Are you ready to launch your own hosted WordPress Blog in five steps ?


WordPress is currently the globally preferred platform for creating blogs for circulation of information or sharing of news. In this article, we shall be dealing with some of the basic steps to host your blog and launch it within minimum time possible.

WordPress serves as the host to more than 50 million blogs and also holds the credit of being a publishing platform. The blogs on WordPress account for around 40 % of the total number of blogs available on the internet. The exact number of blogs cannot be exactly determined. However the audience of blogs amounts to a whopping 400 million, and this is only a singular method through which users interact with each other on the internet.

Now you know what the importance of a blog is. Without wasting any more time, we shall jump straight into the procedure of launching a self-hosted blog within 20 minutes.

1. Hosting

Any WordPress development company would advise you to select a host or the residence of your blog.

Some of the good hosting companies are http://godaddy.com and http://hostgator.com Chose hosting at your own will, after comparing plans that suits you best.

The price for hosting is paid as a tax to government agencies for running a business.
Search for viable recommendations on various online forums and get a popular web hosting service to get started.

2. Domain registration

You need to have an address on the internet, and your domain means the same for your blog.
This service can be availed free of cost from the web hosting service provider.

3. WordPress Setup

The popular software for blog creation is WordPress, and there is no doubt in that since WordPress web developers have been tasting success in all their ventures recently.
Installation of WordPress is completely free of cost and any doubts in the installation process can be cleared through easily understandable manuals.

WordPress can be set up via the hosting service provider, or you can manually download it from the website wordpress.org.

To set up via the hosting provider follow these instructions. You need to have cPanel as your hosting control panel for these instructions.

Step 1: Login into your control panel and click on Softaculous icon.

Step 2: Find wordpress on Softaculous screen and hover over that icon. You’ll see Install, Demo and Overview options there. Click on Install.

Step 3: Follow the instruction on installation page and your blog will be ready in no-time. If you want to install blog on your root folder (i.e. http://yourdomain.com/) than leave In ditectory empty.

Once installed you can than access your blog admin panel on http://yourdomain/wp-admin using your admin logins that you just provided while installation.

Keep in mind that installing WordPress in your system and signing up for a blog on WordPress.com are completely different.

4. Themes

Remember to keep your theme compliant with the subject you are dealing with on your blog.

For example, if you are writing a blog on wildlife and natural flora then the theme of your blog must be something similar to forests, depicting greenery with animals in the background. Just don’t cram up the blog’s manifestation with superfluous graphics.

You can find many free themes by going into wordpress admin and under Appearance, click on Themes. You will see the default theme attached to your blog.

And if you want to install new themes, you’ll need to click on Add New. Where you will find hundreds of free themes. You can preview and choose the theme you like and then click on Upload Theme.

If you’re looking to custom design the wordpress theme, any good WordPress Theme Developer can help you with that.

5. You are done

Finishing the above steps gives you access to a promising platform to show your writing expertise to internet users all around the world.
Login And Let Your Writing Do The Rest!
Blogs not only satiate our writing urges but also take information and messages around the world. You would never know if any random person in any corner of the world is reading your WordPress blog and that has quite a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Self-hosted blogs offer freedom from the heckling in the case of writing blogs on other platforms without any control on published content and editing privileges. The overall idea of crafting your blog may be deemed as an exercise in vain by many due to the technical repercussions associated with it.
But on a general basis, reading this article would rebuff such suggestions and provide you with a stunning and informative blog.

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