Industry: e-commerce
Platform: Shopify

Ridges & Steam

About Ridges and Steam

Ridges and Steam is a dynamic and forward-thinking brand that collaborates closely with Dit Interactive. This powerful partnership has enabled Ridges and Steam to take on new challenges and achieve remarkable results. Our joint efforts are dedicated to enhancing the online shopping experience and ensuring that every customer’s visit is both engaging and satisfying.

Ridges and Steam and DIT Interactive Partnership

At Ridges and Steam, we recognize the value of strong collaborations. Our partnership with Dit Interactive has been instrumental in taking our online presence to new heights. Together, we have tackled various challenges and achieved substantial growth. Dit Interactive’s expertise in web development and e-commerce solutions perfectly complements Ridges and Steam’s vision for excellence.

New Challenges with Ridges and Steam

In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, Ridges and Steam faced several unique challenges that demanded innovative solutions. These challenges included converting pages from Pagefly into dynamic sections within our Shopify theme, which required seamless integration and a keen eye for detail. We also aimed to provide custom and dynamic sections for images with text, ensuring that our website remains visually captivating.

Creating collection tiles that are easily changeable in the future was another challenge. We needed a flexible solution that could adapt to our evolving product offerings. Moreover, we designed an icon with text section that seamlessly operates with the dark mode of mobile devices, adding an extra layer of convenience and style for our customers.

To cater to diverse content needs, we implemented a section for multiple images with text, offering a rich and informative browsing experience. Lastly, we addressed the language barrier by configuring the Webgot application to facilitate a smooth transition from English to Dutch, broadening our reach to a more diverse audience.

In the face of these challenges, Ridges and Steam and DIT Interactive have not only overcome obstacles but have also grown and adapted to meet the ever-changing demands of the online retail landscape. This partnership has strengthened our ability to provide an exceptional shopping experience to our customers while paving the way for future growth and success.