Shopify Lets you sync your Store with Amazon for Improved Product Visibility


Was the last holiday season not as good as you expected it to be?  Are you left with unsold inventory?  This should not give you sleepless nights anymore.  Shopify has got just the perfect news for you.  The storefront platform now allows you to integrate your store with Amazon.  If you are selling products in US Dollars then you now have the ability to sell your products on the world’s largest marketplace.  What does this mean for your store?  It means that your brand will have better visibility and you will be able to increase the size of your loyal customers.  This is perfect news for existing Shopify retailers, potential retailers, and Shopify web developers who can now help clients get great return for their investment in this platform.


If you have ever contacted a Shopify Development Company, you will know much the experts love this platform.  That is because of the multitude of opportunities that it provides to you.  However, this addition to its offerings is unprecedented.  Here’s how you can integrate your products with Amazon.  It is extremely simple.  All you need to do is sync your product information in the Amazon sales channel and your Amazon listing is now ready.  Here are the basic steps involved the process:

  • Log into Shopify
  • Click the + sign under Sales Channels to select Amazon
  • Follow the simple on-screen prompts to complete the process.

If you are confused still, you can contact your Shopify Development Company or visit the Shopify App Store that has more details about how this can be done.


So, what are the benefits of connecting your storefront with Amazon?  Here are some of the benefits that this new feature will offer to you:

  • Time-Saving:  As mentioned earlier, you can sync your product information with Amazon.  This means that you save the time of manually entering product information in the Amazon store.  You can engage your Shopify web designers to do it or even do it yourself.
  • One Stop Shop:  Having products listed on different websites can be a challenge in terms of management.  However, that’s not the case with this Amazon feature from Shopify.  You can manage your entire product catalog (including the products that are listed on your store, website, Amazon, and other locations) from just one location.  This brings you extreme convenience and business efficiency.
  • Easy to Sync:  As you read in the process section above, it is absolutely simple to create the sync.
  • Reporting:  It is one thing to manage your product listing, but it is completely another to keep a track of it.  What’s wonderful about this feature is that Shopify reports will include your product performance from different sales sources.  You will know your revenue, top performing products, as well as shipping costs.
  • Individualized Treatment:  You can create offers for Amazon, right from Shopify.  Moreover, you have the ability to set different prices as well as reserve inventory for Amazon sales.
  • Inventory Sync:  Shopify syncs your inventory with all different sales sources that are connected.  This means that you are not selling your last unit of a SKU to 2 different buyers.
  • Easy Order Fulfillment:  Finally, you can fulfill your Amazon orders right from Shopify.  


If you have a Shopify store already, it is time for you to make the most of this great new feature.  On the other hand, if you are planning to have a new store, it is time you connected with the right Shopify website designers and developers to help you promote your products to the large online marketplace.  

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