What’s the Future of Ecommerce? Here Are Some Speculations


At DIT Interactive, we are an eCommerce development company.  By that virtue, we get to see the emerging trends in the industry very closely.  In the last year or so, eCommerce has gradually transformed. There is an increasing amount of traffic on mobile sites and there are many new exciting trends that have emerged.  We got out eCommerce web developer and designer team to come together to compile this list of top trends that are expected to dominate the industry in the near future.

Future Speculations for Ecommerce

As we look ahead, several trends may shape the future of ecommerce. One such trend is the continued rise of mobile commerce, with smartphones becoming the primary device for online shopping. Additionally, advancements in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology could revolutionize the way customers experience products online, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

More Integration of AI & Machine Learning:

Modern day companies have developed a penchant for machine learning technology.  Given this preference, there is no doubt that the technology will soon disrupt the eCommerce industry.  At the basic level, it is already being used to improve product recommendations and eCommerce search functions.  Going forward, we expect this integration to further deepen. Take the example of Chatbots. Facebook was among the first ones to have launched automated chatbots, and various other service providers have followed suit.  In the next few months, we expected Chatbots technology to be refined further for them to be able to manage more complex tasks including problem resolution, assisted transactional functionality, and more. On the other hand, advertisers will also use machine learning to place bids for ad positions.  Software such as Smart Goals and Smart Bidding are already picking up in importance.

Mobile-based Storefront Apps:

eCommerce shopping has gradually moved to mobile devices.  This beckons the need for the creation of more mobile-based storefront apps.  Some of the big retailers have been offering mobile applications for years now.  In the same way, the shoppers have a good knowledge of making use of dedicated storefronts too.  In the following few months, we expect even the smaller retailers to enter the scene and offer storefront applications to their users.

ROPO to become More Popular:

In an anticlimax, we expect the concept of Researching Online and Purchasing Offline will pick-up.  Customers are slowly coming to terms with the fact that online is a great way to hunt deals. Therefore, these customers will spot a deal online and make a purchase for the same offline.

Voice Search Functionality:

In today’s time, it has become mandatory to talk about Voice Search when we mention mobile technology.  We expect this Voice Search to be the catalyst of eCommerce innovation in the coming year or so. There will be an increased adoption of smart home appliances like Google Home and Amazon Echo.  While they will make it simpler for users to get their work done, they will also allow for an increased level of loyalty. Researches have proven that customers who order using Amazon Echo are among the more loyal customers who spend more than their counterparts who don’t use Amazon Echo for ordering.  Additionally, there are many other upselling opportunities that will also emerge with Voice Search.

Mobile Checkout:

Our eCommerce website designer team has worked on many mobile checkout and payment systems in the recent times.  It only indicates towards the rise of the system. This has brought about a dramatic change to the way people shopped.  There are many technologies in the mobile checkout space that include Google Pay, Chase, Apple Pay, and Softbank among others.  We believe that further expansion of this space is imminent.

Internet of Things:

Another emerging trend is that of Internet of Things.  Many devices are now being potentially made smarter. Advertisers and marketers are realizing that any device that can be connected to the internet can be used as a marketing tool.  Soon, there will be a rise in the use of Internet of Things and its various applications.

Augmented Reality will almost be Mainstream:

Anytime you hear a representative of an eCommerce web design company, you would see them talk about Augmented Reality.  It is a much-celebrated technology, but most of its applications till date have been nascent.  This year, it is expected that Augmented Reality will move closer to becoming mainstream because of more innovation in the field.  Let’s take the example of Ikea that launched its Place App recently. What it does is it les you see how the product would look in your home.  Although the app had a rough beginning, but the recent iterations have been smoother. Amazon has a similar app too. This elevates customers’ user experience, and hence expected to be very useful.

Faster Delivery:

Top companies realize that delivery is one of the ways of differentiating in the competitive eCommerce space.  Amazon has lead the pack with its innovation and the recently launched on hour delivery service. This is expected to further expand.  The possible launch of driverless freight may also give more impetus to this goal of retailers.

These, according to us, are the trends to look out for in the eCommerce space.  If you have any other trends to share, place share them with us in the comments section.  If you would like to know more about our eCommerce website design company.