Top WordPress Trends for the Year 2017

How Can WordPress

WordPress is an extremely popular Content Management System (CMS). We all know that. It has over 50% market share.  That talks volumes about the quality of the platform.  We are a WordPress development company, and we are completely in love with the platform.  Despite being in the market for over 14 years, this platform continues to improve with time.  There are new trends that are picking up on WordPress.

Here are some of the top ones:

1. Mobile Usability:

Ask any WordPress web developer, they will tell you about the increasing number of customers that talk about mobile. Mobile is the thing of the present and the future.  It is said that over half of the users use their mobile device to search for information online.  This means that there is a tremendous opportunity to be tapped.  Therefore, optimizing for mobile is extremely pertinent.  This is not enough though.  In the recent past, many developers have been including mobile in their strategy.  However, what needs to happen is that mobile should be a part of the plan right from the beginning of the planning process.  That is where WordPress’ mobile-first themes will pick up in popularity in 2017. These themes are fully responsive and are efficiently optimized for mobile devices.  If you still do not have a mobile version of your website, it is time that you did that.  That will help improve your website’s user interface by leaps and bounds.

2. Video Headers:

WordPress started off as being a blogging platform. However, it got picked up as a business platform. Recently, this content management system came up with its first default theme for business websites.  This has made the functionality simple. What it has also made possible is to simply add video headers for various topics. What are these? These are decorative images with motion. That can enhance the look and feel of your website. Your WordPress theme developercan easily embed these videos in the template by playing the video and looping it automatically. In the year 2017, there will be more WordPress themes with video headers.  That will help your website gain more traction.

3. Multipurpose Theme:

Multipurpose themes have existed for a long period of time. However, they have only become more popular in the recent times. These themes are highly customizable. This means that you have the flexibility to customize your website to suit your brand’s individual needs. It is important for you to start conversing yourself with multipurpose themes for WordPress. There are various ones available, and they will be extremely important in the future.

4. SAAS Platform on the Rise:

Software as a service is something that we have all known about for a while now. It is not new to us. However, an increasing number of plugins as well as themes are being implemented successfully. This will only rise in 2017. This means that your plugins will be more affordable now. This is an absolutely win-win situation for both developers as well as users. The developers will be able to earn regular revenue and the customers will find more affordability.

5. Drag & Drop Content:

Once the website has been developed, you don’t have to be an expert WordPress website developer< to use the drag and drop content modules. This drag and drop system will give you more control over the various elements of design. This will obviously not affect the underlying structure of your website. This is a great way of updating and enhancing your website’s user interface.

Apart from these, there are changes in current design trends. Moreover, what is becoming increasingly popular is the combination of WordPress and Ecommerce. If you need more information about these trends or want to have information about our WordPress website development service, you can contact us.