Top WordPress Trends to Watch Out For in 2018


When it comes to web development and design, WordPress is the leader.  Some stat suggests 27% of the internet today is powered by WordPress. That is evident from the fact that some of the top brands around the world use WordPress for web development.  As a WordPress development company, we regularly get people falling in love with this platform.  Firstly, it is absolutely user-friendly. That makes it easier for novice web admins at our clients’ location to manage the site and even make small amendments like creating blog posts or changing text.  In addition to that, WordPress presents a massive library of plugins that helps with customizing web development to the needs of our clients. Finally, it is worth noting that WordPress sites are all mobile as well as SEO friendly.  All of this makes WordPress stand out in the crowd.

Here are some of the top WordPress trends for the year 2018:

1. WordPress 4.9:

Last year, WordPress 4.8 was introduced in the market.  It presented improved widgets for adding videos, audio, and images to the site.  On the other, there were many other updates available. WordPress 4.9 was recently launched and it even betters the previous version.  It has introduced fixes to the problems that plagued version 4.8. There are updates to make customization easier, make it easier to manage plugins and themes, and improve the editing code.  This new version has also made WordPress easier to use that helps clients to make all their website changes themselves. We expect developers to use this new version more strategically to create customization and more user-friendly websites.

2. eCommerce Websites:

It is a no-brainer that WordPress is also extremely popular with eCommerce websites.  There are so many eCommerce websites around that use WordPress’ WooCommerce plugin. Moreover, WordPress is also popular because it offers easy integration with other platforms such as PayPal and Google Checkout.  Going forward, you can expect WordPress to adopt newer trends in the market. It has also picked up significantly on mobile shopping, but there is more coming in the form of personalized shopping and subscription-based services.  Some of the top WordPress themes for eCommerce include Handmade, Divi, Uncode, etc.

3. WordPress Video Headers:

The fact that videos are going to be the key to 2018’s web designing is no secret.  However, WordPress has gone a step further and increased its focus on WordPress video headers.  Such headers are going to rule 2018. For a WordPress theme developer, it is now easier to make use of the trend of video headers by using popular WordPress themes such as Inpiro, Balzac, and Naila.

4. Drag and Drop WordPress Themes:

Many of the basic WordPress themes are free.  However, there are certain other customizable themes that are charged.  These customizable themes come in different varieties, with some being simple and others being complex.  Last year, there was an increase in the number of themes that sported drag-and-drop facilities. This year, this is only expected to increase further.  Such drag and drop themes makes it easier to create as well as customize websites without even writing any code. As for the WordPress web developer, it makes experimentation easy.  One can drag and drop elements to a theme to see how it works.

5. WordPress Virtual Reality Plugins:

It is time that WordPress website developers appreciated the importance of appending augmented reality and virtual reality into their web designs.  The way these concepts are picking up, they can be the way to stand out of the crowd in 2018 and early 2019.  The good news is WordPress completely supports such virtual reality content as well as 360-degree images and videos.  There are numerous plugins that are already available for the same, and there are more on their way. Some of the top plugins are 360-degree Panoramic Image Viewer, WP-VR View, Momentopress, etc.

Have we missed any WordPress trend?  Let us know in the comments section. Also, if you need assistance with WordPress, you can contact us.  We are a renowned WordPress development company and can help you with all your needs.