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New port style

ABOUT New port style

Welcome to Newport Mansions’ online store, your portal to a curated selection of exquisite merchandise inspired by Newport’s rich history. From ceramics to jewelry, every purchase supports The Preservation Society of Newport County. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or new to Newport’s charm, explore our collection for a piece that suits your style. Thank you for preserving Newport’s legacy with us. Visit our physical stores at The Breakers, The Elms, Marble House, and Bannister’s Wharf for an immersive shopping experience amid iconic landmarks. Enjoy your shopping journey!


At New port style, we take pride in our partnership with DIT, a leading BigCommerce company. This collaboration has empowered us to create a seamless and visually stunning online shopping experience for our valued customers. The DIT partnership has not only enhanced the functionality of our website but has also brought a fresh perspective to the way we present our merchandise.

DIT’s expertise in e-commerce and BigCommerce technology has played a pivotal role in optimizing our online platform, ensuring that visitors enjoy a user-friendly interface and a secure, hassle-free shopping process. The synergy between New port style and DIT reflects a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.


Navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape, New Port Style has triumphed over challenges, enhancing user experience on our online platform. We’ve streamlined navigation with a dynamic category section, fostered deeper connections through an About Us section, and promoted inclusivity with a “Become a Member” page. Additional vital pages like FAQs, Privacy Policy, Return Policy, and Store Locations ensure transparency. Meticulously crafted color combinations elevate aesthetics, providing a visually cohesive experience. These challenges drive our commitment to innovation, ensuring your journey with New Port Style is as rewarding as our curated products. We value your ongoing support as we adapt, evolve, and grow.