How Shopify Can Change the Way Your e-Business Is Run?

shopify can change

The first thing anyone with aspirations for an online business must do is to place one’s trust in a reputed e-commerce platform. While there are many options available for all kinds of content management, one needs a platform that offers a simple set up, full hosting and other practical features. Among the popular options is Shopify and with 5 plans to choose from, an eCommerce entrepreneur will be able to find one that strikes a balance between their budget and their requirements. Shopify is a web application that is dynamic and allows its clients to create a robust web store where anything from brands, products or services can be sold or marketed. Plans that start from as low as $9/month up to the Shopify Plus plan which is priced according to the features added on it. Additionally, there is a free app for Product reviews and its main features offer elegant as well as beautiful designs. Even those just starting out on an eCommerce venture can choose the Shopify Lite at $9/month which allows

  • Sales on Facebook
  • For someone with an existing site the buy now button can be easily integrated
  • Have fewer products initially to sell and
  • To support offline sales.

This is the reason why Shopify is becoming increasingly popular among Shopify web designers and developers.  Many Shopify web developers see this platform as a way of adding more value to their client’s projects.

Within Your Budget:

If you are concerned about your budget, Shopify offers a healthy discount of a 10% off on annual payment of fees and 20% off if the client buys a plan upfront for 2 years. Unlike other web applications that have a limit on the sales that can vary from plan to plan, Shopify has no such restriction and this is a major factor that makes Shopify so popular among the others.

Top-notch designs for your store:

Shopify also has more free themes compared to the others in the same industry and the designs as well the themes have a distinct edge over the competition. There is also the option to buy templates and a client can customise a template freely. This is possible using HTML/CSS or from the content management systems. Shopify users have found that the existing templates created by Shopify website designers can be customised easily by changing typeface and colours to create something that looks professionally done.

Easy Category & Product Set-up:

Setting up categories using Shopify is also easier than the others as the option to create categories depends on the criteria provided by the client. This is a very useful option especially for those with products that count into the thousands and the site owner as well as the shoppers will be able to use this for inventory and for searches. Upload all your product data using a CSV file and this can even be done for users migrating from platforms like EBay and Magneto.

Payment Gateway Integration:

Even with payment gateways Shopify offers its clients more than 70 options to choose from so a customer can pay from a gateway that he already has set up on his phone or laptop.

Excellent Blogging Platform:

You can create blogs easily with Shopify and this is so important to direct useful and potential customer traffic to one’s site. Categorising as well as tagging posts is easy with Shopify. If you already have an existing blog then importing posts is possible with Shopify’s Bloggerfeed App. The higher range app allows clients to send auto emails to browsers with abandoned carts. This has been useful to create a contact with clients and has also been known to recover the sale.

Remote Store Management:

There is an app that E-commerce owners can use to manage their online store remotely with Shopify. Shopify also offers around 1500 apps which offer a wide range of functionality for their clients to choose from. Even the Point of Sale hardware like barcode scanners, receipt printers, card readers etc are all easily available from the Shopify website itself.

The benefits of using Shopify are many and some of the most important ones were listed out. Talk to an expert from any reputed Shopify development company today to learn more about how this can simplify your eCommerce venture.