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ABOUT Audio Bible

Hello, I’m Rick Dennis, owner of Audio Bible since 1998. Our mission is to share God’s Word globally, and with over 89,064 satisfied customers, we emphasize a personal touch—call us at 1-800-758-0160, and you’ll connect with a friendly person between 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST. Starting with 5 to 10 products, we now offer over 119 Audio Bible options, drawing on my experience to address your questions. If time is a constraint, our Audio Bibles provide a convenient way to experience God’s Word through listening. Backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee, we aim to make your experience stress-free and enjoyable. Thank you for joining us on this journey of spreading the joy of the Audio Bible.


We are thrilled to announce our partnership with DIT, a distinguished BigCommerce partner company. Together, we have collaboratively developed the user-friendly and dynamic website you see today at This partnership signifies our commitment to providing you with an enhanced shopping experience for all your Audio Bible needs.


In our pursuit of continuous improvement, we’re addressing key challenges to elevate your website experience. We’re refining the audio play popup for seamless playback and immersive design, optimizing navigation for user-friendliness, and enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of our header and footer. Expect revamped product detail pages, a streamlined cart checkout, and upgraded category pages for effortless exploration. We’re ensuring a consistent and enjoyable browsing experience across devices with responsive navigation designs. Integrating the Omnisend App will enhance communication, and we’re refining email templates, especially for abandoned carts, to provide relevant and engaging content. Stay tuned for subtle yet impactful changes, including social media icon placements and minor tweaks, aimed at enhancing your interaction with our content. Your feedback is invaluable as we work towards a more refined Audio Bible experience.