Here are Some of the Exciting New Features that Shopify is Offering

Shopify is Offering

If you want to set-up an online business, Shopify is one of the best platforms to consider.  At DIT Interactive, we work with various platforms and we have certified shopify web designers and shopify web developers team for our customers. By this virtue, we understand that Shopify is a robust system, and that reflects in the fact that it powers over 500,000 online stores. Merchants and shopify website designers alike love the ease of use, array of features, and customization options available with this platform. However, there are various new features & functionalities that shopify has added lately.  By making use of these great features, you will be able to further enhance your online presence and increase your chances of garnering higher sales revenue.

Here’s a quick wrap-up of some of these new features:

New Developer Tools:

A total of four new APIs have been created for developers. These include APIs for marketing events, reporting, resource feedback, and draft orders. This will help merchants gather insights into marketing efforts. They will be able to know which products/services are selling and which ones aren’t moving. This way, merchants will be able to make informed product decisions.

Multi Location Inventory:

One of the biggest pains for merchants is the management of inventory across multiple locations. Shopify is expected to launch its multi-location inventory system this year.  This would mean that merchants can have a single Shopify account, and be able to manage inventory from different locations. It will be a complete changeover of the existing inventory management system.  Bulk order fulfilling will be much simpler now.

Custom Storefronts:

Shopify can be seamlessly integrated into any platform for selling your products or services online. This could include in-game mobile purchases, listing your products on websites, desktop aps, mobile apps, etc. A new storefront API has been developed which will help developers assist online merchants in creating a Shopify custom design and buying experience that is standard across different sales avenues.

Multiple Sales Channels:

Shopify is already actively engaged with multiple sales channels. You can sell your products across such platforms as Facebook, Pinterest, and Wanelo. However, 3 more platforms have recently been appended to the system. These include Kik, Buzzfeed, and Wish. These 3 platforms will bring new audiences to your products and services, and help you grow your business.

Improved Discounts:

The new API for price-rules makes it easier to build as well as manage discounts. With the help of this new API, more sophisticated discount rules can be created. Plus, there are 2 new price rules that can be used – Discount Code Creation and Free Shipping.

New Theme Settings:

The theme editor interface has been updated to make it more customization and functional. Shopify developers can add their own HTMl code without worrying about the breach of the templated theme’s UI. Moreover, images can be directly uploaded and alt text can be edited. Finally, there are over 150 complimentary fonts that can be implemented.

Shopify Polaris:

This Ecommerce platform has come up with a complete revamp of its admin interface’s appeal for mobile as well as desktop. Moreover, the UX language has also been updated into a new design system called Polaris. The beauty of this new system is that it is feature-rich.  Moreover, not only can it be used internally; it can also be used externally to create user interfaces for applications that assimilate with Shopify API.

New Chip & Swipe Reader:

The beauty of Shopify is that it encourages selling of products and services from anywhere. The launch of its new chip & swipe reader is a case in point. Payments can now be accepted on smart phones and tablets. It is going to take personal selling to the next level.

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