21 Benefits of Choosing Shopify for Your eCommerce Business


Lately, most businesses have turned towards online platforms due to changing customer behavior and the new generation’s demand for ease of shopping at the comfort of home. This scenario has encouraged sellers to showcase their products in online stores compared to offline stores. Therefore, it is necessary to develop eCommerce stores that can help to sell your products and promote your brand. And, among many eCommerce development frameworks, Shopify comes out to be one of the best.

Additionally, it seems to be the preferable option for sellers looking for efficiency and quality with feature-rich functionality and simplicity.

One of the most intriguing and extraordinary eCommerce store development platforms – Shopify, brings with it a complete solution for crafting a new age web store. Therefore, when it comes to selling products and services online, there is a minimal amount of task from configuration to installation and running of the store with the help of Shopify. It is easier to implement an advanced Shopify homepage that is mobile responsive according to your business requirement. Practically, this eCommerce platform helps to reduce your development cost and increase your business revenue. 

So, why not explore the benefits of Shopify website development and check out how it helps improve your online business.

A quick run through the top 21 benefits of opting Shopify for store development.

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1. Easy to Use

Shopify platform is easy to use and easy to install without any hassles. Leveraging this eCommerce platform, Shopify developers help you build your store according to your business.

2. User-friendly Platform

With its numerous simple to use and easy to understand, this e-commerce is a highly user-friendly platform. Even a non-techy businessman can run through the functionalities.

3. Advanced Technology

Shopify developed with next gen technologies, this e-commerce platform has all the advanced features and cutting edge integrations, and a stack of new technology functionalities to take your business ahead of the competition. 

4. Mobile Responsive

Embedded with so-called unique mobile-friendly features, this PHP framework allows Shopify designers to create mobile responsive designs helping businesses to reach their mobile customers. 

5. Massive Themes

Holding a stack of more than a thousand themes to pick from, Shopify web designers can develop online stores quickly according to varied business needs.

6. Customized Design Templates

With Shopify customized design templates, nothing is impossible as small to big businesses can create their stores, integrating all their custom fields. Shopify website designers can help to customize Shopify design templates based on your changing business needs.

7. Shopping Cart Integration

No other service has this easy to use shopping cart integration. Shopify, with its third party shopping integrations, enable Shopify developers to install the cart in your store quite easily and quickly.

8. Payment Gateway

Not just excellent shopping cart integration, Shopify offers a superb checkout experience to your customers as it has its own payment gateway. Shopify payment gateway offers seamless checkout processes and also supports different payment options. 

9. Trusted Shopify Development Service

This platform helps build an online store without any hassles of finding costly web servers or expensive development costs. High-end Shopify development services are affordable and quick to access.

10. Advanced Applications

With more than 2000 applications built by expert Shopify website developers, Shopify is an innovative platform for easy to create online web stores. It is also easy to hire Shopify developers for your online store development. 

11. Easy Web-Hosting 

Unlike other store development platforms, Shopify has no issues when it comes to hosting over the internet. Moreover, there are no troubles like slow website speed or web stores going down. 

12. Product Management

Whether you have a massive collection of products or just a few categories to offer your customers, Shopify brings an excellent product management system that is easy to manage and delegate. 

13. SEO-Friendly

As the hour of the requirement for every website is SEO-friendly, Shopify is not unknown from this phenomenon. With its extraordinary SEO-friendly features and functionalities, this eCommerce platform provides an upper hand for businesses with regards to SEO.

14. Security

Tight security matters for every online store, and Shopify store development has this instilled very well. From protecting transactions to customers personal details, Shopify provides layered security protection to all its stores.

15. Reachable Support

With its massive community of Shopify developers and Shopify website development companies, it becomes easier for businesses and organizations to seek support for their online Shopify web store development. 

16. Abandoned Cart 

An excellent built-in feature that Shopify supports – Abandoned Cart. This incredible feature helps recover abandoned carts and enables businesses to work out on their sales funnel to minimize the dropouts. 

17. ChatBots

Shopify brings advanced features with time. With its easy to install Live Chats, businesses have taken advantage to chat with their potential customers in real-time without any hassles of waiting longer. Moreover, Shopify development company offers high end live chat integration support for that excellent customer support. 

18. Customized HTML & CSS

With its fully accessible HTML and CSS, Shopify offers excellent customized features. Hire Shopify developers to help you create highly customized web applications and grow your sales.  

19. Round the Clock Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, Shopify is on the top. Also, Shopify development company offers 24/7 customer support to clear out any hassles or hurdles store owners or customers may be facing. 

20. Marketing Coupons

Whether you want to add coupon or discount codes, Shopify offers this unique functionality. Hire Shopify development agency to add coupons or discounts on your web store, which helps to benefit your Shopify store. 

21. Shopify App Store

Surprisingly, Shopify brings its app store that is rich in functionalities to offer to your shop. From adding reviews, customer wishlists, loyalty programmes, in-depth analytics to packing slips to print labels, this eCommerce framework offers a plethora of options. Moreover, you can even integrate shipping programs, accounting software and social media platforms as well as all marketing apps to boost your business. Note that you can expand your wishlist. And, no wonder, the proficient Shopify website development company supports diligently to help your business to flourish exponentially.

Closing Note:

With this plethora of features and benefits, now you get to know the importance of Shopify. For any business, Shopify development brings in huge advantages stacking up from a secure shopping experience to easy to implement shopping cart and simple to use inventory management. Well, all these help run your business smoothly without any hassles gaining in more customers and scaling up the sales. Also, with Shopify Development Company at your support, you can seek help any time for that unwavering store management.