4 Technologies Can Make Your Customers’ Ecommerce Experience Safer


Over the history of eCommerce, one of the most pressing concerns has been consumer security.  According to a survey, more than half of online shoppers think that retailers are not going the distance when it comes to protecting personal information and credit card data.  This ensures that over 30% of such online shoppers hesitate before making any purchase online.  We are an eCommerce development company, and we have run into online retailers who are concerned about this.  Our eCommerce web developer team always advises our clients to make use of the most advanced technology to improve security.  This will ensure that customers are not hesitant about sharing sensitive information on their website.

There are technologies that can help you improve your store’s security and hence your customers’ trust.

Let’s talk about the top 4 technology trends that you should consider adopting:

1.Mobile Wallets:

Customers have gone mobile.  They are spending a lot of time there, and are also doing online buying from their mobile devices.  In the recent times, our eCommerce website designer team has got huge requests for mobile designs of eCommerce.  That tells us about the growing popularity.  However, now their wallets are going mobile too.  Your customers can now be using apps such as Android App or Apple Pay.  These apps store their credit information, and that ensures that your customer can pay without physically presenting the credit card.  Its use has been limited till recently, and that has been because of the lack of knowledge on the part of the consumers.  Experts believe that this technology will grow exponentially in the coming times.  This technology is secure because there is no need to present the credit card physically.  Thus, consumers don’t have to carry it around with them.  This reduces the chances of the customer losing their card.  On the other hand, the technology also makes use of high end tokenization and encryption technology.


Have you heard about BitCoin?  That is one form of Blockchain.  Such blockchains are known to be secure.  This is because they manage transactions in a unique way.  These transactions contain a chain of every transaction, right from start to end.  This information in the chain can be reviewed but never altered.  This means that accountability has been automated, and leads to secure validation of transaction data.  Moreover, there is a lot of potential that the technology offers like making transactions less expensive, more transparent, and faster.  Also, there are fewer chances of chargebacks and frauds with Blockchains.

3.Secure Shopping Cart Software:

So, Bitcoins are still not omnipresent in the industry.  Credit cards continue to be one of the most preferred payment methods for most online shoppers.  Therefore, you need to do things to keep this information secure.  One way of doing that is through locked-down shopping cart software.  When you are setting up shopping carts and selecting a software tool for the same, you should make sure that your systems comply with the evolving PCI security standards.  Moreover, your cart should have advanced features like multiple firewalls and data encryption of sensitive information.  Plus, now you have the option of avoiding software that stores credit card data on your website.  Your website can be hacked, and can lead to excessive monetary and trust loss.  You can try to work with PCI-compliant third-party processors.  They can handle your sensitive information and take the risk that is associated with the same.

4.Multilayered Fraud Management:

Being an eCommerce web design company, we have seen fraud management as a big problem for E-tailers.  Not only does this lead to monetary loses, but also puts at risk customer trust and their future purchasing potential.  Therefore, you should adopt a comprehensive and multi-layered risk management strategy.

These technologies can help you make your eCommerce store more secure.  If you need to connect with an eCommerce website design company for more information on the same, we will be happy to help you. Connect us