6 Prime Features Introduced by Shopify that Matter in 2020


Latest Shopify Features that Add a New Dimension to your Ecommerce Business

Shopify Unite, the annual conference introduced new features that are set to roll out in 2020. Shopify is changing international commerce with the help of insights garnered from working with e-commerce stalwarts all over the world. Any Shopify development company will be keen to implement and benefit from the new features.

Here are the new features that can aid in online sales including the introduction of local currency support, new payment measures, and dynamic checkouts.

1. Multi-currency and Multilingual approach:

The eCommerce industry worldwide is worth $30 trillion, which is why Shopify is now focused on making it easy for merchants to sell their goods globally. Shopify Payments hence has now introduced multi-currency in its arsenal. 

The multi-currency beta feature enables brands to sell in their respective local currencies and ensures a great shopping experience for customers worldwide. The Shopify platform always displayed multiple currencies but always reverted to GBP during checkout. Now customers can pay in local currency and benefit from Shopify’s customer-friendly storefronts and checkout options. 

The inbuilt geo-location functionality helps storefronts to manage foreign exchange rates efficiently thus lowering abandon-cart rates drastically. Shopify Payments currently hosts currencies like AUD, EUR, JPY, USD, CAD, NZD, SGD, and GBP. 

In addition to the multi-currency feature, Shopify has now introduced a translated and localized dashboard for all partners and merchants who are not well versed in the English language for e-commerce transactions. With the native language support, and language change option in Shopify, one can change the language on Partner Dashboard to German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese.

2. Improvements In Merchant Experience:

With major improvements in merchant experience, Shopify partners can now leverage features for merchants in more ways than ones. You can switch between stores now with access to dropdown options. Merchants can now enjoy a wonderful and seamless experience between all storefronts. Staff members of all these storefronts can switch to a different store in a jiffy without having to logout from a single store.

The Shopify Plus checkout has also received an upgrade with several visual and functional enhancements that add sheen to the checkout process. Merchants can now utilize the custom checkout process efficiently. 

Also, merchants can control accessibility within their eCommerce store with the update for new app and channel permissions based on the role assigned to your right staff members.

3. Better in-person selling:

Ecommerce might have an edge over physical selling but the human factor is still critical to sales.

4. Shopify has recently introduced a host of in-selling features that will help you forge meaningful customer interactions:

  • Shopify Tap & Chip Reader: Contactless reader to receive payments from any device, synced with the store consistently.
  • Tipping: This functionality allows customers to reward employees for their stellar services.
  • Returns & Exchanges: Offer prompt exchanges and refunds to customers, eliminating hassle from returns.

Shopify web developers can leverage these features in promoting brands offline with focus reduced on transactions and more on customer needs.

5. Connectors for Shopify Flow:

Shopify Flow is a handy automation platform that all Shopify Plus merchants have access to, for prompt automation of their daily operations. And the recent update incorporates connectors to the feature. 

These connectors establish a link with business tools and the Shopify store for manual task automation without the need for coding.

The connectors facilitate workflows that include a combination of events and actions. One can initiate automated actions to send discount codes or automated emails to win-back clients.  By automating routine tasks, one can expect a personalized experience. Shopify is looking to integrate multiple apps with the platform, so it’s likely more connectors will be rolling out later in 2019.

6. Dynamic checkout:

Shopify expedites the payment process by adding dynamic checkout buttons to product pages. The checkout flow is accelerated for shoppers who can access checkout directly. The feature gives customers the option to skip the multi-step checkout process and allows shoppers to buy products without leaving the exact page. Dynamic checkout buttons can help capture additional sales from people quickly. Although front-end Shopify web designers and developers have incorporated dynamic checkouts in many sites, Shopify is now leveraging the functionality to automatically show customers their checkout options and boosts conversion rates too.


Shopify web designers can benefit drastically from the updates. The platform is hinting at the possibility of multi-store architecture release late in the year. There are various teams of Shopify website designers and Shopify web developers, and even Shopify certified developers who can work collectively to build the perfect website that looks outstanding on different screen resolutions.

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