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The E-LIFE store came into existence when E-LIFE planned to sell electronics items all together in one place.The main objective of the store is to focus on the electronic gadgets which customers would love to buy. The main aim of this store is to gather customers at one store to buy different electronic gadgets.

E-LIFE was interested in developing an online store which will mainly focus on electronic gadgets from a simple charger to the biggest television. The client also wanted us to include some custom features which will be helpful for customers to find the product they needed in an easy way.

A team of skilled and excellent shopify designers and developers in DIT India built the store from scratch including all functionalities required by E-LIFE. Store included some custom features like a currency converter, quick view which made the store more lively and more customer friendly. We are on a way to build a custom filter which will give customers more freedom to choose products of their choice

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Wood Signature

wood signature

ABOUT Wood signature
Wood signature is an online collection of woods finishes, offering customers a wide variety of wood collection catalog to choose from. The store gives an advantage to the customers to browse Wood Species, Wood Finishes and showcase large variety by offering resources online. The main idea behind this store is to give customers an informative store with a wide range of wood catalog and make their experience easy.

Wood signature came with the aim of entering into the wood collection. Client came with the wide catalog requirement to develop an easy browsing and informative yet appealing online store for wood collection. Client wants an international WordPress website to be developed. The site should be developed with particular features such as Resources, Featured Products, Testimonial “Customers Say section”, Have a question, Information & Support, Contact,Phone hours, CMS pages, payment method and many more features. Client believed our team of WordPress and gave us a chance to be their partner in the journey

The main challenge was to develop a Search & Filter Pro plugin for products filter on Wood-species, Wood-finishes pages. To make it work, the team needs to work with tags and grades. The filter plugin works through tags and grades only. Team did a great job on this and the outcome of the store was amazing. Wood signature was happy with the store design and the look & feel of the store, they were satisfied with the job done by the 9eCommerce team.

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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

About Vinyl Flooring
Vinyl Flooring is an online store that specialises in selling Tile, Planks & Rugs. Client intended to sell all latest items in their BigCommerce based online store with high quality and affordable price. They designed their products to improve well being by eradicating harmful toxins from flooring.

Vinyl Flooring & DIT Partnership
Vinyl Flooring team aims to sell a large range of products with size and other variants and for that they need a BigCommerce platform to sell online. They wanted a store which looked attractive as they were going to sell Tile, Planks & Rugs in varieties. They demanded to design an easy navigation store for users.

DIT Team Technical Approach

After conducting a thorough requirement analysis and based on the client’s need our BigCommerce team has started to work on designing and development of the store and functionalities.

  • Client wants the site to be able to count and get qty of how many Boxes would be needed. Free samples option to be display on the website for users
  • Categories and breadcrumb setup with easy navigation menu design.
  • Created informative category sections on home page
  • Design the product pages
  • Banner designing

Team has completed the project on time and as per the needs of the client. Client was impressed by the work done by our team, in a timely manner.

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PRVN Beauty

PRVN Beauty

About PRVN Beauty
PRVN Beauty is a online store that specialises in selling permanent hair removal IPL (INTENSE PULSED LIGHT) handset. Client intended to provide the hair removal process easy, effective and comfort of your own home with PRVN Beauty, permanent hair removal.

PRVN Beauty & DIT Partnership
PRVN Beauty team aims to sell hair removal IPL (INTENSE PULSED LIGHT) handset online using Custom development with Shopify. They wanted a store which looked informative and attractive as they were going to sell one product with enough information for customers.

Dit Team Technical Approach
After conducting thorough analysis and based on client’s need our team started to work on features;

Team has implemented features:

  • Custom development with Shopify
  • Created informative product page and uploaded images by adding dynamic section for each images / Text content
  • Features listing with Icon upload option
  • Color swatch functionality on product page.
  • Active colored , product image will appear
  • Tabs to showcase description
  • Unique content (text / image) upload option in customization

Team has completed the project on time, as per the needs of the client. Client not only appreciated us for developing an easy and informative store. We created an environment that balances the users’ desires with the business’s needs.

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DM Supplysource

DM Supply source

DM Supply Source is an authorized distributor in the HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration) industry. It was launched in 2013 to offer an easy competitive purchasing process to customers from a trustworthy, no-nonsense source. The primary headquarters of DM Supply Source is located in the Greater Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania with multiple stocking warehouses strategically placed nationwide. The company stock over 150,000 parts and distribute and stock over 100 distinct HVACR product lines with some of the most widely known manufacturers and can provide support with OEM product as well.

DM Supply Source is the leading distributor business with various brand products under its umbrella. The traditional business was transferred to an online platform. However, the company was looking for a Bigcommerce development company for upgrading the website by integrating all the latest features to improve the website performance and target a wide range of markets nationwide. For redesigning its store, DM Supply Source was looking for BigCommerce certified designer. They wanted to create a one-stop shopping experience for its users incorporating the latest technology and leveraging the expertise of BigCommerce certified developers. Thus, it partnered with DIT Interactive – the most capable BigCommerce Development Company.


The biggest challenge for DIT Interactive Bigcommerce certified developers was to provide an excellent user experience for each brand that was under DM Supply Source. Moreover, the eCommerce store also needed revamping to meet the users’ expectations. Our BigCommerce certified designers expert with the latest designing tools and technologies addressed this issue. The team at Bigcommerce development company worked on the website leveraging advanced bigcommerce technology. The bigcommerce team enhanced and updated the website to meet the expectations of the targeted market. This has open gates for new opportunities for the website to grab and helped to boost the overall sales.

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Donna M. Williams is the CEO of Gorgeous Gowns 4U. Her journey to the launch of Gorgeous Gowns 4U is incredible. From the beginning, she was very passionate about designing gorgeous wedding dresses. Even while she worked full-time, she continued to sell women’s clothing from her car in every city where she lived, which turned out to be another clue in realizing her true passion. Moving forward, she used to mark the calendar for upcoming dates and times of bridal events to see the fashion shows. Donna would travel on the weekend to venues in the state of Georgia, over to Alabama, up to Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and down to Miami, Florida. Finally, she found her passion and this led to planting the seed for Gorgeous Gowns 4U. Donna registered for the domain name Gorgeous Gowns 4U, formed an LLC, and hired a Shopify development company.

Gorgeous Gowns 4U was missing significant features and was outdated with no latest SEO capabilities. The site speed was slow and was poor in its design and navigation due to the traditional Shopify framework. Poor display of products, broken images, and complex checkout process service resulted in a bad shopping experience leading to higher bounce rates. This had also led to a lower Google ranking. Because of all these reasons, sales dropped and e-store performance downgraded. To overcome all these challenges, Gorgeous Gowns 4U quoted Hire Shopify developer service as they wanted to add new services. Hence, they approached Shopify development company DIT INTERACTIVE for revamping, upgrading, and improving the performance of their eCommerce Shopify store.


Shopify development agency DIT INTERACTIVE understood their major requirements such as virtual try on room and easy navigation for specially challenged (physically disabled) users for a unique shopping experience. Shopify development service team, analyzing the major challenges, started working on redesigning and upgrading the online gown store. Our expert Shopify development team initiated revamping the e-commerce store by building a virtual try on room according to their requirements. Implying the prominent Shopify features during development, our Shopify developers ensured that the e-store data is transferred successfully on the new framework for SEO purposes.


Our Hire Shopify Developer team revamped and updated Gorgeous Gowns 4U online Shopify store incorporating all the latest features along with enhancing the speed. Additionally, our Shopify development service integrated a virtual trial room, seamless navigation with handicap accessibility for specially-abled users, a personal showroom, multi-language, shop now-pay later, and a hassle-free checkout process giving shopping gowns for dream weddings a whole new experience. After successfully delivering Gorgeous Gowns 4U upgraded e-store, we at DIT INTERACTIVE – Shopify Development Company are NOW holding all its overall maintenance, design, development, and upgrading services. Gorgeous Gown with its new look, design, and feel is scaling ahead of its competitors. The new brand Shopify e-commerce site’s speed and performance have not only improved Google ranking but the virtual try-on room and special facility feature incorporated have also helped to boost the sales.

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The Hackney Draper


The Hackney Draper was launched in 2014 with a mission to offer beautiful, practical products that are built to last and beautify homes. The company provides an all-encompassing service for those wishing to create a home. All of their textile products are hand-sewn in their London workshop. Here they produce their signature line of velvet cushions. They rotate the products using fabrics sourced around the world, as well as utilizing waste fabric that would otherwise be thrown away.

The Hackney Draper was looking to introduce various payment options in its Shopify eCommerce store. Moreover, the store had the poor look and feel that led to low lead conversions. The Hackney Draper wanted to increase its customer base and Google ranking by revamping its website, adding the latest Shopify features, and incorporating various payment gateways to meet the customer requirements. It looked to hire Shopify developer service to accomplish its Shopify development service requirements. Thus, it approached Shopify development company – DIT INTERACTIVE for the overall redesigning and upgrading of the website and also looking to meet the SEO requirements of the store.

The Shopify development agency -DITINTERACTIVE’s Shopify developer team looked into the Shopify development framework and the various missing features of the e-commerce store. We had the greater challenge of Shopify customization to address the different needs of a wider customer base while still not leaving the essence of the online store. Our hire Shopify developer team worked on the various aspects of the store, upgrading and adding the latest Shopify features meeting SEO-friendly site requirements. Moreover, leveraging Shopify development service, navigation design was improved and required payment gateways were integrated into the website. The new fresh revamped look with the latest features not only increased lead conversions but also helped in increasing the site traffic through better Google ranking.