Industry: Fashion Store
Platform: Shopify

Karuna Kaithan

About Karuna Kaithan

Karuna Kaithan is a visionary and dynamic brand that embodies creativity, innovation, and a commitment to delivering top-notch products to its customers. With a passion for quality and a keen eye for design, Karuna Kaithan has carved a niche in the world of fashion and lifestyle. Their journey is a testament to their unwavering dedication to providing exceptional products that stand out in a crowded market.

Karuna Kaithan and DIT Interactive Partnership

The partnership between Karuna Kaithan and DIT Interactive is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. As a Shopify partner company, DIT Interactive was entrusted with the mission of transforming and enhancing the Karuna Kaithan website. This partnership was founded on a shared vision for excellence and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the online retail space.

New Challenges with Karuna Kaithan

When we embarked on this journey with Karuna Kaithan, we encountered a set of unique challenges that required our utmost dedication and expertise. Here are some of the significant milestones we achieved:

1. Migrated site to 2.0 Shopify Version: We upgraded the website to Shopify 2.0, ensuring that it stayed at the cutting edge of e-commerce technology. This move provided enhanced performance, security, and a seamless shopping experience for Karuna Kaithan’s valued customers.

2. Apps Integration: To elevate the user experience and provide more functionality, we seamlessly integrated various apps that complemented the website’s objectives. This integration streamlined processes and provided users with a more interactive and engaging platform.

3. Converted App Functionality into Theme: One of our significant achievements was transforming app functionality into custom swatch functionality within the website’s theme. This not only improved the website’s aesthetics but also enhanced user interaction with the products, making shopping at Karuna Kaithan an enjoyable experience.

4. Customized Garments Page and Career Page: We personalized the garments and career pages to reflect Karuna Kaithan’s unique brand identity and the diverse opportunities it offers. These pages now serve as an engaging gateway for customers and potential team members alike.

5. Enabled Multi-Currency Feature in Site: Recognizing the global appeal of Karuna Kaithan, we implemented a multi-currency feature that allows customers from around the world to shop conveniently in their preferred currency. This expanded the brand’s reach and accessibility.