Industry: Retail store
Platform: Shopify


ABOUT Renewed

At re!Newed, we are steadfast believers in the principles of a circular economy, recognizing the urgency of moving away from the unsustainable practices of today’s consumer society. Armed with the knowledge that over 95% of all mobile phones sold in Sweden can be effectively reused, our mission is to spearhead transformative change through responsible business practices, paving the way for a more sustainable future.


In a strategic collaboration, Renewed has joined forces with DIT, a distinguished Shopify partner company. Together, we’ve synergized our expertise to develop and bring to life the innovative platform This partnership is not merely a collaboration; it’s a shared commitment to revolutionize e-commerce with a focus on sustainability, providing users with a seamless and responsible shopping experience.


In our pursuit of a more sustainable business model, Renewed has successfully navigated and addressed key challenges. We’ve enhanced transparency and efficiency by dynamically adjusting product options based on availability, empowering customers with real-time choices. The incorporation of a new store theme reflects our commitment to contemporary design trends, while displaying the lowest variant price on the collection page ensures informed decision-making. Meticulously crafted landing pages and CMS offerings cater to unique client requirements, enhancing overall user experience. Our commitment to transparency is reinforced by the introduction of a sales percentage label on the collection page. Aesthetic and functional improvements in our redesigned header, as well as customizable section options, showcase our dedication to meeting diverse client needs and creating an enhanced, user-friendly interface.