Procedure to Add and Use Widgets in WordPress

How Can WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS –Content Management System, which is used by millions of people all around the world for creating blogs of varying, shapes, sizes and flavors. Being an open source CMS, it is used as blog publishing application that is powered by PHP and MySQL.

If you are looking out for any quick and easy way to place yourself on the web, then WordPress could be helpful in building a personal website without having any prior knowledge about web development, programming or comprehensive knowledge of HTML. WordPress provides everything required from the beginning to the end.

Want to be a WordPress Theme Developer

If you want to become a WordPress theme developer, then you must know about the widgets in WordPress. Along this, you need to know how to add and use widgets in WordPress. The widgets that are found in the admin area of WordPress are tiny blocks with specific functionality that can be placed in the WordPress sidebars which are also known as Widget-ready areas on the webpage.

These WordPress widgets are created for providing easiness to the way of designing and structure control of the theme of WordPress. These widgets can be easily dragged and dropped into the specific widget area. For the beginner WordPress website developer, the WordPress widgets is an easier way to add things like galleries, quotes, popular posts and other dynamic items on the WordPress site.

These WordPress widgets can be found going to the Appearance-Widgets section in the WordPress dashboard. These widgets in the WordPress allow you to add content and features in the areas that are widget areas of the theme. The widget-ready areas are mostly in the sidebar but also can be in the header, footer, below content and also in any other area in the theme. You must note this that the available widget areas in the theme would vary from theme to theme. For being a WordPress web developer, you must know that the WordPress themes are widget ready and even have multiple widget areas. If you don’t view any widget area then, the theme doesn’t support the widgets.

There are different types of widgets, so if you want to create a plug-in for WordPress users then installing GetSiteControl widgets on the WordPress is the easiest way. Below specified are the steps for adding and using widgets in WordPress, which the WordPress development company uses.

Steps To Follow

  • You need to download the plug-in from the WordPress plug-in directory. The Plug-in would be downloaded as a Zip archive.
  • Then you have to open your WordPress dashboard and go to the plug-ins and switch to upload tab.
  • Then you need to click on Browse to browse the local hard drive of the computer and elect the zip file that was downloaded.
  • Then you need to click the Install Now for installing the plug-in from the zip file.
  • Once the plug-in is installed, click the Activate button.

Installing the widgets

WordPress comes pre-packaged with variety of Glossary Widgets. If these are insufficient for your needs, then you can install the new ones by searching the WordPress Plug-in Directory that is accessible from the WordPress administration Plug-ins and adds new screen.