7 eCommerce Trends Not to Miss This 2021

“Inclination From Offline To Online Due To Covid Pandemic”

The battle between offline and online no longer exists, as the pandemic has turned everything to blue and white. With said that, most of the businesses are turning towards online platforms, giving their customers a better experience along with retaining them. Also, ecommerce has revolutionized the businesses that take place in the real world. It has made shopping easier for the modern day customers. From buying a small pin to shopping for a massive piece of machinery, from groceries to toiletries, from gifts to grants, everything can be bought with an ease on the windows of online stores. 

And come this 2021, you can watch a further transformation in the world of commerce. Let’s not sit but gear up and look up what trends are gonna catch up with the eCommerce industry and get hold of ecommerce web design company to be ahead of these trends. 

7 eCommerce Trends Not to Miss This 2021

Stay informed about the latest eCommerce trends to remain competitive. From AI-driven personalization to the growing popularity of social commerce, these insights will shape your online strategy for success.

1. Facebook And Instagram Shops

Facebook announced its Facebook’s new platform for business ventures, start-ups and small businesses. Thus, they get a golden opportunity to do business on the online platform. Along with facebook, Instagram also offers the shopping platform. This has remarkably boosted the conversion ratio of small stores and helped them sell their products online quite easily without any hassles of developing online web stores. Also,leveraging ecommerce development agency services, small businesses can improve their stores’ performance. 

Moreover, customers also tend to help small businesses who are striving hard to sustain and emerge in these unprecedented times. It is estimated that more than 45% of online shoppers try to give a chance to these new small businesses. And this will surely turn out to be the latest trend. 

2. More Of Video Content 

The more you see the better you make decisions, and this is what is the new hottest trend in ecommerce marketing today. It definitely gives the real benefits for exposing your brand, showcasing your products excellently and thus, boosting the conversions. 

You can always engage your customers with impressive video content. And, an ecommerce website design company provides the services to embed these video content into your web stores. The studies say that customers tend to buy more or make more positive buying decisions based on video content. 

3. Next Gen Technology

With the generations moving forward and entering into the new world of advanced sciences, new types of technologies are entering into the market. And these technologies are changing the way of online shopping. Among these, Alexa and Google Home are the new emerging trends. HOW? With no more looking at the products or searching for the best prices, the voice assistant Alexa helps to buy items online. Well, just go shopping with Google Assistant or Alexa.

Whatever you are looking for, just ask Alexa to do the job. From dialing to your hubby, giving the latest weather news to shopping groceries for your pantry, Alexa helps you do all just with your voice. And in the near future, this technology will be everywhere. So why not hire ecommerce developer to infuse this technology into your website and you can work out ahead of others. 

4. AR Changing Shopping Experience

As advanced technologies make an impact in the ecommerce industry, there comes one more outstanding technology of augmented reality. With its 360 degree outlook, AR technologies give a richer shopping experience to online buyers. It is predicted that by 2022, more than 120k ecommerce stores will be implementing Augmented Reality technology offering an out of the box experience to their shoppers. 

Experiencing a totally different shopping experience with AR, customers are sure to change the way they perceive products and their intent to buy. Moreover, this will also help to boost shopper’s confidence in buying the product bringing in more sales. With an ecommerce website development company, it will be easier to leverage AR for your online store. 

With this changing trend, more companies are utilizing AR not only to improve customer experience but also allow customers to look at the products as they explore products in the real way. Thus, no doubt with the use of AR, shoppers will surely have a better experience increasing the conversion rates. 

5. Sustainable eCommerce

With the younger generation caring more for the environment and earth, they are looking for the same in the businesses. The organizations that care more about earth and approach sustainable commerce are much appreciated by shoppers. And, no doubt a lot of brands are infusing the same in their businesses. 

So, wait not for things to happen, as this trend is sure to catch up the trail. So, start looking into sustainable methods for your eCommerce store along with support of your ecommerce development company USA for better ideas and implementation. 

6. Highly Secure Buying Experience

Frauds happen all the time whether offline or online. Whether it is data stealing, breaching, or credit card fraud, customers are always looking for the more secure stores that can help protect their data as well as provide highly secure online payment transactions. Providing a highly secure and flexible buying experience not only keeps customers happy but also turns them to be your loyal customers. So, security will never be out of the trend when it comes to the online business industry and opting for ecommerce website development services for tight high end security is always the better option. 

7. Personalized Shopping

The new trend shows that more than 48% online customers say that personalizing online experience gives them ease of shopping and is definitely very crucial. And, practically, giving them personalized experience is the best way to keep your customers satisfied. 

It is seen that a way of keeping customers satisfied is providing them a more personalized shopping experience. This helps shoppers to find their favorite products easily and they get what they are looking for. Also, it eliminates all the options that can lead to poor experience for the shopper, like removing the products that the shopper is not interested in. By offering a personalized experience, online stores will help deliver the best online shopping experience and strengthen the bond with customers. 


Still wondering what is the future of eCommerce, no more look backs as these eCommerce trends are all here to prove that this online business is not just here to stay but also to boom tremendously. Therefore, quote ecommerce development services with ecommerce development company usa for your business to get on the steady growth. 

Well, following these trends and implementing some business tips, get set to take your ecommerce business on the growth trajectory in 2021 and be ahead in 2022.

Top Six Tips to Optimize Your Ecommerce Store to Mobile Platform

The recent wave technology has seen how mobile surpassed the desktop browsing, and it is predicted that by the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, a new world with double the number of present mobile users will emerge making it apparent for e-commerce mobile transactions to surge higher even more. This definitely makes it obvious to store owners to audit or analyze their online stores to check whether their sites are mobile friendly or not. 

And, if your eCommerce store is not yet and you want to make the significant changes to match the world of mobile users, then here are the most important tips to follow. 

Moreover, with the help an experienced eCommerce Development Company, the enhancement of your eStore can be quite impactful.

Top Six Tips to Optimize Your Ecommerce Store for Mobile Platforms

Unlock the full potential of your ecommerce store by optimizing it for mobile platforms with these top Six tips. From implementing a responsive design to streamlining checkout processes and optimizing images, these strategies will enhance user experience and drive conversions on mobile devices.

1. Website Navigation

What customers look for when they visit your website? They simply try to find their products – where simple and sweet navigation does the job. Let your customer find what they are looking for in your store easily. Convenient and clear navigation make their shopping easier. But, how do you make it happen for users on the mobile devices? Keeping the navigation short and easier on the mobile tiny screen is a big gain. Offering simple navigation experience on the small screens, you not only fetch those mobile shoppers but also retain them converting them to loyal customers. Well, for it to work smoother, leverage the potential of an eCommerce web design company that not only enhances store navigation but also help to improvise the overall store experience on the mobile screen.

2. Fast Loading Pages

Pass your mobile website through a speed test to check the loading speed because as per the Kissmetrics statistics, an eCommerce site can incur a loss of over $2.5 million in sales just for that one-second page delay. That second delay can reduce the conversions by a striking 7%. Therefore, it becomes paramount to optimize your site to load faster on mobile devices.

Normally, Ecommerce Development Company helps to enhance mobile responsive sites making page loading faster.  

3. Product Images

Product images cannot be the same on desktops and mobile screens. Your poor quality match of images on a small screen can break your mobile website. There need to have a great quality of images that can load faster on mobile sites. Images with lower resolutions help your mobile store load faster as customers want it, though you may have to compromise with quality. Nevertheless, your e-commerce website designer can do this easily enhancing the images that can adjust seamlessly to the mobile screen.

Looking further, you need to also have an eye on the cluttered images as they tend to make it difficult to look through mobile. It is better to choose simple images with a lot of white background space that can enhance product display making it easier for customers to pick the product they are looking for and happy to order it.

4. Product Description

You may be happy with that detailed product information on your site giving out all the minute details about the product. But, how far is that good when it turns on the mobile screen. No doubt, you would like to provide all the information related, but it ends up being clumsy on that small screen. Therefore, the most desirable option to make your product description is as precise as possible, short points can even work better providing only the essential content.

Additionally, your font size and color also matters as you need to readjust them accordingly to make legible for your customers using mobile devices to view it. A seasoned eCommerce web developer can carefully pick the right font for the mobile screen that also goes well with your website’s overall theme.

5. Better Search Option

Users whenever they desire to find some products, they are more likely to go to the search box to find what they are looking for. So, why not help them out with that easy to see the search box on the store. You can come up with a unique search option with an improvised product search on the small screen. This helps them to find the product they were searching for and quickly add to the cart. 

6. Ensure Smooth Checkout Experience

Whenever a customer is browsing through your store, the last thing you want is your customers getting lost trying to figure out how to buy something from your store. Make it crystal clear and simple. Add-to-cart buttons need to be displayed front and center on your product pages.

Additionally, as the customer navigates through your mobile store, they are naturally going to follow a path scrolling through the products, looking at the information about the product, reading about your company, and watching videos. Therefore, do not infuse anything unnecessary that they don’t want to see or intend to go.

Just a simple tap should place the product in your customer’s shopping cart, letting them know, it’s there and they can continue to shop. As it is important for the smooth checkout experience on desktop, so it is extra important when it comes to mobile. As not all customers are used to mobile shopping, do as much as you can to make the entire process as simple and as easy as ABC as plausible.  


If you are looking to succeed in the eCommerce market, you need to follow up on the checklist that you are doing everything to improve the customer experience for your users. Because of cut-throat competition, attracting potential customers, and retaining them is a gigantic task. However, considering these small but the most crucial changes with the support of trusted eCommerce website Design Company, you will be happy to see your online store to be quite responsive on mobile devices conquering the hearts of your customers.

7 Mind Blowing eCommerce Business Ideas to Make Money Online

Amazon, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and more… are mediums to expand the business. No doubt, it’s a golden age where you can find a lot more channels to explore and grow if you are looking for starting a business, or not sure whether to expand your business or not. With technology booming, smartphones been handy, and the rate at which commerce is moving online, it’s the right time for explosive growth as great opportunities waiting for you.

If you want to start churning that money mill now but facing scarcity of ideas, then sit back get on the ideas train to discover the most profitable eCommerce business ideas. Well but do remember to win this race partner with the expert eCommerce development company, and gain the upper hand.

So, better late than never! Let’s start.

Video Doorbells

Guessing who must be on the back of the door has been the age old thing as looking forward to actually see the person without opening the door. Well, video doorbells, the next big thing. It’s going to soon catch up the blaze as the popularity is surging up and it has also become a trending business idea. With the astounding increase in video phone calls, it is clear that people want to see who’s at their doorstep. It not only works as a great security device but it’s also wonderful as it also offers high-quality night vision. So, hire an eCommerce designer to build your store and customize it as your needs.

Education Going Online

Knowledge is the main source of growth, and the education industry cannot ignore the online platform which has an abundance of opportunities to help businesses to excel.

With people connecting through the virtual world, it’s no wonder that it is an avenue for the fastest growth, and no doubt the education system looks forward towards it. And with both new and old brands alike, are turning towards this platform. There are many education organizations that are arranging special programs customized according to the specific needs of students.

Do Things Amazon Can’t

Customizing services or products according to the demands of the customers can help to grow. There are things that Amazon cannot sell and sell such products or services isn’t a bad thing. If you’re a small business and have knowledge about such things, then definitely you can blossom. Get your store online with the assistance of eCommerce website Design Company and start selling today.

Online Pawn Shop

If you have that taste to gather those unique, old, traditional things or you’re that small town business trader, go online. There is no better place than moving your store online. You can start selling or buying things more unique to your region going worldwide. Customize your eCommerce store as per your products and audience and if you’re wondering how to work on it, then eCommerce web developer is your best bet. Hire eCommerce services, and see your business growth.

Handmade Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry has its own market regardless of any business online and it is a future that niche eCommerce stores are going to be the next BIG HIT thing. The evolving technologies will be the growth platform for small businesses as it will not only help expose them to wider audiences but will also ease the business operations.

Handmade Pet Treats to Pet Owners

In the last 3 years, an upward surge has been seen in pet ownership. Cats are not just confined to sophisticated ladies or dogs being part of the family. Pet ownership is growing invariably from baby boomers to Gen Z taking the charge and everybody ensures to provide special care to their four-legged companion. And this offers you big market if you’re into making pet treats.

As pet owners are spending more on healthy options particularly anything that is homemade, it is good news to vouch onto this market. There are opportunities to increase the customer base and increase the lifetime value by selling online or customizing your estore.

Amazon Only Sellers

There are those small brands on AMAZON that make billions just by selling on this biggest eCommerce platform. With a niche in their market, they are quite an expert in explaining explicitly about their products and the benefits these items offer. They do a better job of merchandising and grow exponentially. If your business is still at the initial level, take the help of eCommerce Development Company and get online or get onto this biggest eCommerce platform to reach out to more customers.

In a nutshell, though not fastest but this is definitely an absolute way to grow your business. Get your business online, hire eCommerce designer or partner with eCommerce Web design Company and start growing, and expanding your business online. Contact us today or email us: hello@ditinteractive.com

6 Tips For Creating A Beautiful Ecommerce Store Home page

It’s not 1998 anymore. You’ve got no excuse for an ugly website. Ecommerce with Shopify offers you a world of opportunity, so don’t waste it by having the first thing your customer sees being a messy homepage. You want to dazzle your customers from the get-go, so sit down and listen up! I’m going to give you my six tips on how to create a beautiful ecommerce homepage…

Negative space is positive space

Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Homer makes a website? Do you remember how slick and user-friendly it was?

Maybe not. When your customer arrives at your homepage, you don’t want to greet them with noise and fanfare, blinding color and a whirlwind of movement. You want their first experience of your brand to be calm and clear. To that end, you should try and reduce the amount of clutter on your homepage. Unnecessary sidebars and images only serve to distract your viewer, forcing them elsewhere.

The fashion retailer Hera has nailed this. Designed by a professional Shopify web designer, their homepage is the digital equivalent of a zen garden. Lots of negative space and just a single photo creates a positive user experience which is crisp and clean.

The rotating carousel is dead

Rotating carousels used to be the visual darling of ecommerce. Showcasing your products, promotions and offers in a constantly moving merry-go-round of images was the go-to for web developers everywhere.

These days though, carousels tend to only irritate and distract the user. They have low click-through rates, and take up valuable space on your homepage. On top of that, they slow down your website, which in turn has a negative impact on your SEO.

Leave the carousel where they belong, in Facebook ads and carnivals, and instead embrace some alternatives. Try focusing your homepage on one specific offer instead to grab your customer’s attention, and maybe add a few other small offers below it.

A Shopify development company knew the importance of this when they designed Buff Her House of Exfoliation’s online store. The first thing you see when you hit their homepage is a huge special offer, guaranteed to hook even the most sceptical of shoppers.

Buff Her House of Exfoliation

Avoid information overload

Have you ever ordered a coffee and been offered extra espresso, soy milk, flavored shots, marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles, vanilla dust, a biscotti and all the rest? You just want a coffee, not a full meal!

When your customer clicks through to your homepage, you need to keep them hooked by keeping it simple. You’ve got the information they want, but let them find it naturally. Include relevant links to broad topics, where they can funnel down to what they need. And keep it intriguing too — a little mystery is a great way to draw your customers in. When you start thinking about

how to build your first online store, don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to hit all your value propositions on the first page. Just focus on a few key messages instead.

You know who does this right? The health food supplement Nutri-Rich, created by a certified Shopify developer. Confident declarations and tantalizing promises followed by bold calls to action entice the viewer to seek out the details at their own pace.


Focus on the quality of what you have

What would you rather have: a single Porsche 718 Boxster or a fleet of worn-out old pickups? Unless you run a user car traders, I think I know you’re answer.

Yes, it’s true what they say: quality really is better than quantity. So instead of spreading your homepage thin with mediocre photos and lacklustre design, focus on doing one thing perfectly. Hire or invest in a decent camera to take high quality photos, and use great stock imagery to fill in any gaps. Make sure your menu is intuitively organized and your brand logo is clearly distinguishable.

Case in point: the exquisitely designed Fulton & Roark’s online store, courtesy of expert Shopify web developers. Their homepage features insanely detailed photography and a clear menu, with the distinctive Fulton & Roark logo front and center of the page.

Fulton & Roark

Nail your navigation mechanics

Hark back to your school days. You might remember the fun you had creating a PowerPoint presentation for the first time. The slide backgrounds! The WordArt! And perhaps the most exciting feature of all, the custom animations. Star wipes, ripple effects — the world was your oyster.

Unfortunately, while it was fun and maybe acceptable at school, those days are behind you. When you’re designing your website, you need to make sure your navigation is fluid and not too flashy. While some sites do use dynamic navigation menus, and they do it well, it’s tricky to get right. Keep it simple for now, or get one of Shopify certified developers to do it for you.

Learn from Homer. Keep your homepage uncluttered and minimalist. It should be a zen garden for the eyes. And remember: high quality photos makes for a high quality website. When your brand is nothing but that, you’re going to want to make sure the rest of your online store follows suit.

Victoria Greene

is a branding consultant and freelance writer. For all the latest on developments in ecommerce, marketing, and design, check out her blog, Victoria Ecommerce. Victoria has a drive for helping store owners get the best return on their ecommerce businesses.

What’s the Future of Ecommerce? Here Are Some Speculations

At DIT Interactive, we are an eCommerce development company.  By that virtue, we get to see the emerging trends in the industry very closely.  In the last year or so, eCommerce has gradually transformed. There is an increasing amount of traffic on mobile sites and there are many new exciting trends that have emerged.  We got out eCommerce web developer and designer team to come together to compile this list of top trends that are expected to dominate the industry in the near future.

Future Speculations for Ecommerce

As we look ahead, several trends may shape the future of ecommerce. One such trend is the continued rise of mobile commerce, with smartphones becoming the primary device for online shopping. Additionally, advancements in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology could revolutionize the way customers experience products online, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

More Integration of AI & Machine Learning:

Modern day companies have developed a penchant for machine learning technology.  Given this preference, there is no doubt that the technology will soon disrupt the eCommerce industry.  At the basic level, it is already being used to improve product recommendations and eCommerce search functions.  Going forward, we expect this integration to further deepen. Take the example of Chatbots. Facebook was among the first ones to have launched automated chatbots, and various other service providers have followed suit.  In the next few months, we expected Chatbots technology to be refined further for them to be able to manage more complex tasks including problem resolution, assisted transactional functionality, and more. On the other hand, advertisers will also use machine learning to place bids for ad positions.  Software such as Smart Goals and Smart Bidding are already picking up in importance.

Mobile-based Storefront Apps:

eCommerce shopping has gradually moved to mobile devices.  This beckons the need for the creation of more mobile-based storefront apps.  Some of the big retailers have been offering mobile applications for years now.  In the same way, the shoppers have a good knowledge of making use of dedicated storefronts too.  In the following few months, we expect even the smaller retailers to enter the scene and offer storefront applications to their users.

ROPO to become More Popular:

In an anticlimax, we expect the concept of Researching Online and Purchasing Offline will pick-up.  Customers are slowly coming to terms with the fact that online is a great way to hunt deals. Therefore, these customers will spot a deal online and make a purchase for the same offline.

Voice Search Functionality:

In today’s time, it has become mandatory to talk about Voice Search when we mention mobile technology.  We expect this Voice Search to be the catalyst of eCommerce innovation in the coming year or so. There will be an increased adoption of smart home appliances like Google Home and Amazon Echo.  While they will make it simpler for users to get their work done, they will also allow for an increased level of loyalty. Researches have proven that customers who order using Amazon Echo are among the more loyal customers who spend more than their counterparts who don’t use Amazon Echo for ordering.  Additionally, there are many other upselling opportunities that will also emerge with Voice Search.

Mobile Checkout:

Our eCommerce website designer team has worked on many mobile checkout and payment systems in the recent times.  It only indicates towards the rise of the system. This has brought about a dramatic change to the way people shopped.  There are many technologies in the mobile checkout space that include Google Pay, Chase, Apple Pay, and Softbank among others.  We believe that further expansion of this space is imminent.

Internet of Things:

Another emerging trend is that of Internet of Things.  Many devices are now being potentially made smarter. Advertisers and marketers are realizing that any device that can be connected to the internet can be used as a marketing tool.  Soon, there will be a rise in the use of Internet of Things and its various applications.

Augmented Reality will almost be Mainstream:

Anytime you hear a representative of an eCommerce web design company, you would see them talk about Augmented Reality.  It is a much-celebrated technology, but most of its applications till date have been nascent.  This year, it is expected that Augmented Reality will move closer to becoming mainstream because of more innovation in the field.  Let’s take the example of Ikea that launched its Place App recently. What it does is it les you see how the product would look in your home.  Although the app had a rough beginning, but the recent iterations have been smoother. Amazon has a similar app too. This elevates customers’ user experience, and hence expected to be very useful.

Faster Delivery:

Top companies realize that delivery is one of the ways of differentiating in the competitive eCommerce space.  Amazon has lead the pack with its innovation and the recently launched on hour delivery service. This is expected to further expand.  The possible launch of driverless freight may also give more impetus to this goal of retailers.

These, according to us, are the trends to look out for in the eCommerce space.  If you have any other trends to share, place share them with us in the comments section.  If you would like to know more about our eCommerce website design company.

4 Technologies Can Make Your Customers’ Ecommerce Experience Safer

Over the history of eCommerce, one of the most pressing concerns has been consumer security.  According to a survey, more than half of online shoppers think that retailers are not going the distance when it comes to protecting personal information and credit card data.  This ensures that over 30% of such online shoppers hesitate before making any purchase online.  We are an eCommerce development company, and we have run into online retailers who are concerned about this.  Our eCommerce web developer team always advises our clients to make use of the most advanced technology to improve security.  This will ensure that customers are not hesitant about sharing sensitive information on their website.

There are technologies that can help you improve your store’s security and hence your customers’ trust.

Let’s talk about the top 4 technology trends that you should consider adopting:

1.Mobile Wallets:

Customers have gone mobile.  They are spending a lot of time there, and are also doing online buying from their mobile devices.  In the recent times, our eCommerce website designer team has got huge requests for mobile designs of eCommerce.  That tells us about the growing popularity.  However, now their wallets are going mobile too.  Your customers can now be using apps such as Android App or Apple Pay.  These apps store their credit information, and that ensures that your customer can pay without physically presenting the credit card.  Its use has been limited till recently, and that has been because of the lack of knowledge on the part of the consumers.  Experts believe that this technology will grow exponentially in the coming times.  This technology is secure because there is no need to present the credit card physically.  Thus, consumers don’t have to carry it around with them.  This reduces the chances of the customer losing their card.  On the other hand, the technology also makes use of high end tokenization and encryption technology.


Have you heard about BitCoin?  That is one form of Blockchain.  Such blockchains are known to be secure.  This is because they manage transactions in a unique way.  These transactions contain a chain of every transaction, right from start to end.  This information in the chain can be reviewed but never altered.  This means that accountability has been automated, and leads to secure validation of transaction data.  Moreover, there is a lot of potential that the technology offers like making transactions less expensive, more transparent, and faster.  Also, there are fewer chances of chargebacks and frauds with Blockchains.

3.Secure Shopping Cart Software:

So, Bitcoins are still not omnipresent in the industry.  Credit cards continue to be one of the most preferred payment methods for most online shoppers.  Therefore, you need to do things to keep this information secure.  One way of doing that is through locked-down shopping cart software.  When you are setting up shopping carts and selecting a software tool for the same, you should make sure that your systems comply with the evolving PCI security standards.  Moreover, your cart should have advanced features like multiple firewalls and data encryption of sensitive information.  Plus, now you have the option of avoiding software that stores credit card data on your website.  Your website can be hacked, and can lead to excessive monetary and trust loss.  You can try to work with PCI-compliant third-party processors.  They can handle your sensitive information and take the risk that is associated with the same.

4.Multilayered Fraud Management:

Being an eCommerce web design company, we have seen fraud management as a big problem for E-tailers.  Not only does this lead to monetary loses, but also puts at risk customer trust and their future purchasing potential.  Therefore, you should adopt a comprehensive and multi-layered risk management strategy.

These technologies can help you make your eCommerce store more secure.  If you need to connect with an eCommerce website design company for more information on the same, we will be happy to help you. Connect us

Top 6 eCommerce Reads: December ’16 Part:2

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blog.lemonstand.com – Looking Ahead: Technical SEO Tips for eCommerce in 2017

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salsify.com – When Shoppers Research: Fun and Easy Experiences Win the Sale

At this pivotal time – where the purchase happens or the product is deserted – consumers are reviewing content and questioning brand loyalty. If the brand or retailer doesn’t have product descriptions that clearly illustrate the item, they may forsake their favorite shopping destination for a different product. None of us want this, and here are some key ways to prevent it.

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eCommerce-platforms.com – 50 Unbeatable eCommerce Marketing Tips

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Browse the most complete and up-to-date gallery for fantastic eCommerce websites design inspiration and the best eCommerce solutions and marketing tools.

blog.kissmetrics.com – Seven Tips for Creating Killer eCommerce Product Pages

If you run an eCommerce site, your product pages are the moment of truth for your business. We asked the UX pros at digital-telepathy to identify things you can do to improve the user experience of your product pages. Below are seven ways to get more from your product pages, with examples from some of their favorite eCommerce product pages.

hongkiat.com – 30 Beautiful and Responsive WordPress eCommerce Themes

In an era where mobile is a popular medium to get on the web, your eCommerce website needs to be responsive in order for a smartphone or a tablet to be able to display your website properly. This post includes a collection of 30 beautiful and responsive WordPress eCommerce themes (free and premium).

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Ixia – Botnet: Is Your Company’s Network Next?

How is a Botnet formed? How are corporate networks infected by Botnets? Which nefarious activities do hackers carry out once in control of infected machines? Find out in this new infographic from Ixia.

The Last Weekend Of November Gets Exciting With The Much Awaited Black Friday Sale

The internet is a great way to indulge in some retail therapy with unlimited options that range from products to every type of service along with great deals and offers. For those looking for products to enhance their online sites and businesses there’s good news with the Black Friday sale that lasts the weekend till Cyber Monday that’s Friday Nov 27th till Monday Nov 30th. Everything from SEO tools, designer themes, options in hosting services, plugins etc. Here are some of the best deals that are worth looking out for

Long Tail Pro

The right keyword makes all the difference to get the right traffic from search engines. Long Tail keywords help sites rank higher during search results. Long Tail Pro optimises the best keywords for the client’s content marketing strategy with options like pre filter keyword options; it can search multiple keywords at once and once can even check rankings of other sites on Google, Bing and Yahoo. It costs $97 usually but during the black Friday sale it will be available at a 50% discount for just $47.


This is a very popular hosting service especially among bloggers. The USP for Bluehost has always offered great pricing along with free migration and free domain for a year. This fast and reliable service even offers a money back guarantee. Unlimited disk storage, free domain name for a year and the best customer support will be available at just $3.25/month during the Black Friday sale.


A good hosting service makes all the difference to the smooth functioning of a website and the speed of a site also affects the amount of traffic it receives. Most of the hosting services do cost a lot but during the Black Friday sale HostGator is available at a huge 65% discount and this kind of an offer for secure, fast and reliable service is available for just these 3 days.


The requirement for a website today is to be responsive to search engines and to be mobile friendly along with an attractive design. But these features need not be unaffordable, the Black Friday sale sees to that. Get the Genesis framework at great prices during Nov 27th through to Monday 30th.


A good content says everything about the site and every blogger is aware of well written content must be error free. Grammarly is among the best tools available to correct grammatical errors. Grammarly easily identifies mistakes and even offers alternates for them. This tool is perfectly compatible with PC’s, tablets and even smart phones.


Increasing or diverting search engine traffic is the requirement of every site. The right SEO tools help not only in finding the most effective keywords for the site but also identify the ones that are the most profitable. SEMrush is one such tool that offers keyword analysis, does ad research and even performs site audits to identify and fix any issues on the site. With options to search for competitor’s best performing keywords and the ability to check the traffic of any site investing in SEMrush especially during the Black Friday sale is a great option. SEMrush will be available at a huge 50% discount during this period.


One of the most effective marketing strategies is to be in regular touch with customers in order to keep them updated on new products, deals and offers etc. Most site owners are unaware of how to build and maintain an email list of their customers which is where GetResponse comes in.  It offers better email distribution systems, attractive templates, mobile apps and the auto responder will only help to increase your business. Check out the offers during the Black Friday Weekend.

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing & Configuring SMSBump

Various BigCommerce experts have been talking about SMSBump recently. Obviously, that helps with automating customer service and marketing for a BigCommerce store. Do you want to have SMSBump for your BigCommerce store too? The good news is that you do it all by yourself. You don’t need help from any BigCommerce designer and developer to do the job for you. Here’s a step-by- step guide to installing and configuring SMSBump for your store :

Installation :

  1. The first step that you need to take is to access the marketplace and search for SMSBump there. That should be straightforward.
  1. You go to your online store’s dashboard. In your dashboard, you need to click on the ‘Apps’ button. This will open up the menu that encompasses all your installed applications.
  1. At the top of that window, there is a link to ‘BigCommerce Marketplace’ that you need to click.
  1. Once you are in the marketplace, you will notice a search box towards the top right. You can type SMSBump there to find the app.
  1. Once the app comes up, you can open it in order to see the app’s details as well as description. It’s good to read through some of the features of the app as well as other details.
  1. Once you have read through all the information, you can click on the ‘Install’ button.
  1. A new window comes up that asks you to ‘Confirm’ the app’s access to some BigCommerce store features. You need to click on the ‘Confirm’ button to move forward.
  1. Next up, you will asked to input your email i.d. as well as phone number in order to connect your BigCommerce store with the app.
  1. The app will ask for a confirmation to ensure there are no mistakes in inputting the email address and/or phone number.
  1. Once you confirm, you will receive a text message with the validation code for the installation.

You can type this code into the installation screen to confirm the installation.

This completes the installation process. Once you have SMSBump for your BigCommerce store, you also need to properly configure the app. This is where you make complete use of the app’s various features.

Configuration :

There are various tabs in the configuration window. Here’s what information you need to put in:

  1. General : This tab provides basic information about your app. Here you can make SMSbump enabled or otherwise. You can also view your unique API key. On the top right, you have your existing balance.
  1. Bulk Messaging : Here’s where you decide which group from your database receives SMS. Is it all the people in your database or certain people? This SMS could be about updates or just a marketing message.
  1. Transactional SMS : This is where you decide if you want SMS’s to go out after a transaction has taken place on your BigCommerce store. This message can go out when the order has been placed so the customer knows. It can also go out when the customer has signed up with the store or when the order status has changed.a.If you set it to sending an SMS when an order status has changed, you can configure which change has to be considered for sending such SMS’s. It could be when the order has been completed, shipped, cancelled, or more).
  1. Setting : In this setting section, you can specify more information about preferences. For example, you might want your SMS’s to be sent out to a selected few countries only. There are more settings to be explored.
  1. Help : Finally, the help tab guides you through various stages of the installation, configuration, and using of SMSBump. This completes the installation and configuration of SMSBump.


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