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Best BigCommerce Themes for 2022: Don’t Miss to WOW Your Customers

The e-commerce business is growing more than ever. The coming years may see a massive leap in the e-commerce industry due to the ease of doing business at low investment. The use of e-commerce themes especially the best BigCommerce themes and frameworks by online businesses has grown in popularity. These ready-made solutions include a pre-set style and layout that can be altered to get BigCommerce customise theme and are installed on an e-commerce website to provide your company with a great brand experience and serve your customers in the best possible way. This online store is also mobile-friendly. Moreover, these best bigcommerce theme templates are budget friendly as they reduce the cost of hiring a professional developer. With several unique features like responsive online shopping, product page features, a shopping cart that updates itself, and a lovely contemporary, and tidy design, there is a wide variety to choose from. Not limited to this, according to your business, you can pick from fashion theme in BigCommerce, jewellery theme in BigCommerce or furniture theme in BigCommerce

Apart from the theme templates, there are also theme frameworks that are a collection of attributes and capabilities designed to facilitate the development process. Users can develop a child theme using the theme structure. Most companies are enhancing their online presence by building online e-commerce stores to serve their clients. And, BigCommerce as one of the powerful alternatives to Shopify, provides comparable features and pricing.

Most Premium BigCommerce stencil theme for your online store

The top 10 most Best BigCommerce themes for 2022 are:

1. The Cornerstone Theme

BigCommerce’s most popular theme, Cornerstone, is one that many new merchants begin using. Three variants of the theme are available: Light, Bold, and Warm. This free theme has been optimized for catalogs, mobile, tablet, and desktop use, as well as for promotions and discounts.  There are a lot of experimental options and the biggest advantage is that it is free. And, the greatest benefit is that it is the ultimate deal for a wide range of businesses and brands. Whether you are looking for the best Jewellery theme in BigCommerce or the top furniture theme in BigCommerce, it perfectly suits all.

2. The Brooklynk Theme

An ideal fashion theme in BigCommerce to fit your fashion-based website. Brooklynk has developed a stylish BigCommerce theme to suit all of your fashion store’s requirements. With a professional outlook, this theme makes use of full-width slideshow banners and the trendiest blocks right on the homepage since it understands the value of making a good first impression. With a stencil structure, amazing responsive design, and the ability to switch between grid and list choices, Brooklynk is one of the top fashion theme in Bigcommerce and has a lot to offer the modern store owner. Social media like Instagram can also be connected with it.

BigCommerce fashion themes for your store

3. The Beautica Theme

The Beautica theme is ideal for fashion or beauty establishments because of its simple, contemporary appearance. With an advanced menu, Instagram module, lookbook option, and other premium features, this is the best fashion theme in Bigcommerce for business owners. It is a highly chic theme with a product label section, drop-down login bars, and a product picture swap function for people who wish to operate a higher-quality website. Both brand sliders and banners are available for experimentation.

4. The Sneak Theme

It is ideal for footwear, sports goods, or apparel website layout. Sneak makes use of a superb responsive design and stencil architecture to keep things straightforward. You have an infinite number of color possibilities to select from, allowing you to truly stand out with your brand. Furthermore, there is a tonne of tools available to assist you in having the desired effect. Sneak theme is also be recalled as one of the top jewellery theme in BigCommerce for small and medium-scale jewellery store owners. 

BigCommerce jewellery theme for your Business

5. The Foundry Warm Theme

It allows you to create your dream store. The minimalist, grid-based design of Foundry is the epitome of adaptability. It is quick to set up and makes it simple to display your goods and brand. Foundry is adorable because of its adaptability. The grid-based style is simple to use and can be customized to display your products in a way that complements your brand. Additional features include rapid add-to-cart, customized checkout, and extensive search filtering. It is also considered the best furniture theme in bigcommerce due to its matchless features and functionalities. 

6. The BeoShop Theme

It offers a lot of critical features like a homepage slider, product carousels, social media widgets, and a wish list to name a few. There are numerous theme options and pre-made settings available to help you get going right away. A business whether related to furniture, fashion or jewellary can upgrade to a premium theme anytime. One of the best bigcommerce themes available in the market and it is easy to use. For any business, it is easy to handle this BigCommerce customise theme design and development to bring out the best online store in the so-called digital market. 

Best BigCommerce furniture theme for online business. 

 7. The Paralbag Theme

Finding the best BigCommerce theme is difficult on its own, but putting the theme to use is entirely different hard work. This obstacle is removed by Paralbag’s user-friendly interface. To create an eye-catchy appearance and feel for your online store, a single click is needed. Therefore, it is easy to create your bigcommerce customise theme with easy design and development. Moreover, there are various shop and category layouts available for organizing your products. Therefore, it is the store-oriented BigCommerce customise theme easier with design and development process according to your store requirements. 

8. The Shop Town Theme

BigCommerce’s adaptable ShopTown theme has a modern appearance. The theme is easy to customize and includes features like a vertical menu, magnifier, quick view option, product grids, and more. The theme is fully responsive and SEO-optimized. It may be used for any kind of online store and is fully customizable. Your products stand out because of the additional image slider and zoom magnifier. Premium membership offers access to a tonne of amazing features, including an amazingly responsive layout and a quick view option for products. So, whether you are looking for the best jewellery theme in BigCommerce or the top fashion theme in Bigcommerce, this works amazing meeting all your expectations. 

9. The Modez Theme

Modez uses a stencil framework and offers a variety of methods to arrange and display products. Blocks for new products, best-selling products, and popular products can be created as it is the easiest theme to use for an e-commerce store. Users can select what works best for their BigCommerce site with it. It works with most kinds of online stores including furniture and fashion.

 10. The Minimal Theme

Minimal is a superb option if you are eager to build a top-notch website with a fantastic BigCommerce stencil. There are numerous methods to modify your website, and you get video lesson support also. One of the prominent features of it is that it displays the most recent news from your online store. Testimonials also assist in giving the buyer confidence, which eventually increases sales.

 In a Nutshell

Consumers have also become well aware of their choices in this digital world. They may abandon a website if they find its layout unattractive. Brands need to grab customers’ attention immediately rather than try to counteract the realities of a busy consumer’s lifestyle. BigCommerce offers a wide range of themes from free to premium. All their themes have a polished appearance and a tonne of extra options that assist you in creating a strong store. The free themes will provide the necessary foundational elements and customizability possibilities to build an appealing online e-commerce store. Also, the premium themes have added advantages. As the B2C market is developing fast, the need for online e-commerce websites is growing multifold. The e-business comes with a lot of profitable opportunities but it is not an easy job to retain customers.

The platform has an advantage over its rivals due to its flexibility. BigCommerce also gives you the ability to change your site’s HTML and CSS without many technical capabilities being required.

You can develop an e-business store at your fingertips using a variety of responsive, expert, and attractive themes and templates provided by it. An incorrect template might ruin your chance to wow clients, so choosing the perfect one provides you with a much better chance of converting.

Create your free trial store with BigCommerce partner company – DIT

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Most Important Checklist Not To Miss Before Your Shopify Store Launch in 2021

After all the hard work and sweat, finally, you are launching your shopify store. No doubt, it’s exciting and overwhelming at the same time. But, before taking a step ahead a lot many questions may be bothering – whether all is good with your store or not, or what else to be taken care of or whether you are missing anything or not.

Well, when in doubt, take the guidance from the best shopify company in india for a successful launch. Furthermore, go through the checklist here that you shouldn’t miss when it comes to your shopify store.

Collect Customer Feedback

It is crucial to ask your customers for feedback. Before you are up and selling products, you need to know whether your customers are happy with your product once they receive them. Or whether they have faced any complications or hurdles while going through the shopping process in your shopify store or not. Their feedback will always be helpful and aid in improving your web store’s performance.

Work on Abandoned Carts 

Online market research shows that 68.92% is the rate of abandonment carts that usually shoppers leave on the store. And, some of the major reasons for the same are sticker shock, usually the shipping cost or other hidden cost that normally does not show up until the checkout page. The other ones are they might find better prices while comparing or there comes technical problems, complex navigation or the site takes too long to load. Try to address the causes of abandoned carts and see how it will reduce the abandonment cart rate on your site. Also, you can imply the best skills of shopify designer india for improving the checkout page for grabbing your customer’s attention.

Work on Landing Pages

When it comes to landing pages, they are quite distinct from your product pages. Landing pages are the destinations for shoppers who come from email newsletter, facebook ads, twitter campaigns or insta stories or any other paid, targeted traffic. They are especially designed to highlight the specific product sale or promotion. Therefore, the only aim of the landing page is to make a sale.

But, what all forget is that they do not make a customized unique landing page for each new campaign. Get the best Shopify developer India to build an outstanding landing page amplifying the promotions. And, this creates an opportunity to grab and be better than your competitor.

Checkout Process and Payment Gateways

Dealing with your abandoned cart, and before all your traffic goes away empty handed, it is crucial that you see that all your potential customers complete the purchase. Usually, the trivial errors in the checkout page or the complication to fill out the form makes it critical for the shoppers to complete the process. So, check here what to take care of.

  • A shopper can easily edit the order
  • The discount code is applied
  • No hidden charges to pop up at the end 
  • Provide as many payment gateways as possible
  • Give an option of order status tracking
  • Contact page should be easily accessible
  • Send immediate email notification for order confirmation
  • Clearly state the shipping policy for international transactions

Before launching the checkout page, test that everything is working in the checkout process and the payment gateways are also working efficiently. Moreover, it is better to hire shopify partner India for the hassle-free and smooth checkout page development that ensures the customers complete the checkout process without facing any complications.

Do Not Miss Standard Static Pages Like

Homepage, Contact Us Page and FAQs

Contact us page is mandatory for any shopify store. Including your email address, phone details, office address and every other mode of contact needs to be added on this page.

About Us page

Usually, online store owners are oblivious to the importance of the About Us page. Although it is ignored, it is the most important page on your web store. Tell about your aim, your journey, passion, achievements and vision, and let the users be impressed with your integrity and the milestones you have set.


The first page of your web store, is arguably the most important page of your site. It is often the foremost page that users land on, if not then the second place they visit. An attractive and informative homepage builds an overall look and feel of your website. Don’t forget to have a clear cut navigation starting here to browse through your store.

Privacy Policy 

Many people may miss this, but for every online shopify store, it is a must and essential. Any illegal store will not have a privacy policy, so check out in advance and get your store’s privacy policy created with the help of the lawyer or a professional from Shopify Development service to help with the list of items in privacy policy. 


Without FAQs, it would be quite tedious for your customers to find the answers for their most common queries. Therefore, in FAQs section answer their most frequent questions in advance without giving chance for complications. This page drastically reduces the turn-around time.

Audit Content and Add the Information

Do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to content. Check for all broken links, missing content, typo errors, grammar mistakes and anything that leads to poor image. Also make sure to follow the same manual style throughout your website, maintaining the tonality and being consistent with the writing style throughout the site.

Include Sales channel

Tap your potential customers through various channels. With the customer base growing too fast, it is important that you explore the numerous channels to sell your products. Find the best channel that will work for your business and then add the imperative sales channel to your store. Here are a few sales channels that you can add to your shopify store. Get the support from shopify agency in india to implement the best of these networks to improve the overall sales.

Facebook Shop, eBay, Instagram, Amazon, Messenger, Pinterest, Google Shopping and Buy Buttons as well as checkout links.

Now that you have the checklist to launch your shopify store, move to the next level. On the path of building your online webstore get the assistance of the top shopify partner company in india and get the best results.

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Mobile App or Website on Magento – Which One to Choose for Your eCommerce Store

Businesses are seeking huge opportunities with the help of mobile applications and no doubt 2021 will take over the mobile market. Most eCommerce businesses look to get ahead in competition by implementing effective tools along with picking up the best eCommerce platform. And, the best pick can be Magento website development as it is most popular and highly preferred. 

No doubt, among all, Magento development platform opens up more chances of success. But, whether to go for Magento mobile application or Magento website development is always a matter of concern for business owners.

Wasting no time further, Let’s dive deep and figure it out. 

Magento WebsiteMagento Mobile App
An array of featuresA range of features including mobile support
Data for analyzingData for business forecasting
Offers user-friendly contentConverts users into customers 
Scales sales graph higherIncreases sales and revenue exponentially

So, whether a website or mobile app development, Magento eCommerce development is the best option that takes businesses to the next level offering wider excess to a larger number of features and functionalities. 

Let’s check here why Magento Stands out to be the best eCommerce Store Development Platform.

Multiple SKUs

In the eCommerce industry, Magento is the perfect platform for your business as it offers more than 10000 SKUs for products without any need of additional support or application. 

Multi-Store and Multi-Country Features

With the spread of globalization, every business is trying to reach over varied countries and different regions as well as markets worldwide. This has led to the development of multi-store in eCommerce platforms. Many businesses are now seeking for Multi-Store and Multi-Country features to reach their global audience and nothing better than Magento can work.

Open Source Platform

Magento is one such open source platform that offers FREE website development opportunities for businesses. Thus, anyone can use it for free.


The development of eCommerce web stores on Magento requires hosting installation, setup, and configuration, which is quite important. Therefore, take support from a trusted Magento development agency for impeccable hosting. 

Payment Gateways

With its inbuilt payment gateways, Magento offers some easy to imply and embed third-party payment option add-ons. It is fruitful to leverage the best of Magento Customization Services to get the smooth running and implementation of these payment gateways.

Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability and flexibility are the major features of this platform, which definitely benefits many businesses in various situations. With its latest Magento 2 Enterprise Edition (EE), Magento 2 Community Edition (EC), and Magento 2 modules, this open source platform gives away higher flexibility to Magento developers for store development.

Numerous Themes and Templates

With a colossal range of themes and templates at its disposal, the Magento ecommerce development platform brings in the best theme and template for Magento mobile app development.

Cost Effective

It is highly cost effective for developing a mobile app on Magento as it comes with a magnanimous range of products, best host performance, quick site loading, including added functionalities like shopping carts, checkout processes, collections, and product categories. 

Multi Language Support

Just developing content in one language can do the work as Magento is efficient in the translation of the banners, content, and information in the required language. So, taking the expert help from Magento ecommerce agency, garnar the results of Magento language tool.

One Page Checkout

With an easy to use checkout process, Magento offers a one-click, single way, and safe checkout process for making payments. When customers don’t have the time they can come, and make purchases easily without any hassle of filling up the registration form. 

Unending Community Support

This ecommerce platform has a big community of skilled magento developers, passionate bloggers, product managers, project managers, dedicated programmers, and CEOs to help with the Magento tasks. With user-friendly navigation and many robust functionalities, Magento is one such platform that has elite community support bringing in striking benefits.


Magento is a great platform as it leverages the best of MariaDB databases, MySQL, components of the Zend Framework, and PHP Language. As experienced Magento developers are always well versed with these softwares, they are always helpful to resolve unprecedented errors.

Ideal for Giant Projects

Magento open source is an ideal option for huge projects and helpful for skilled developers. As it offers greater access, it is also thoughtful to get a Magento mobile app for growing business.

Constant Support

Magento has a huge community that offers some powerful support to businesses looking for Magento mobile app development. The devoted developers here are always on the verge to provide their undulating help for Magento store development. Additionally, as the platform is quite adaptable, there are an array of options for store development including themes, templates, functions, add-ons, mobile support, and extensions. 

Provides Discounts

With its exceptional feature, Magento offers discount codes and features to calculate easily. Also, an experienced Magento store development company is always helpful in customizing such features. 

Cost Efficient

Magento provides an array of options to choose to host providers to businesses, along with cloud hosting, which also helps in lowering the hosting cost. 

Catalog Management

One of the unique features that Magento offers is Catalog Management. This function provides the management of product catalogs in multiple categories. With robust inventory management, it offers easy access and simple management of stock in and out. Also, Magento offers different categories to sell items across varied categories on the website or the mobile application. 

Fast Site Loading

Upgrading its features and functionalities, Magento boosts the sales of mobile apps due to instant page loading and outstanding user experience. 

Safe and Secure Platform

Due to its two layer secure system, Magento becomes a powerful and strong secure platform for the e-commerce industry. With its two step verification and attached SSL certification, Magento makes it plausible for businesses to provide their customers with a secure transaction system lowering the risk of frauds and thefts. Moreover, the regular updates in the security system enhance the overall performance. 

In a Nutshell, 

Magento, well known for its e-commerce strength, is a power-driven platform for Magento eCommerce website development as well as Magento mobile app creation. With its level of sophistication and mobile support features, along with efficient functionalities and a range of support services, Magento is the best option for an e-commerce website development.

Taking your online store to the next level requires a lot of effort along with a robust and efficient eCommerce platform which Magento stands for. So, look no further than get support from a Magento store development company for your business. 

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Curbside Pickup – A right option for local retailers

Shopify is a well known name in the eCommerce arena offering a complete set of tools for building a full-fledged online store. Whether you want to sell on web, mobile or social media, it helps you do all. With an array of website building tools and technicalities, Shopify helps you craft a professional and complete eCommerce store without the arduous task of coding.

Practically, you can even Hire Shopify Development Services India for getting your shopify store development or simply try to build it by following these steps.

Step 1: Sign Up With The Shopify Store

Go to website and get started. Firstly, choose the FREE TRIAL. Sign up with your email address and create a password following by choosing the name for your store.

Step 2: Start with the Getting Started Wizard

Answering the short questionnaire in shopify, you will be able to set up the defaults for your store. Provide the answers in the form like whether you have been selling offline, the size of your business, and which industry you belong to. And, on the next page fill in your address. Or get the help of a Shopify developer to help you into this.

Step 3: Select the Theme

The shopify platform offers a variety of themes to choose from. You can pick one and set for your store according to your business goal and customer requirements. An experienced Shopify Designer can help you to select one of the best themes or create a customized one for your store.

Step 4: Add Products

This is the most important aspect of your shopify store development. Add all the products that you are looking forward to bringing in sales. Also consider taking help from shopify service that can help you add the product images for proper display of your product collection.

Further, organize products according to product type, vendor, collection, and sub-categorize for easy and quick management.

Add all the required information like product description, product title, prices and proper display. Adding products to your shopify store proficiently is crucial as it helps customers to decide whether to buy from your store or not.

Step 5: Personalize Store Theme Settings

According to your products and the industry or market you are addressing, you can personalize your store. For customizing, at the bottom left of the page, you can check Theme settings and edit the theme. You can set options like whether you want to add social media buttons or not, or choose from the colors, typography and borders making it unique for your customers.

Step 6: Edit Home Page Sections

Go through the Home Page section and think how you want your store’s home page to look like. Home Page is the face and the entry spot of your store. So, it is quite paramount that you take meticulous steps to make it more appealing. For any doubts, you can even talk to shopify experts in India who can help you with this.

Step 7: More Page to Add

Depending on your business requirements, you can add more pages on the site. Go to the Online Store and click on Choose pages. Here you can easily add on more pages to your store and simultaneously edit them as you have personalized your home page. Or get the assistance from an experienced shopify developer India who can help integrate all the required additional pages for your online store.

Step 8: Fix Delivery Options

By choosing the Shipping and Delivery options, add the shipping/delivery processes to your store making it available at the checkout page. Whether you are looking to set domestic, international, local and pickup rates to free shipping (if you want), you can choose from the package what you want your delivery system to be.

Step 9: Get a Domain Name or Buy It

With your website available with the URL :, you are ready to go. But, for the more professional site, it is always better to get your own domain name. Go to Domains, and you will see a list of domain names for a few to pick up. Good thing, whether looking to buy from somewhere else, you can buy a domain through Shopify platform, or transfer a domain you own at other registrars here, or get your current domain registrar to redirect your domain to Shopify. If you find this a little complicated get the latest service from Indian Shopify developers to deal with this and get you the right solution.

Step 10: Launch Your Own Shopify Store

The final but not last step to follow. Your store is live and available online. But as it is password protected you need to buy a Shopify Plan. because without that nobody will be able to see the complete store except the home page. So, go with it or you can even hire a shopify partner company India to support you with all the nitty gritty of shopify store development and purchase.


After your store is ready, it is time to sit back and be ready to count on your store to bring in sales. Nevertheless, don’t forget to refurbish your store with the changing demands and trending things seeking support from professional shopify store designer and developer. For any store assistance, look no further than Shopify company India that can provide you the best services.

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Customer psychology of ecommerce checkout

  • What do customers want in their ecommerce shopping experience?
  • What do they think while deciding to purchase product from any ecommerce store?
  • What do they expect to get from retailers when opt for check-out process?
  • What drives them to buy particular products from your site or how social media helps to create impact on purchases?

All these questions exhibits the mindset of the customers while online shopping. Lets us see some of the factors that can help us to understand customer psychology while shopping online.

Site Loading speed

website-speedFirst and foremost thing customer should look for is the site speed. They should be able to open the site within a few seconds, as if it takes more time customer will definitely stop waiting and move onto another site. 57% of the people don’t wish to continue surfing the site if it takes more time to load and 80% of the customers would never return again.

Ecommerce Website Design

ecommerce design company92.6% of people state that ecommerce website design is most essential part for influencing a purchase decision. Product view within 90 seconds can lead to initial decision of whether to purchase item or not? Initial judgment is mostly on the basis of overall design and feel of the site. Images and icons should be accurate and should offer multiple products images as well. Avoid poor navigation options and make use of the right mad pleasant colours. You can take help of a good ecommerce website design company for better results.

Product Video and Images

product-displayMultiple product images and different viewing angles of product leads to 58% more sales.

25% of people return ordered products, the reason being that they did not receive exactly what they ordered or viewed on site. So, it is important to have accurate product images which are high resolution and have a different viewing angles.The display of the products to be delivered to customer as they shouldn’t feel misguided and misled by showing and providing differing products.

A Product video description always helps to aid the purchase decision for the buyer. 31% of the people are likely to buy the product after watching its product video. This shows that audience is more confident about buying the product after watching the video.

Lets see review surveys of 2012 that show what percentage of audience were influenced by watching videos:

  • 57% are likely to buy products after watching the video and are more likely to return.
  • 52%  people stay at the site longer if companies provide product videos on their site.
  • 44% of the people purchase more products that allows them to learn about products from the given product videos.

Take help of any good ecommerce development company to make great product videos that can sell more. 

Product Review

ecommerce-reviewsReviews are testaments written by the people who have used the products and are sharing their experience.

  • 85% of the people read the review online before purchasing products.
  • Out of this 79% believe the reviews and take decision on that basis.
  • 67% of the people read at least 6 to 7 reviews which they think are enough to make them purchase decisions.

Usage of checkout Statistics

ecommerce checkout67% of the customers leave the checkout process on the site for some or the other reasons. An Online poll conducted among 1200 ecommerce users to find out the reasons for it. And here are the conclusive statistics:

  • 44% of people (the maximum percentage), stop or avoid checkout process thinking of  hidden charges the site claim to be paid by customers at the checkout.
  • 29% do not proceed due to registration process before buying the item and
  • 24% of the sites requires account registration compulsory.
  • 10% of users leave on the half way of the checkout due to lengthy process.
  • 11% of customers face the issue when they see unclear delivery details
  • 8% discontinue due to unavailability of the phone number
  • and the rest 1% is due to some or the other reason which isn’t specific.

So, why to have lengthy checkout process?

5.08 steps is the average length of checkout process among top 100 Ecommerce websites. Ecommerce websites shouldn’t have more than 5 steps for checkout process. 50% of the ecommerce website will ask for the same information twice. There can be better options, instead of minimizing steps we can even keep a guest checkout option which was developed in 2011.

Tips to attract customers for checkout process

  • Use clear call action buttons i.e the next, proceed, back or any continue button. It should  be clear and highlighted on your ecommerce store.
  • Show checkout process bar so that customer comes to know how many steps are they away from completion.
  • Keep the checkout design simple and concise so that the customer isn’t distracted.
  • Allow a back button in checkout process as any time the customer feels to discontinue the process he or she can do that.

Abandon of cart

ecommerce cart abondonMen often abandon the cart more between age 25-44 when it comes to drop the purchase.

42% of the customers avoid cart when they don’t get enough information from the customers reviews.

42% are those who don’t use cart as are looking for better prices and

16% are those who just wish to see the products and have no intention of purchasing it.


81% of the retailers assume that newsletter is a must functionality on their site.

While 40% of the customers don’t wish to receive a  newsletter so they hate signing up for an account.

Coupons and Deals

ecommerce dealsMore than half of the US adult internet users possess a digital coupon through offline or online sales. Coupons can increase customer satisfaction and cause up to 4% rise in sales. Discounts work the  same way, as 57% of the users buy the items due to discount. The percentage of adult internet users was 48% in 2012 and 52% in 2013. Adults using digital coupon was 55% in 2014 and by the time in 2015 it became 57.5%


ecommerce shipping stamp59% of the users avoid shipping cost while purchasing any products on an ecommerce store. 44% avoid purchase because, shipping cost is high. 53% of customers mentioned that if shipping cost is reasonable they are willing to buy from online retailers. While 24% people feel that delivery on same day is important and

76% believe that it doesn’t matter if it’s not delivered immediately on the same day itself.

Payment and Security

ecommerce payment securityMore than 80% people feel secure about online transactions after seeing trustworthy card logos on the ecommerce store. 40% of people go for online transactions knowing that there are more than one payment methods available on the store. 59% neglect payment if the payment method is not in place. There are few payment gateways available like paypal, epay, etc. Among all these methods, 60% of web transactions are done by PayPal which ranks at the top payment methods.

It should be your primary aim to provide best facilities and sustainable value to customers as that will ultimately leads to a long term relationship and great sales.

Most of the ecommerce softwares such as BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, OpenCart has an ability to manage these features.

Need help with your Ecommerce website?

We can help. We’re expert ecommerce consultant, certified BigCommerce development company and can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today.

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