Facebook messenger to be used as communication Channel by Shopify Merchants.


We have offered Shopify web design services for a long time. However, we have never been as excited.Shopify has introduced a great new way of communicating with your customers – Facebook Messenger.

We all make use of Facebook to connect with our friends or send them messages. What if you had the option of doing the same with your customers? Imagine where your online store’s customer satisfaction will go if you could engage your customers with live, interactive communication. That’s what Shopify is presenting to you with its Facebook messenger integration. This all-new feature has got not just the store owners but even the shopify experts excited. Now, you can communicate with your customers in real-time, answer questions, or even recommend products via Facebook messenger.

Why is this feature great?

As a shopify development company, we think that this new feature will augur well for all our customers. Here are some reasons why:

  • Relationship : Engaging conversation is the tried-and- tested way of building customer relations in bricks-and- mortar stores. This Facebook messenger integration lets you do the same online. You get to know your customers’ names and even offer them personalized service. That leads to lasting relations.
  • Automation : Facebook is moving towards automation with its Bots for Messenger. The objective is to automate some part of customer service. At the same time, Shopify is building Commerce Bots to automatically perform some unimaginable tasks for you. That will definitely free up a lot of your customer service team’s time.
  • Customer Delight : Finally, prompt service and deep relations will lead to customer delight. You will get more patrons who will be your loyal brand ambassadors.

How do you get started?

  • Have a Shopify store : If you don’t have a Shopify store already, hire a qualified Shopify web developer to get you one.
  • Add Messenger Channel : The next step is to add messenger channel in Shopify. That is just a mouse-click away.
  • Now, you need to connect your FB Business Page with Shopify. When you add the messenger channel, you will be guided through the process.
  • Community : Now, your customers can send you messages through messenger and you can respond via Facebook on your computer or through the Facebook mobile application.

How can you engage with your customers?

Now that you have your Facebook messenger integrated with Shopify, how can you engage with your customers? Here is an example:

  • If your shopper is signed into Facebook at the time of checkout, they will get an option of getting their order confirmation, customer service, and other relevant information via Facebook.
  • Once the shopper opts in, they will receive their first message which is an order confirmation with payment and shipping details. This is sent automatically from your business Facebook account.
  • Future notifications are sent automatically too. For example, they get a push notification when the delivery is complete.
  • What’s more? Your customers can respond to you. They can send you inquiries, thank you notes, or even an unboxing selfie. There are tons of emoticons and other options to be used.
  • Interestingly, your chat with the customers will always be available in chat history.

When can you use the feature?

This feature will be rolled out in a course of a few weeks. However, the messenger channel can be added to your Shopify store right now. The feature is currently available to store owners operating in USA. Our sources suggest that Canada seems to have been covered too. Other countries are soon  expected to get a taste of this feature.

DIT Interactive and Shopify

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