Industry: Crafts/Paintings/Books
Platform: Bigcommerce

Expressen cap


At Expressen Cap, we are dedicated to safeguarding print materials against damage, ensuring they retain their visual appeal and longevity in any environment. Our mission is rooted in the belief that print is a beautiful form of communication, and we are committed to preserving its aesthetic charm for as long as possible. Looking ahead, our vision is to emerge as the leading post-print services provider in the UK market by 2025, setting the benchmark for protecting print from potential harm.


Expressen Cap proudly collaborates with DIT, a distinguished BigCommerce partner company. This strategic partnership has played a pivotal role in the development and enhancement of our website.. By leveraging the expertise and capabilities of DIT, we have strengthened our position in the market, ensuring a seamless and efficient online experience for our customers.


Expressen Cap is actively enhancing our online platform by seamlessly integrating WordPress and BigCommerce for an improved user experience. We prioritize creating unique and engaging product pages, and soon users can download detailed product specifications directly. To effectively showcase our extensive range, we’re extending the home page product display limit to 100 items. In line with our commitment to a fresh brand image, we’re updating our logo to better reflect Expressen Cap’s values. These efforts highlight our dedication to continuous improvement, ensuring a dynamic, user-friendly platform that meets our customers’ evolving needs. Your understanding is appreciated as we work towards providing an even better experience for our valued clients.