Shopify Plus 2020 – New Features Bringing More Business Opportunities


Shopify as everyone knows is a big giant in the eCommerce platform. Started as a small platform with a community of enthusiastic developers, it has emerged and evolved through the years bringing in a lot of surprises while astounding its merchandise community. Offering a colossal range of features with in-depth functionalities and overwhelming extensions to enthralling templates for the world of eCommerce, definitely, Shopify has a lot to give us – an exhilarating experience. And still more to pour out of its magic box, bringing unique features in a Shopify Plus merchant, it has opened up a huge possibility for ecommerce businesses during these unprecedented times the world is passing through.

So, let us here unveil the three incredible features of Shopify Plus that will bring in the new opportunities in these difficult periods for all including shopify plus agencies as well as the merchants.

#! Feature

Shopify Flow – Everything on a Single Platform 

Minimizing a lot of manual work, Shopify Plus is all set to bring in Shopify Flow in the new era of automation. It helps to minimize the efforts in managing the processes and assembling the data. This incredible feature of Shopify Plus is potent enough to manage a huge pile of data of your work in the form of readily served Flowcharts, automating all your daily processes. Admin Panel in Shopify Plus allows easy access to activate the Flow option, which helps you to take control of all tasks.

There are various customizable templates designed in Shopify Flow to meet different business needs. According to your business needs, a shopify web designer can customize these templates. Additionally, making the task easier, there are numerous pre-defined templates under the following categories:

  • Inventory and Merchandising
  • Customers
  • Buyer Experience
  • Orders
  • Promotions
  • Risk
  • Loyalty


No doubt, the new feature of Shopify Plus helps the clients to have complete control over all their tasks just at a single platform. Thus, now the businesses and the management can completely focus on the more challenging tasks and problems at hand.

#!! Feature

Shop Pay – Unique Approach Buy Now and Pay Later

Recent survey has shown that the brands that offer installment payment for orders have seen

  • 30.16% increase in checkout conversion rates
  • 58.09% rise in average order value

Already renamed as Shop Pay, the Shopify Pay has not only updated the name but also upgraded financing options for the buyers.

Shop now and pay later concept being catching up like the fire, Shop Pay in Shopify Plus allows merchants to offer their customers to pay in installments. This exclusive feature relieves the stress of paying full amounts of the order at once. Your customers will be happy to have this option thus reducing the ratio of abandonment rates.

Moreover, Shopify takes all the Shopify Pay installments at the centralized platform which helps you keep a log of sales performance. The good news is this feature is going to be launched by the end of this year. Once available, with the help of an experienced shopify web developer, you can instill this feature in your store.

#!!! Feature

Shopify Plus Feature – Custom Checkout

Shopify Plus, going one step ahead of Shopify, breaks boundaries by offering custom checkouts. It’s not possible for shopify stores to offer custom checkouts. Therefore, Shopify Plus agencies that support Shopify Plus APIs fulfill the needs. Moreover, you can always rely on a Shopify certified designer, in future, to integrate custom checkout options to your estore.

The enterprise version of Shopify Plus helps partners and clients to come up with their custom checkout options for customers. The innovative updates for checkouts will improve customer experience of your store providing

  • Online tipping
  • Cross border duties
  • Post box or local pickup and delivery settings

As these features are still in developing phase, these will soon be available to Shopify Plus partners in the coming months.

To offer hassle free local pickup and delivery services to shopify plus stores, the leading ecommerce platform is expanding the Shopify Fulfilment Network across the US.

The specialty of SFN (Shopify Fulfilment Network) is that it provides a smart inventory allocation to Shopify Plus store owners who are looking to expand or evolve fulfillment strategies throughout their network.

This is classified as

  • Inventory Intelligence: This feature in Shopify suggests inventory for storage.
  • Brand Control: Unique in its own way, this provides branded packaging and unboxing experience
  • Same-day fulfillment: Brands will be capable of offering same-day delivery for selected orders.

It is easy for Shopify Plus community or a shopify website designer to install and set up the Shopify Fulfillment app for your store. Whereas the Third-party Logistics usually require extensive integrations and frequent maintenance, this feature makes it quite easier. Hence, Shopify Fulfillment app takes the load for you with seamless and quick integration to your store.

In conclusion with the Shopify New Features,

To smoothen up the way, Shopify is continuously evolving and revolutionizing the way digital commerce is done. Shopify Plus undoubtedly works according to a dedicated Launch manager who helps you all the time and at every step for launching and managing an online store. Not limited to this, for your store’s successful running and hassle free maintenance, it is important to get support from a shopify web developer or a shopify development company who very well understands your business and store requirements along with the changing and unprecedented new normal standards.