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Platform: Bigcommerce



Cal Turf is your go-to destination for transforming outdoor spaces into lush, vibrant havens. Specializing in premium artificial turf solutions for homes, commercial properties, and outdoor projects, we blend quality and innovation seamlessly. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is rooted in the understanding of the importance of well-maintained landscapes. Whether it’s for your backyard, sports field, or commercial project, our durable and eco-friendly turf products stand out.

More than just a turf supplier, we’re your trusted collaborator, ensuring your vision comes to life. Our expert team provides guidance from product selection to installation, making us a reliable partner in creating outdoor experiences. Explore our range of turf solutions and let Cal Turf turn your outdoor dreams into reality.


Cal Turf and DIT unite in a dynamic e-commerce partnership, blending expertise and innovation. DIT, a BigCommerce partner, contributes online savvy, while our artificial turf knowledge shapes Founded on a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, our collaboration enhances the online shopping experience. Leveraging DIT’s technical prowess, the website offers a user-friendly platform for exploring a wide range of high-quality turf products. This partnership not only enriches our online presence but also ensures seamless transactions and informed decisions, making the go-to destination for effortless and enriched turf shopping.


At Cal Turf, we’re dedicated to elevating your online shopping experience and addressing key challenges with proactive solutions. We’re implementing an “Add to Cart” feature in the website header for streamlined shopping and enhancing user-friendliness by adding this functionality within product cards, allowing customers to specify quantities efficiently. Improving cart management, we’re introducing drop-down functionality for easy viewing and modification. To reduce uncertainty, an “In-Stock” message will be displayed on product cards. Catering to diverse preferences, we’re introducing list and grid view options, offering flexibility in product catalog exploration. Recognizing the potential overwhelm of browsing, we’re working on a feature allowing customers to customize the number of products displayed per page. These continuous enhancements reflect our commitment to providing you with an optimal online shopping experience at Cal Turf, and we value your feedback as we strive to better serve your needs.