Industry: Engineering/Parts
Platform: Shopify

Motion Raceworks

ABOUT Motion Raceworks

Founded in 2015 in Doug Cook’s garage, Motion Raceworks emerged from a hobby into a thriving venture. With just $3000, a welder, and determination, Doug Cook, Andy Cook, and Brian Jack set out to redefine the automotive aftermarket. These core principles drive every decision and product design, making Motion Raceworks a symbol of American ingenuity and success. From garage dreams to an industry leader, Motion Raceworks continues to innovate and improve, embodying the spirit of resilience and passion.


AIn an exciting collaboration, Motion Raceworks has forged a dynamic partnership with DIT, a Shopify partner company. This strategic alliance is poised to elevate the online presence and functionality of Motion Raceworks’ digital storefront, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for customers.


Motion Raceworks, dedicated to excellence, confronts new challenges to uphold its industry leadership. Focusing on website enhancement, priorities include a modern and user-friendly frontend design, an upgraded calculator with precision and aesthetic appeal, a tailored calculator page for a personalized experience, and the development of a bespoke calculator catering to automotive enthusiasts’ specific needs. Additionally, Motion Raceworks aims to implement a dynamic and responsive calculator, allowing users to customize calculations based on parameters for a precise outcome. This optimization extends to ensuring a seamless experience across diverse devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, reflecting the brand’s commitment to meeting the preferences of its wide audience.

As a Shopify partner, DIT brings a wealth of expertise to the table, aligning perfectly with Motion Raceworks’ commitment to innovation. Together, these two entities are set to redefine the online shopping experience for automotive enthusiasts, combining cutting-edge technology with the high-performance ethos that defines Motion Raceworks.