Industry: Women Products
Platform: Shopify


ABOUT Weareriley

Meet Riley – Lauren, Áine, and Fiona on a mission to make period care accessible and eco-friendly. We believe period products are a basic human need, like toilet paper. As an Irish, female-founded brand, we prioritize high-quality, planet-friendly solutions. Our commitment goes beyond personal well-being; we’re dedicated to offering period care that respects your body and the environment through superior manufacturing methods.


Riley proudly collaborates with DIT, the premier Shopify partner company in India. This partnership reflects our commitment to excellence and efficiency, as we work hand-in-hand to enhance the backend development of Riley’s wholesale operations.


Our collaboration with DIT in e-commerce has sparked exciting challenges, pushing boundaries together. We’ve tailored our platform’s theme, thanks to DIT, creating a visually engaging interface aligned with Riley’s values. DIT’s advanced customer tagging and dynamic content display enhance user experiences, while a download quote function and Order Quote email template streamline wholesale processes. Together, DIT and Riley set new industry standards, ensuring innovation and user satisfaction in our evolving wholesale operations.