Shopify’s Chip & Swipe Reader is Versatile & Affordable

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When you talk to Shopify web designers, they will talk volumes about the quality of design options that are available.  These designs, and the platform itself, are beautiful, secure, and simple.  However, as a Shopify development company, we get amazed at what all the company does.  There are numerous other things that the company has been doing too.  We are talking about Shopify’s 1st in-house designed hardware.  This is the Chip & Swipe reader, which is now shipping in the United States of America (USA).

This hardware was unveiled in the month of April in 2017, and pre-orders for the same were being delivered in July.  At this point, this reader is now shopping to all U.S. Shopify merchants.


Given that you are with Shopify, we can safely assume that you are an online merchant.  On the other hand, there are talks about retail being dead.  Of course, you see that there are so many big department stores that are closing.  However, we believe that retail is not really dead.  The way of conducting retail business has changed.  In-person selling is still thriving, although in the form of experiential retail, specialty boutiques, multichannel strategies, etc.  Therefore, those old shopping adages don’t work anymore.  New research needs to be done and new ideas need to be adopted.  If that is done properly, you will still be able to succeed in a retail set-up.

Shopify’s Chip & Swipe reader has been designed to keep the future of retail in mind.  Not only is it versatile, it is highly affordable too.  It is so sleek and easy to carry that it can be used in-store or during festivals or even at markets and pop-up kiosks.


We mentioned earlier that we are a Shopify development company. We have qualified Shopify web developers & designers in our team. So, if we are going gaga over a piece of hardware; it better be good. From what we have seen and read, we think that there are great prospects on offer. Shopify has always been a platform that has tried to promote entrepreneurship through different means. It has strived to provide a consistent experience across channels. Therefore, not only can you make use of this platform online; this new hardware will enrich your experience with in-person retail as well. Those store owners, who are new to Shopify POS, get this absolutely free.  Everyone else (eg. If you want to upgrade from your previous piece of hardware) get it for $29. That’s a great piece for an amazing piece of hardware.

Here are some of the interesting features of this Chip & Swipe system:

  • Size: This hardware is pocket sized and absolutely wireless. That gives you the flexibility to sell from anywhere.
  • Long Battery Life: When you are in retail; you know that you don’t work from 9 to 5. Your hours can vary, and hence your devices’ battery life should support the same.
  • Security:  The hardware makes use of industry leading encryption system to support its EMV chip technology.
  • Integration:  You are selling online and offline. Therefore, Shopify integrates the information to let you have a snapshot of how your entire business is working.

All of this makes us believe that this new hardware is going to be a winner, and is going to win over customers around the globe.

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