drag and drop themes that let you change any element with absolute ease. This means that any person can make the necessary changes to the store to ensure that it represents the brand in its true spirit.


So, the first important aspect of these all new themes is the freedom that they offer to a brand to shine through. It is a matter of just a few clicks through which you can add or reorder or even remove anything from the home page. Hence, even if you decide to build your store on your own; you can easily make sure that all the important elements of your brand get highlighted. That makes brand communication more efficient.


If you hire qualified Shopify web developers, you will see how they can make the best use of new sections to these Shopify themes. These sections are like building blocks for the website. Every element of the page is in the form of a section. This includes blog posts, collections, images, store information, etc. These sections can be added, removed, or even moved around. Even after your Shopify web developers have finished working on the website, you can go in and easily make any alteration that you want. This helps you save the time and money that is used up in getting an expert to make regular alterations to your website.


The modern world works on the mobile. An increasing number of online stores and other websites are now been accessed through the mobile phone. All these Shopify themes are mobile friendly.


When you are constructing a website or even editing an existing website, you can preview your chances in desktop or mobile view. It is a good way of being absolutely sure of how your store will look if your changes are accepted.


So, as we mentioned earlier; these great, new themes by Shopify have made it possible for everyone to work on their store. They could make their brand shine through. However, it is critical that you take expert guidance.Shopify website designers and developers, working with a qualified Shopify development company, have the experience in ensuring that all elements of your brands are presented in the perfect way. They know which colors will go with your logo and have an idea of what elements can increase the probability of increasing sales.

Steps To Ensure Customer Loyalty With The Help Of Shopify Web Developers

Online shopping is now completely a way of life and this is a trend globally. The internet has made almost every item one requires available literally at our fingertips. And it’s not just the ease of buying that has popularised online shopping but the ability to browse through and compare products between sites for quality and price is a huge factor. With competition, eCommerce companies have taken the experience for the shopper to a new level; raising the bar in the process.

The tools or processes provided by companies like Shopify offer their clients customised software options that greatly enhance a shoppers experience and this has had an added benefit of also ensuring first run customer experience which market studies have found result in repeat sales. Attention to detail is what the Shopify website designers are known for and what ensures that the client’s customers return again and again to purchase from the same site. Understanding that it’s just not about making a sale, Shopify web designers make a note of the changing market trends and the requirements of the site while customising sites that reach the clients target audience and capture their attention.

The product page is among the most important and Shopify web designers make every effort to showcase each product to its best advantage while also ensuring that the browser has all the information that he needs readily available. One way the Shopify experts use to retain a client on a site is to also provide alternatives to the products based on what the customer is looking for. The Shopify development company also uses the browsing history of a registered user to compile a list of products that he or she might find interesting and also suggests additional products for viewing.

The Shopify web developers don’t just recommend that a confirmation email is enough on the completion of a purchase but they have gone steps further to create links about the product available which could help the buyer use the product better or to learn more about it. With the help of Shopify website designers, online sites can encourage their clients to become a part of the brand by sending a discount coupon to be used for the next purchase on the site. The Shopify experts also have options for their clients to use different email receipt marketing tactics to spread awareness and information about the site. These tactics include information on new products, discount codes, options to collect qualititative feedback, upsells and to have customers share their purchased item on their choice of social media.

Customising confirmation emails to buyers is one marketing trick that the Shopify development company feels very strongly about. A buyer receiving an email addressed to him by name feels an instant connect to his purchase and the next step is to keep him updated with every stage of the packing and dispatch times. This makes the buyer look forward to actually receiving emails from the site and these emails can be used for further promotions, feedback surveys etc. The expert Shopify web designers make the shipping confirmation tool difficult to ignore by adding a link to the tracking site, mentioning the expected delivery date and even mentions the ease of contacting customer service and clear details on the exchange and return policies.

Shopify web designers don’t underestimate any of the details that go into making a clients site leave a mark in the browsers mind. Having a customer come back, time and time again for the sheer pleasure of the experience offered to him/her on the site is what the Shopify website designers help their clients achieve.

Facebook messenger to be used as communication Channel by Shopify Merchants.

We have offered Shopify web design services for a long time. However, we have never been as excited.Shopify has introduced a great new way of communicating with your customers – Facebook Messenger.

We all make use of Facebook to connect with our friends or send them messages. What if you had the option of doing the same with your customers? Imagine where your online store’s customer satisfaction will go if you could engage your customers with live, interactive communication. That’s what Shopify is presenting to you with its Facebook messenger integration. This all-new feature has got not just the store owners but even the shopify experts excited. Now, you can communicate with your customers in real-time, answer questions, or even recommend products via Facebook messenger.

Why is this feature great?

As a shopify development company, we think that this new feature will augur well for all our customers. Here are some reasons why:

  • Relationship : Engaging conversation is the tried-and- tested way of building customer relations in bricks-and- mortar stores. This Facebook messenger integration lets you do the same online. You get to know your customers’ names and even offer them personalized service. That leads to lasting relations.
  • Automation : Facebook is moving towards automation with its Bots for Messenger. The objective is to automate some part of customer service. At the same time, Shopify is building Commerce Bots to automatically perform some unimaginable tasks for you. That will definitely free up a lot of your customer service team’s time.
  • Customer Delight : Finally, prompt service and deep relations will lead to customer delight. You will get more patrons who will be your loyal brand ambassadors.

How do you get started?

  • Have a Shopify store : If you don’t have a Shopify store already, hire a qualified Shopify web developer to get you one.
  • Add Messenger Channel : The next step is to add messenger channel in Shopify. That is just a mouse-click away.
  • Now, you need to connect your FB Business Page with Shopify. When you add the messenger channel, you will be guided through the process.
  • Community : Now, your customers can send you messages through messenger and you can respond via Facebook on your computer or through the Facebook mobile application.

How can you engage with your customers?

Now that you have your Facebook messenger integrated with Shopify, how can you engage with your customers? Here is an example:

  • If your shopper is signed into Facebook at the time of checkout, they will get an option of getting their order confirmation, customer service, and other relevant information via Facebook.
  • Once the shopper opts in, they will receive their first message which is an order confirmation with payment and shipping details. This is sent automatically from your business Facebook account.
  • Future notifications are sent automatically too. For example, they get a push notification when the delivery is complete.
  • What’s more? Your customers can respond to you. They can send you inquiries, thank you notes, or even an unboxing selfie. There are tons of emoticons and other options to be used.
  • Interestingly, your chat with the customers will always be available in chat history.

When can you use the feature?

This feature will be rolled out in a course of a few weeks. However, the messenger channel can be added to your Shopify store right now. The feature is currently available to store owners operating in USA. Our sources suggest that Canada seems to have been covered too. Other countries are soon  expected to get a taste of this feature.

DIT Interactive and Shopify

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