Most Important Checklist Not To Miss Before Your Shopify Store Launch in 2021


After all the hard work and sweat, finally, you are launching your shopify store. No doubt, it’s exciting and overwhelming at the same time. But, before taking a step ahead a lot many questions may be bothering – whether all is good with your store or not, or what else to be taken care of or whether you are missing anything or not.

Well, when in doubt, take the guidance from the best shopify company in india for a successful launch. Furthermore, go through the checklist here that you shouldn’t miss when it comes to your shopify store.

Collect Customer Feedback

It is crucial to ask your customers for feedback. Before you are up and selling products, you need to know whether your customers are happy with your product once they receive them. Or whether they have faced any complications or hurdles while going through the shopping process in your shopify store or not. Their feedback will always be helpful and aid in improving your web store’s performance.

Work on Abandoned Carts 

Online market research shows that 68.92% is the rate of abandonment carts that usually shoppers leave on the store. And, some of the major reasons for the same are sticker shock, usually the shipping cost or other hidden cost that normally does not show up until the checkout page. The other ones are they might find better prices while comparing or there comes technical problems, complex navigation or the site takes too long to load. Try to address the causes of abandoned carts and see how it will reduce the abandonment cart rate on your site. Also, you can imply the best skills of shopify designer india for improving the checkout page for grabbing your customer’s attention.

Work on Landing Pages

When it comes to landing pages, they are quite distinct from your product pages. Landing pages are the destinations for shoppers who come from email newsletter, facebook ads, twitter campaigns or insta stories or any other paid, targeted traffic. They are especially designed to highlight the specific product sale or promotion. Therefore, the only aim of the landing page is to make a sale.

But, what all forget is that they do not make a customized unique landing page for each new campaign. Get the best Shopify developer India to build an outstanding landing page amplifying the promotions. And, this creates an opportunity to grab and be better than your competitor.

Checkout Process and Payment Gateways

Dealing with your abandoned cart, and before all your traffic goes away empty handed, it is crucial that you see that all your potential customers complete the purchase. Usually, the trivial errors in the checkout page or the complication to fill out the form makes it critical for the shoppers to complete the process. So, check here what to take care of.

  • A shopper can easily edit the order
  • The discount code is applied
  • No hidden charges to pop up at the end 
  • Provide as many payment gateways as possible
  • Give an option of order status tracking
  • Contact page should be easily accessible
  • Send immediate email notification for order confirmation
  • Clearly state the shipping policy for international transactions

Before launching the checkout page, test that everything is working in the checkout process and the payment gateways are also working efficiently. Moreover, it is better to hire shopify partner India for the hassle-free and smooth checkout page development that ensures the customers complete the checkout process without facing any complications.

Do Not Miss Standard Static Pages Like

Homepage, Contact Us Page, Privacy Policy, About Us and FAQs

Contact us

Contact us page is mandatory for any shopify store. Including your email address, phone details, office address and every other mode of contact needs to be added on this page.

About Us page

Usually, online store owners are oblivious to the importance of the About Us page. Although it is ignored, it is the most important page on your web store. Tell about your aim, your journey, passion, achievements and vision, and let the users be impressed with your integrity and the milestones you have set.


The first page of your web store, is arguably the most important page of your site. It is often the foremost page that users land on, if not then the second place they visit. An attractive and informative homepage builds an overall look and feel of your website. Don’t forget to have a clear cut navigation starting here to browse through your store.

Privacy Policy 

Many people may miss this, but for every online shopify store, it is a must and essential. Any illegal store will not have a privacy policy, so check out in advance and get your store’s privacy policy created with the help of the lawyer or a professional from Shopify Development service to help with the list of items in privacy policy. 


Without FAQs, it would be quite tedious for your customers to find the answers for their most common queries. Therefore, in FAQs section answer their most frequent questions in advance without giving chance for complications. This page drastically reduces the turn-around time.

Audit Content and Add the Information

Do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to content. Check for all broken links, missing content, typo errors, grammar mistakes and anything that leads to poor image. Also make sure to follow the same manual style throughout your website, maintaining the tonality and being consistent with the writing style throughout the site.

Include Sales channel

Tap your potential customers through various channels. With the customer base growing too fast, it is important that you explore the numerous channels to sell your products. Find the best channel that will work for your business and then add the imperative sales channel to your store. Here are a few sales channels that you can add to your shopify store. Get the support from shopify agency in india to implement the best of these networks to improve the overall sales.

Facebook Shop, eBay, Instagram, Amazon, Messenger, Pinterest, Google Shopping and Buy Buttons as well as checkout links.

Now that you have the checklist to launch your shopify store, move to the next level. On the path of building your online webstore get the assistance of the top shopify partner company in india and get the best results.