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Platform: Bigcommerce


About We-R-Toys

We-R-Toys is your one-stop destination for all things fun and play. As a leading online toy retailer, we are dedicated to bringing joy to kids of all ages. Our extensive collection of toys, games, and entertainment products ensures that there’s something for everyone. We understand the importance of play in a child’s development, and that’s why we are committed to offering a wide range of high-quality, safe, and exciting products that spark imagination and creativity.

At We-R-Toys, we believe in the power of play to inspire, educate, and entertain. Our team is passionate about curating a selection of toys that not only delight children but also meet the highest standards of safety and durability. Whether you’re looking for classic toys, the latest trends, or educational playthings, you’ll find it all here.

We-R-Toys and DIT Partnership

We-R-Toys proudly partners with DIT, a reputable BigCommerce company, to create an exceptional online shopping experience. This partnership has enabled us to take our e-commerce platform to the next level, providing our customers with a seamless and user-friendly interface. DIT’s expertise in BigCommerce development has been instrumental in enhancing the functionality and features of our website.

Together with DIT, we have harnessed the power of technology to offer our customers a more enjoyable shopping journey. Our collaboration with DIT has strengthened our e-commerce capabilities, allowing us to better serve our customers and deliver an exceptional online toy shopping experience.

New Challenges with We-R-Toys

We at We-R-Toys are always striving to enhance our website’s functionality and user experience. We’ve encountered some challenges that we’re working diligently to address:

Customer Login and Cart Viewing: Ensuring a smooth customer login process and making it easy for customers to view, add items to their cart, and check prices is a priority for us.

Category Page Sidebar Filters: We aim to provide an efficient way for customers to navigate our website by implementing sidebar filters on the category pages.

Sub-category Image Slider: Enhance the visual appeal of our category pages by adding sub-category image sliders to help customers quickly find what they’re looking for.

Product Card Reviews: To assist our customers in making informed choices, we’re working on displaying star ratings on product cards.

Search Popup Scroll: Improving the search popup by adding scroll functionality for easier navigation and exploration

Home Page Slider: Enhance the home page by incorporating a slider section to showcase featured products or promotions.

Category Page Item Count: Displaying the total number of items within a category at the top of the category page for customer convenience

Cart Popup Quantity Box: Addressing issues with the quantity box functionality in the cart popup to streamline the checkout process

Brand Page Brand Count: Displaying the total count of brands on the brand page to assist customers in brand-specific shopping