Top Six Tips to Optimize Your Ecommerce Store to Mobile Platform

Top Five Tips

The recent wave technology has seen how mobile surpassed the desktop browsing, and it is predicted that by the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, a new world with double the number of present mobile users will emerge making it apparent for e-commerce mobile transactions to surge higher even more. This definitely makes it obvious to store owners to audit or analyze their online stores to check whether their sites are mobile friendly or not. 

And, if your eCommerce store is not yet and you want to make the significant changes to match the world of mobile users, then here are the most important tips to follow. 

Moreover, with the help an experienced eCommerce Development Company, the enhancement of your eStore can be quite impactful.

Top Six Tips to Optimize Your Ecommerce Store for Mobile Platforms

Unlock the full potential of your ecommerce store by optimizing it for mobile platforms with these top Six tips. From implementing a responsive design to streamlining checkout processes and optimizing images, these strategies will enhance user experience and drive conversions on mobile devices.

1. Website Navigation

What customers look for when they visit your website? They simply try to find their products – where simple and sweet navigation does the job. Let your customer find what they are looking for in your store easily. Convenient and clear navigation make their shopping easier. But, how do you make it happen for users on the mobile devices? Keeping the navigation short and easier on the mobile tiny screen is a big gain. Offering simple navigation experience on the small screens, you not only fetch those mobile shoppers but also retain them converting them to loyal customers. Well, for it to work smoother, leverage the potential of an eCommerce web design company that not only enhances store navigation but also help to improvise the overall store experience on the mobile screen.

2. Fast Loading Pages

Pass your mobile website through a speed test to check the loading speed because as per the Kissmetrics statistics, an eCommerce site can incur a loss of over $2.5 million in sales just for that one-second page delay. That second delay can reduce the conversions by a striking 7%. Therefore, it becomes paramount to optimize your site to load faster on mobile devices.

Normally, Ecommerce Development Company helps to enhance mobile responsive sites making page loading faster.  

3. Product Images

Product images cannot be the same on desktops and mobile screens. Your poor quality match of images on a small screen can break your mobile website. There need to have a great quality of images that can load faster on mobile sites. Images with lower resolutions help your mobile store load faster as customers want it, though you may have to compromise with quality. Nevertheless, your e-commerce website designer can do this easily enhancing the images that can adjust seamlessly to the mobile screen.

Looking further, you need to also have an eye on the cluttered images as they tend to make it difficult to look through mobile. It is better to choose simple images with a lot of white background space that can enhance product display making it easier for customers to pick the product they are looking for and happy to order it.

4. Product Description

You may be happy with that detailed product information on your site giving out all the minute details about the product. But, how far is that good when it turns on the mobile screen. No doubt, you would like to provide all the information related, but it ends up being clumsy on that small screen. Therefore, the most desirable option to make your product description is as precise as possible, short points can even work better providing only the essential content.

Additionally, your font size and color also matters as you need to readjust them accordingly to make legible for your customers using mobile devices to view it. A seasoned eCommerce web developer can carefully pick the right font for the mobile screen that also goes well with your website’s overall theme.

5. Better Search Option

Users whenever they desire to find some products, they are more likely to go to the search box to find what they are looking for. So, why not help them out with that easy to see the search box on the store. You can come up with a unique search option with an improvised product search on the small screen. This helps them to find the product they were searching for and quickly add to the cart. 

6. Ensure Smooth Checkout Experience

Whenever a customer is browsing through your store, the last thing you want is your customers getting lost trying to figure out how to buy something from your store. Make it crystal clear and simple. Add-to-cart buttons need to be displayed front and center on your product pages.

Additionally, as the customer navigates through your mobile store, they are naturally going to follow a path scrolling through the products, looking at the information about the product, reading about your company, and watching videos. Therefore, do not infuse anything unnecessary that they don’t want to see or intend to go.

Just a simple tap should place the product in your customer’s shopping cart, letting them know, it’s there and they can continue to shop. As it is important for the smooth checkout experience on desktop, so it is extra important when it comes to mobile. As not all customers are used to mobile shopping, do as much as you can to make the entire process as simple and as easy as ABC as plausible.  


If you are looking to succeed in the eCommerce market, you need to follow up on the checklist that you are doing everything to improve the customer experience for your users. Because of cut-throat competition, attracting potential customers, and retaining them is a gigantic task. However, considering these small but the most crucial changes with the support of trusted eCommerce website Design Company, you will be happy to see your online store to be quite responsive on mobile devices conquering the hearts of your customers.