Industry: Vehicles/Bikes
Platform: Bigcommerce

Knotty Electrics

ABOUT Knotty Electrics

Knotty Electrics is Canada‚Äôs premier wholesale distributor of top-quality electric mobility products, featuring leading brands like Aventon, Segway, Velotric, Kugoo, and Blutron at competitive prices. As a 100% Canadian-owned company with distribution centers in Mississauga, Ontario, and Delta, BC, we pride ourselves on coast-to-coast accessibility for fast delivery. Serving as a trusted supply chain partner, we specialize in meeting diverse e-mobility demands, offering respected brands and models to resellers nationwide. Our competitive wholesale prices empower resellers to boost profit margins, while our carefully curated selection ensures customer expectations are exceeded. With a commitment to sustainability and scalability, our team monitors market trends to keep clients’ businesses successful in an evolving industry.

Knotty Electrics and DIT Partnership

The partnership between Knotty Electrics and DIT exemplifies a synergy of expertise in the e-commerce landscape. As the Best BigCommerce partner company in India, DIT has played a pivotal role in developing and enhancing the functionality of our website. This collaboration ensures that our platform aligns seamlessly with the evolving needs of the electric mobility industry and provides an optimal user experience for both resellers and customers.

New Challenges with DIT

In collaboration with DIT, we’ve tackled key challenges to elevate our website’s functionality and user experience. We’ve created custom category templates for enhanced visual appeal and navigation, added ‘Buy Now’ functionality on product pages for quick transactions, integrated a dynamic blog on the home page to keep customers informed, and enhanced the home page with a custom category section for efficient exploration. Sticky social share icons foster engagement, while a holiday table feature adds a festive touch to the order page. Our collaboration includes a draft app for a personalized buyer portal, successful migration of products and orders from Shopify to BigCommerce, and a custom app for streamlined inventory location management. We’ve also crafted dedicated success story and brand pages to highlight achievements. Through these initiatives, our platform, in partnership with DIT, remains at the forefront of the electric mobility industry, delivering an exceptional experience for resellers and customers alike.