Retain Your Shopify Customers by Building Emotional Relations


Many businesses are admitting that retaining new customers is becoming prohibitively expensive.  In this environment, business players have realized the value of customer retention. According to a recent study by Kleiner Perkins, more than 25% of the respondents suggested that it was important for them to spend and optimize ads to maintain and increase customer lifetime value.  What does this mean for you as a Shopify store owner? It means that you have to look for ways of creating engaging relations that evoke positive emotional responses from the customers. Without a physical store, you might be inclined to continue focusing on transactional relations. However, you can ask your Shopify web developers to create experiences that make your relations with customers more emotional.

If you are still asking yourself why you need to build emotional relations with your customers, we can give you the example of Apple.  You would know about the long lines that queue up outside stores whenever a new Apple product is launched. That is because of the incredible emotional relation that Apple shares with its customers.  With the help of your Shopify web designers, you can perhaps create a similar level of emotional connect with your customers.  

3 Ways of Building Emotional Relations with your Customers

Here are ways in which you can establish an emotional relationship with your customers.

1.Define a Clear Brand Story:

Till now, you might have believed that story telling was an art that was confined to novelists.  However, that is something you and your Shopify website designers need to do as well.  There was a research conducted where authors Joshua Glen and Rob Walker attached stories to regular thrift store items.  The research found that such items sold more often and customers were even willing to pay more for the same. How can you or your Shopify certified designer tell a story without even having a physical store?  That is where the art of using the right photos, videos, and copy comes in.  In fact, the site design and the colors can say a story too. They talk about the personality of your brand and say a story.  You should be absolutely honest and transparent in your brand story because that is what customers like. Eventually, people work with people they like.  In the brand story, you should include things like:

  • Your brand’s purpose
  • Your passion for the product/service you offer
  • How you reached your current position

2. Build Trust and Loyalty:

The next step is building trust among your customers.  When they trust you and enjoy the experience of working with you, they will be more loyal to you.  With more loyalty will come more business and introductions of friends and family. There are a few things you can do:

  • Use language that connects with your customers
  • When customers have something to say, listen to them emphatically.  If your customers have left you a comment online, be responsive and human.
  • Focus on always delivering what you have promised them.

3. Personalized Experience:

Right through the customer journey, you should provide a personalized experience.  That is what the customers love. You should have information of who and where they are, what their experience is like, and what they are looking for.  Being on the online platform, this becomes possible for you to achieve.

Try these tips to build an emotional relationship with your customers.  If you have any other tip in mind, please share those with us in the comments section.  

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